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The Express Manicure and Spa Pedicure, Saks Hair & Beauty Salon

Saks Hair & Beauty Salon, Mumbai

A standard procedure is followed for the Express Manicure, while the Spa Pedicure is a more luxurious experience. Choose between a mint and a coffee scrub for the foot massage.


The manicure is perfect for a quick talon fix before a social outing. But don’t count on choosing from a vast selection of nail colours. The spa pedicure, on the other hand, is a great pick-me-up after a hard day’s work. You’re left feeling relaxed and ready to run a mile. Plus, your feet look squeaky clean. Express manicure: ` 400 for 30 minutes. Spa pedicure: ` 1,200 for 45 minutes.

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269, Prakash Building, Linking Road, Bandra (W), Mumbai 50. Inquiries, (022) 26427394



Muay Thai is a combat sport that originated in Thailand and is also called the ‘art of eight limbs’ because one delivers punches, kicks, elbows and strikes using eight points of contact. It’s been around for at least 2,000 years.

You can burn up to 2,000 calories during a three-hour workout. Or, between 800 and 1,400 calories (depending on your fitness level) in 90 minutes.

Muay Thai improves your stamina, agility and boosts your immunity. It can increase self-confidence, discipline and awareness. “The workout involves strengthening various parts of the body like the shin, neck, biceps and legs – which are mainly used in fights,” says Edgar Noordanus, a Muay Thai instructor at Bodyforce in Goa and New Delhi.

The process involves stamina building – “Running, pad work, skipping, bag work and sparring,” adds Edgar.
Equipment: Hand wraps, gloves, shin guards and mouth piece.47adb270b7507d2b73aaf3ed552f4ba3

Listen to dance or house music while warming up by skipping.

Muay Thai is a fullbody workout. It strengthens and tones every part of you – especially the limbs.

“You can eat something light roughly two hours before your workout – a snack, like two to three slices of brown bread with a light spread. A well-balanced diet with high protein and some form of carb (either rice or potatoes) is necessary,” advises Edgar.

People can learn Muay Thai at any age. Make sure that you are not in any stage of pregnancy as the abdominal exercises are vigorous.

Call the experts
Edgar Noordanus has been practising Muay Thai for over 20 years and has trained internationally. He teaches at Bodyforce Goa, Baga Road, Goa 16. Inquiries, 9960727799 and Bodyforce New Delhi, 100 Feet Road, Chattarpur, New Delhi 74. Inquiries, 9810194427. Biki Bora, Mumbai. Inquiries, 9819708804. Hemanth Kumar, Xtreme Muay Thai Academy, Bengaluru. Inquiries, 9945366165


What makes AVÈNE Thermal Spring Water stellar?

What makes AVÈNE Thermal Spring Water stellar?
We travel to Station Thermale, Avène and come back with some answers

Statistics state that nearly one in every two women suffers from sensitive skin. So if half the female population faces a predicament similar to mine, it’s a tough job finding products that don’t irritate your skin further. Enter Eau Thermale Avène, a skincare line based entirely on its resources of Avène Thermal spring water, valued for its soothing, antiirritating and anti-inflammatory properties. Over the course of four days, I’m provided with everything from SPF and anti-ageing cream to an extra-moisturising cream for trial. Maybe it’s the cold, dry weather or the constant talk of skin disease, because my skin positively cracks from dryness. But it’s nothing the Trixéra+ emollient can’t fix. What surprises me most however, and very pleasantly, is as I gingerly and separately try each product, not a single one makes me break out into spots or a rash, as most new products usually do. For the first time in my adult life, their products allow me to incorporate layering into my skincare regime with an unprecedented four whole products – serum, moisturiser, SPF and concealer.


551177_586269314765965_80643407_nWe journey by bus from Toulouse to Avène, a sleepy village, where the only shopkeeper is also keeper of the neighborhood church’s key. Set upon a hill, the hydrotherapy centre offers not just curative waters, but also the recuperative environment of its surrounding nature reserves. That afternoon, I’m led into a 20-minute soak in a whirlpool bath, which looks out upon Avène’s lush greens. One is encouraged to sleep, but even if you don’t, you’ll experience a relaxing, almost meditative lull. This is followed with a shower, and then a full body spray, lasting 10 minutes each. Afterwards, I’m so relaxed that I sleep until dinnertime but I’m assured patients have been known to sleep for the better part of their stay here. And relaxation and rest, are after all, essential to any cure.


Not just the brands defining product, Avène Thermal Spring Water Spray is also its bestsellers. Bottled directly from a capped source in sterile conditions, you’re dealing with pure Avène water, which actually doesn’t see the light of day till you use it.

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Usage: soothe sunburn, acne, post-hair-removal irritations, rashes. Set make-up, cleanse skin, or even hydrate or refresh skin when travelling. No wonder, the 50ml aerosol is a handbag essential.

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Envy hair care: Haircuts & Styling

haircut FB

I love doing the ’60s bouffant. Will backcombing damage my hair?1hairstyle60shaircolourroom
“Excessive backcombing will definitely give you split-ends,” says Ambika Pillai, make-up artist and hairstylist. It causes hair breakage, especially at the crown and leaves hair feeling brittle. Use volumising products instead. I can’t live without my hair straightener.

How can I avoid damaged hair?
“Heat stylers strip the hair off Keratin, the protein from the hair,” says Dilshad Pastakia, celebrity hair expert and hair consultant for Sunsilk Keratinology. So, remember to dry your hair completely before styling. Use a heat resistant product that’s specifically for hot irons.

