There’s no panic like red lipstick panic, in the make-up world. If it smears, gets on your teeth, or pools on your lips, it can look pretty ghastly. Some people shy away from long-lasting versions because they tend to dry out lips. But if you’re okay with that, then you should be heading straight to our summer lipstick post. But, say you have a red lipstick that is creamy and hence, not particularly long-wear: what do you do? A lot of creamy lipsticks tend to slide right off your lips, so eating or drinking becomes a nerve-wracking affair! So let’s just make the theatre of red lipstick what it should be — heaps of fun without the stage fright. Follow these steps, and breathe easy.

HOW TO … Make your red lipstick stay put

Step 1: Exfoliate your lips. You need a clean, even surface for your lipstick to settle in to.

Step 2: Moisturise! This prevents dryness which otherwise causes those cracks and crevices which your lipstick pools in.

Step 3: Use a primer. It holds the lipstick and intensifies the colour. (Combine steps 1 and 2 with MAC Prep + Prime.)

Step 4: Use a matching red lip liner to carefully line your lips AND fill in your lips too.  It acts like an extra base.

Step 5: Apply your red lipstick with a lip brush for more precision.

Step 6: Take a sheet of tissue paper and blot your lips.

Step 7: Re-apply your lipstick straight from the tube and blot your lips with tissue again. This packs in colour.

Step 8: Apply a third coat but this time, put a tissue sheet on top of your lips and dust some micro finishing powder on top. The powder sieves itself through the paper and settles on your lips like a sealing cover.

Step 9: Should you still feel uneasy about your lipsticks staying power, apply a seal-in top coat. Aqua Seal, for instance.

Step 10: Finish off by running concealer on your lip outline, with a brush, to clean up mistakes and to prevent your gorgeous red lips from bleeding colour. And, voila … have fun!

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