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Makeup correctors

I know my concealer and of late, I’ve been trying to get to know colour correctors too. Do you find them confusing as well? I did. Putting something lavender or mint green on my face seemed completely counter intuitive. But … IT WORKS. I’m officially obsessed with correctors, currently, and wanted to put something together that’ll make the spectrum more accessible for everyone. The key is to apply the corrector minimally on your problem areas. You can always build up the shade depending on how severe the problem is. Your foundation or concealer goes on top of your corrector and then you pat and blend the colours.

Most companies do both concealers and primers in correcting shades. Smashbox Primers (SEE BELOW) are pure gold so take your pick!

smashbox primer

OR, if a concealer texture is more your jam, then E.L.F Studio Corrective Concealer (SEE BELOW) is A-star.

elf corrector

As mentioned, corrector, basically, goes under your concealer and uses colour theory, or complementary colours, to combat skin issues. Here’s the easiest way to understand what’s what.

GREEN: Perfect for redness, blotches or pimples. Green neutralises the colour red, so that’s why it works.

PINK: Works for dullness and making the skin tone more even. Pink brightens and acts like a luminiser.

LAVENDER, LILAC, PURPLE: Counteracts yellowness so if you’re feeling sallow, these shades are your best bet.

YELLOW, BUTTERCREAM: If your undereye circles have a purple tinge to them then use yellow. Great for covering bruises too. Works better on people with lighter skintones.

Note: Yellow, buttercream, peach, orange or apricot are best tried and tested as they work similarly. The undertones and colour of your skin will determine which bracket works better for you.

PEACH, ORANGE, APRICOT: Great for undereye circles that are more bluish-purple. In general, this spectrum works for people who have a tad more olive, or complexions that aren’t porcelain or extremely fair.

There are also BLUE primers available on the marker, and those are used for people on the fairer side to cut down sallowness. It works like the pink, but on different skintones. CARAMEL of varying intensity curbs ashiness for people with more golden tones to their skin.

Need more picks? Then Clinique’s Superprimer Face Primers, Make Up For Ever’s 5 Camouflage Cream Palettes and Max Factor’s Colour Corrector Sticks have got your back.

… When in doubt, just keep this chart in mind. You’re welcome!

Corrector Charts


colour matches

WARNING: If you have a ton of work to do, then do not click on any of these sites because you’ll lose your whole afternoon. Or do, because, losing afternoons are fun. HAH. We’re having such a blast with these so we just had to share the love! All these sites (and the one phone app) take into account age, skin tone or previous matches of foundation to find more products that will suit you. Some of them are solely for foundation, but two take it to the next level and match a whole lot more — fragrance, skincare and heaps more. Check them out. We guarantee it’ll make you want to shop to see if the options are accurate.


This one’s for foundation and SO. MUCH. FUN. (And not to mention, accurate.) Quite simply, it will blow your mind, or at the very least, keep you entertained! You click on the brand you use, the product from the brand and then the shade and it’ll find you similar shades from all the other brands listed! It’s also less choice-y, in terms of the brands one uses than Findation (read further for that) but the volume of matches (aka, the results) are sensational.


Temptalia’s one of our favourite blogs and this matrix is utterly cool and really breaks down your skin tone, so you can find the right foundations matches. They have tons of swatches so you can’t go wrong. You’ll need to login to proceed, but it’s Temptalia, so you should already have an account!


Findation’s another favourite because it’s much like Match My Makeup, but with more options. For instance, they have Kevyn Aucoin and Guerlain. They have fewer matches than Match My Makeup, but chances are, the product you’re currently using — no matter how cult or down-low— will most likely be listed. That is an essential part of the matching process!


The very hefty list of Sephora foundations are listed here. What’s essentially awesome about this version is that they have a sidebar filled with options you can click on for your results — what age bracket you’re in, what finish you’re looking for, an adjustable shade clicker, formulation and even ingredient preference.


This one has less options than the others because it’s not solely foundation based. They’ll ask you a solid list of questions and then give you the choice to click on matches for your skin, hair, fragrance, make-up, body and even, hands and feet. Check them all, we say!


This one’s an app (we’ve downloaded it already.) It starts with you taking a selfie which “they” proceed to analyse everything of … from your undertone to your lip colour. That’s when they colour match. It’s best to click in natural light for accurate matching.


nude eye pencil

I’ve been out two nights in a row and my 32 year old body is taking a hit. I used to be able to do this in my 20’s but that time is clearly over. The problem is, I still have to look like the Ambika of my 20’s the following day, in the morning, at work (especially when I have meetings.) By that I mean, hydrated skin, eyes that aren’t bloodshot or weighed down by coin-sized dark circles. The eyes really do have it. They’re the first tell-tale sign of exhaustion. Lots of friends come ask about how I manage to look bright-eyed and bushy-tailed when I’m feeling like the opposite and I’m going to share my strategy with you. Other than a great concealer (which I will be devoting a whole blog post to next) the answer is …



I use a nude eye liner on my inner rim, like a kajal, and curl my lashes and it’s like I’ve had a full, rested 8 hours of sleep. Using your regular dark kajal will do the opposite and emphasise all the things you’re trying to hide. A lot of folks will tell you to use a white eye pencil, and I do as well, on occasion. But white can often be too stark and you want a natural look. Besides, while using a white kohl, make sure that the product doesn’t smudge at all, because otherwise, you’re going to have a white gloopy smear coming off your inner rim. Not a good look, at all. White eyeliner also resembles the colour of your sclera (the white portion of your eye) and that makes you look not just awake, but like a deer caught in headlights, if you’re not careful. White works better at night, with a smokey eye balancing it all out.