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Sans titre 2What’s the best way to grow out a bob or short hair?
Adhuna Akhtar, creative director at b:blunt, says, “It’s better to trim or style the hair every six to eight weeks so that you are able to maintain it through the growing out period, and to help prevent split ends. Regular scalp massages will help stimulate blood flow for a healthy scalp and therefore healthy hair.” Use serums designed to seal split-ends temporarily.

What kind of hair colours and styles can make you look younger?
When you’re older, opt for lighter hair colours as they soften the face. Bangs are great to cover wrinkles while layers lift the face. “Soft colours like reds and browns are good to project a younger look as opposed to blondes and ash,” says Coleen Khan, owner Coleen’s salon and hair expert for Pantene.

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Hot Stay: Kairali Ayurvedic health resort, Palakkad

 Kerali spa
Want to detox? Unwind with treatments at this idyllic hotel in Kerala


If you’re looking to revive both body and mind, then the scenic beauty of the Kairali Ayurvedic Health Resort in Kerala is irresistible. Nestled amidst the picturesque mountains in Palakkad district – an hour’s drive from Coimbatore airport – its cottages are spread across 50 acres of greenery and gurgling streams. There are 26 unique villas, all in the theme of zodiac signs and designed in keeping with vastu shastra. The idea? That you need to be in sync with the universe to truly rejuvenate yourself.

Although the food is strictly vegetarian, the produce is retrieved from the resort’s own organic farms. The cuisine is authenthic Malayali home-cooking – a fresh burst of flavours. Even the Ayurvedic water provided in the comfortable rooms helps to cleanse your system. Kairali is perfect for a short vacation in God’s own slice of paradise, but we recommend you take the seven- or 21-day package to return with renewed energy.ayurvedic-diet-menu

The allure of this Ayurvedic stay lies in the treatments – both for specific health problems and a wonderful sense of well-being. Various massages are on offer, with oils made out of herbs, hand-picked and dried the traditional way. Experts recommend a course varying from the basic abhyanga with medicated oils to the warmed potli massages. The treatments can be twice as nice – opt for one where two masseuses work simultaneously to knead your worries away.
So soothing that you’ll feel the effects long after you’ve returned to your rush-hour life.

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Kairali Ayurvedic Health Resort, PO Olassery, Kodumbu, Palakkad Dist, Kerala 51.
Inquiries, (4923) 222553, 222623

Envy Mood: Detox rules in Indian climate


Do the rules of detox change in Indian climate? We asked two leading nutritionists

Naini Setalvad

1. A detox is easier in warmer Indian climate – in cold weather, a minimum amount of fat intake is required to maintain body temperature.
2. If you’re going on a juice diet, you need to pick vegetables with higher sodium content (like beetroot and celery), since our bodies lose more salt and moisture in the hot weather.

Pooja Makhija

1. If you follow a balanced Indian diet, you should never need a detox. Most of the time, the body knows how to remove toxins on its own.
2. Even a detox needs to be balanced. If you’re on just fruit and vegetables, you need at least five servings of vegetables and five servings of fruit, along with 10-12 glasses of water in a day. Fruit should be had whole, and not as juice.


Kool, Karing, Kind … Kronokare in few words


KronoKare stands for Kool, Kind and Karing. Paraben & SLS free, aromatherapy inspired body & products. It is a fine amalgamation of locally sourced ingredients and the best of French techniques.

KronoKare’s dual ideology of feeling and doing good, seriously insists on social responsibility. KronoKarefully supports Ethical Trade by ensuring that their vendor’s employees are treated with dignity and respect. Furthermore, no KronoKare product is tested on animals and each represents a progressive move towards a cruelty-free world. We also go the extra mile in ensuring that all the plastics used for packaging are biodegradable and recyclable, and we don’t pollute the environment. WEB-Small-banner-20-OFF

At KronoKare, our products contain the highest qualities of natural ingredients. We are strictly against the use of Parabens, Sodium Lauryl Sulphates (SLS) and things we find unnatural to pronounce. At KronoKare we focus on retaining the original qualities extracted from the flora around us. We concentrate on bringing out real scents and the real benefits of them on the body and mind. It’s quite simple, really: because we work with the natural world around us, our products naturally work.

One might expect someone with a highly developed sense of smell to have his or her nose slightly turned up in the air. Thankfully, KronoKare’s Founder Cyril Feuillebois defies the stereotype of someone with a . With an MBA from IIM Lucknow and expertise in aromatherapy, Cyril took great pleasure in perfecting Kronokare’s own massage oil line. Nothing could be more satisfying for someone who can tell the difference between the subtlest of smells from a distance. The slightest whiff of Champa or Ginger makes his head turn. Cyril also has a wealth of beauty secrets that are too good to keep. The best of which is to drink a little champagne before you sleep.

KronoKare has strived hard to ensure that the customers get the very best of products, one that they can always trust. Offering a range of products, KronoKare aim’s at being the Kool, Kind and Karing lifestyle partner in your life.



ENVY Leisure: Jaypee Greens Golf & Spa Resort

Six sens blog
Six Senses Spa at Jaypee Greens Golf & Spa Resort, New Delhi

Check in for a spa weekend and make it worth the one-hour drive from New Delhi. If some traditional comforting is what you’re looking for, check out the hammam rooms, Ayurvedic massages, lymphatic draining therapies, ear candling and chakra balancing. For something out of the ordinary, try their colonic cleaning and watsu – a rehabilitating treatment for stress or chronic pain, conducted in a hot water pool. Make the most of your weekend by attending aqua fit, yoga, fit ball or pilates classes between therapies.Sans titre 2

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Six Senses Spa at Jaypee Greens Golf & Spa Resort, Surajpur Kasna Road, Greater Noida. Tel: (0120) 233 9900