Month: January 2015

We love Sebastian Professional

Seb pro_shampoo

Sebastian Professional provides unlimited re-invention in their hair care and styling products. They never stand still and always think ahead, offering products for individuals and not the mass market.

Originally developed in the 1970s, husband and wife John and Geri Cusenza began the cult-following that has proved that fearless styling isn’t a limp statement for over 3 decades!

“I imagine we can change the world – to think of beauty differently
and create something never seen before”

Geri Cusenza – Founder



Sebastian styling cream Potion 9 and strengthening Penetraitt Shampoo
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Beauty Essentials from our Beauty Experts

my-envy-box_shopping guide
Check out the Shopping Guide of My Envy Box Beauty Experts

Illuminating : These contain micro particles that lift dull skin and add a subtle glow.

Tone correcting: Whether it’s post-allergy redness that you need to cover or a sallow tinge after the flu, these tinted primers will help you. Use a purple/ mauve base to counter sallow skin, green to cancel redness, yellow to hide blue-green bruises and pink to brighten your complexion.

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BlackberryPoreRefiningSerum_HRPore-refining : Usually silicone-based, these fill up pores and leave a smooth matte finish.

Check out Blackberry Pore Refining Serum from Eminence Organics

Mattifying : They soak up excess grease and prevent your make-up from becoming an oil spill on humid days.

Eye Shadow : The eyelid is naturally greasy, making it difficult for shadows and liners to stay put all day. 355579_250x0Eye primers create a matte base for the other layers to hang on to.

A new favorite.. Cream Eyeshadow Marshmallow from Natio 

Lash : A transparent base coat, it gives your regular mascara a boost by adding length and volume.

Lip : They condition, plump and smoothen lips for even lipstick application


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All you need to know about Primers

My Envy Box_Primers

Uneven skin tone, visible pores and lines, make-up that wears off in minutes? We give you the lowdown on the make-up superhero to fight all your demons.

What are the kinds of primers available? The primer you pick will depend on what your concern is. Some help reduce redness and cancel out an unwanted red or yellow tone in the skin. Others fill in lines and pores. And almost all of them help make-up stay on longer.

What’s in a primer? Can everyone use it? Primers are either water-based or silicone-based. While silicone primers offer a silky, pore-free finish, keep in mind that they can trigger breakouts in people with hypersensitive skin.

Check out Natio Flawless Foundation that refines skin texture and conceals blemishes, redness and uneven pigmentation: Natio Foundation

How do I use it? Apply using short downward strokes, without massaging it in. A small, pea- sized dollop is enough for your entire face. If it’s only pore correction you need, smooth on sparingly over the T-zone.


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