So, without further ado, click through for a list of the top 10 nude eye pencils which you can find your inner cappuccino with. Thoughts? Do you have any nude eye pencils to add? (We’ve deliberately left out Benefit’s Eye Bright because it’s a pale pink and doesn’t suit everyone.)


Main image lipstick

Bright lipstick: great on your lips, not so great when it’s wearing off. You know what we’re talking about? You’ve got a super coral on, but then you step into a movie, sip a soda, and all that’s left of your lipstick is a ring rim. I made it my mission to find products that would save me (and womankind) this sort of mortification, having been there myself, far too many times. I happen to think that the answer lies in liquid lipstick … aka, the future. Most liquefied formulas are designed to slick on with all their might, so staying power is the big bonus here. A fair few are matte, and in my opinion, that’s a huge plus point as well because I want the option of gloss. Gloss should be a controlled phenomenon, and you should be the one to decide how much to put on, if at all. This list of 10 liquid lipsticks is in no particular order because you need to find something that works for you and you alone, which leads me to the following point …

NEED TO KNOW: Liquid lipstick is drying. That’s a fact. You’re going to have to figure out whether the product you’re buying is worth the dryness (it most often is.) I use Hourglass Cosmetics’ “Icon” (see the list below) all the time and while it never looks like it’s cracking on my lips, I always have to resist the urge to put some balm on. But that’s four hours into wearing it, mind you, which makes it a true champion. It doesn’t budge! The same goes for OCC Lip Tar. Why use them at all? Because the colour payoff is PHENOMENAL, and as mentioned before, they’ll stay put for hours on end. Lancôme, on the other hand, feels velvety and less dry than the others. And then there are the Guerlain’s and Shiseido’s of the make-up universe to save up for, that are next level in quality and worth every hefty penny. But these are all purely personal observations. Lipsticks work differently on various people, so go on … look online, search duty free when travelling, scour malls, or harass friends who are overseas. Make liquid lipstick your mission!


Hourglass Opaque rouge

The shade “Icon” couldn’t have a more perfect name. A true, classic blue-red, it’s hard for scarlet lipstick lovers to find a better shade. Apply this formula carefully because it takes two-three minutes to dry and then you’ll really have to scrub it off to get rid of it. Exfoliate your lips and put balm on 10 minutes before you’re planning to use this liquid lipstick for best results. “Muse”, on me, is a neon neutral, if that makes sense? You’ll see what I mean when you try it on. Hourglass can dry out your lips after a few hours of wear (which is quite a statement in itself) but you’ll choose to ignore it when you see the shades available, the opacity of colour and the staying power it has.



I’m obsessed with these liquid lipsticks at the moment. They come on super glossy but within three-four minutes, dry to a gloriously matte, satiny finish. Hence the addition of the “velvet” in the name. Currently, “Velours de Caprice” is a favourite (or shade 193, as it’s also called) because of its punchy dose of bright, tomato red. I have a feeling I’m going to purchase each shade.


OCC Lip Tar

I literally showed up at the OCC store in the East Village, in New York, as they were unpacking stock. Why? Because, just take a look at those colours. A tiny, tiny drop of product will suffice for your entire lip and I really do love the little brushes each tube comes equipped with. Be warned though, these Lip Tars aren’t for a dinner party type of long haul. They’re for looking swell at a party, where you won’t be eating. Either way, they’re dinky enough to fit in your minaudière, so you can re-apply.



You heard correctly. The “Brow Queen” as she’s known as, is making liquid lipstick now. And it’s pretty great liquid lipstick to boot. These are highly recommended. They swipe on super wet, but the product dries within minutes to a comfortable, punchy finish that does not budge for a few hours. Still, if your lips are prone to drying, put some primer on, especially for the lighter colours, so the finish is more even and cracks will be less obvious.


Giorgio Armani

This lip “lacquer” is hydrating, luxurious and dense with colour which stays on for a few hours, easily. While they look glossy, your lips won’t be sticky, but will feel like they’ve got balm on. “503” is a particular favourite, being an almost Chinese scarlet. These will transfer to cups and food but it won’t bleed on your lips or vanish, somehow. It packs a lot of product in so while it does wipe off, a lovely stain remains.


Envy Travel: The Tree House Resort

tree house

Need a break from the city?
Take a weekend break in a cottage PERCHED on a tree


Nothing like fresh air to make a quick break truly rejuvenating. This LUSH, green property has over 5,00,000 plants and trees that’ll soothe your eyes and refresh your mind.


This one-of-a-kind concept features 20 cottages perched on treetops, right in the middle of nature. Each TREE HOUSE comes with the necessary mod cons, so that rustic needn’t mean uncomfortable, including plasma TVs and minibars. Every cottage is named after a bird species. The Oriental Buzzard Nest, with five airy rooms decorated in tasteful earthy tones, and an actual tree growing through the roof, is our pick. Wake up to BIRD SONGS and flowers in bloom just outside your window.


For a spot of adventure, opt for the jungle safari – those in luck may even spot a leopard. Home to 56 species of birds including the Indian Great Horned Owl and the rare Spotted Creeper Bird, this is also the perfect place for BIRD WATCHING.


Pamper yourself at the spa, take a dip in the pool or head to the mini golf course. Get some EXERCISE – choose from table tennis, badminton, volleyball, cricket and tribal archery. Don’t worry about bringing little ones along – there’s a designated kids area equipped with video games to keep them occupied.


You may be right in the middle of the forest, but you are never too far from the sights, or the shops. The resort is only a halfhour from Jaipur, so make a quick detour to see AMBER FORT and Nahargarh Fort, or squeeze in some shopping. The Sariska National Park, famous for Project Tiger, is also only half an hour away

The Tree House Resort,
Nature Farms, Opposite Amity
University, National Highway 8,
Jaipur 02, Rajasthan.
Inquiries 9001797422



Mothers Day

Yes, we know you love your Mum. We love your Mum … we love all Mums! Hence the “Mom’s Must Haves” list we have handy, which we hope you’ve made use of, since tomorrow is Mother’s Day. In case you haven’t, Mom won’t mind, because she’s, well … Mom. But to make up for it — because let’s face it, you’re going to have to — how about you make sure every month has a Mother’s Day in it. Et voila … our grand One-Year-Pamper-Mummy plan (we’re paraphrasing, but you really should have a look) which ensures your mother gets a DELUXE spa box every month. We’ve also got a super discount going for you. All you have to do is use the code: ENVYMOM.

At the same time, I wanted to share my — Ambika’s — personal list with you, bought by my father, sister and moi. Since the must-have list we gave you is selling out like hotcakes, I put together some extra picks. They’re all packed and ready to be given to Mum tomorrow morning. Thoughts? Do you think this is a good selection?



This pretty much had me at “marine collagen” which it is stocked up on. Marine collagen works like a major wrinkle-buster. An added bonus is that this is free of parabens, mineral oil, propylene glycol and GMOs. Mum’s going to love it!



This exfoliates the skin without irritation which is key, especially if your mother’s skin is sensitive. It Infuses the skin with active vitamins and bioflavonoids which basically means deep hydration and skin-plumping action. It works like a charm! I also plan to do a weekly peel with Mum with this.



GOTTA love some Givenchy, right? This gorgeous fragrance pays homage to the black dahlia, backed up by top notes of cool crystal citruses and neroli. SWOON. Mum’s always been partial to Givenchy, which I think, has passed on genetically to me.



These little vials contain a super mix of Hyaluronic, Leontopodium Alpinum Stem cells, Soya tissue and Vitamin E, so it’s pretty impressive. All your Mum has to do, is apply one every morning to a clean face. She’s going to love it, and because she does, so will you. Spread the love!


unnamed (1)

Have you heard of Matcha? It’s like the new kale. In other words, the magic ingredient that promises the mother-load of health. Matcha is a very fine powder made from a special variety of green tea that has to be grown and processed separately. But don’t go scouring supermarkets for it just yet, because the base plant — green tea  — is more than “special” enough. That green tea cliché you keep hearing about in all it’s zen forms? It’s true! It’s really that good for you. And, other than just ingesting it (which you should, in multiple cups, daily,) you should know that there’s a whole world of green tea products out there in the world, waiting to be discovered by you. We mean beauty products because you already know that it’s great for weight loss and stress-busting, right? But before you set out on your journey of exploration, here’s why you should be stocking up.

So long, sun damage: Use a green-tea based sunscreen because the anti-oxidants neutralise UV rays and free radicals which damage your skin. They also reduce inflammation and we’d say that comes pretty handy when sunburnt.

Bye-bye, puffy eyes: Green tea’s your Holy Grail if you’ve woken up looking like you’ve been crying for a week. The tannins, caffeine and Vitamin K in green tea work together to reduce swelling, decrease the dilation of the blood vessels and tighten the skin around the eyes.

The skin saviour: Use it in a face mask, a toner or as a scrub, Green tea is stocked full of anti-oxidants and antiseptic agents which even out and purify the skin. That means it helps with blemishes, scars and reducing pore size.

Hair heroics: Green tea inhibits the growth of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone), which is pretty awesome, because DHT hinders hair growth and make your hair fall. Since it’s antiseptic, it also helps with dandruff and other issues caused by the flaking of the skin, like psoriasis. And, that’s not all. Green tea also has polyphenols, Vitamin E (which is amazing for the skin, too), Vitamin C and the aforementioned Vitamin K, which together work on making your hair healthier, softer and a lot more shiny.

This month, My Envy Box brings you a Deluxe spa edition that will transport you to the hills of Darjeeling…