Month: September 2015


It’s Wednesday all you lovely people and this week’s #WISHLISTWEDNESDAY is an ode to your tresses. Let your locks do the talking and tell the world what it really means to let your hair down. Here are the products that we are dreaming, wishing, hoping and praying to lay our hands on this week!

  1. Kérastase Elixir Ultime Oils

Nourish your hair with the goodness of argan, camellia, maize and pracaxi oils for tresses that are soft, nourished and with a dreamlike shine. With active anti-oxidants and scented oils, the potion gives your locks that exuberate luster and whisper of wistful aromas.Kerastase-Elixir-Ultime-Oil

  1. Hedonista Hair Perfume

Your hair might be super thick, long and almost everyone’s envy, unless they come closer. Don’t let bad hair odor drive away people to lands far far away. A gush of Hedonista’s hair perfume is all you need to leave trails of an enchanting aroma that boasts of natural oils.Hedonista_Hair_Perfume_1024x1024

  1. Bottega Di Lungavita Linfa Age Shampoo

So you think washing your hair everyday can purge it of all its life and strength? Think again because with this frequent use shampoo not only can you bather your locks frequently but also be assured to get a mop that will turn heads.Bottega-Di-Lungavita-Linfa-Age-Shampoo-For-Frequent-Use-9094-079777-1-product

  1. Sebastian Professional Potion 9

A styling cream infused with natural extracts and botanical goodness, Potion 9 helps restore your hair’s moisture and leave it looking healthier than ever. Bid adieu to dry and damaged hair and let your blow dryer do the talking without leaving behind roug and brittle locks.sebastian-potion9_600x600

  1. L’occitane Volumizing Mist

Give your hair that extra volume and bump up its volume with this volumizing mist. Loaded with five essential oils – Artemisia, mint, sweet orange, pine and rosemary – the mist is a leave-in formula that puffs up your pelt. Say hello to voluminous hair!


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10 Timeless Beauty Icons And How To Get Their Look

Trendsetters have always reigned over the fashion realm. There might be hundreds of them but more often than not we remember just a few. Few that we like to call ‘icons’. Here are the 10 iconic faces that have ruled over the fashion and beauty horizon for the past century.


Greta Garbo

With her sultry eyes and striking looks, the Swedish-born actress seduced Hollywood and made the big time in films such as The Temptress and The Kiss.


Katharine Hepburn

The flag bearer of the no make up look, Katharine Hepburn with her high cheekbones and strong and independent character had the audiences floored.


Vivien Leigh

Leigh of Gone With the Wind fame was loved for her delicate English-rose femininity and enthralling acting talent.


Marilyn Monroe

The post-war era brought a new lease of life to the world of beauty and fashion. Monroe’s bright blonde hair, red-lipstick pout and curvaceous figure epitomised the decade’s glamour.


Audrey Hepburn

Breakfast at Tiffany’s iconic LBD, high gloves and elegant pearl string left this diva twinkling in the eyes of the masses. The slick hair and rose tinted lips answer why the actress was such a hit in the 60s.


Farrah Fawcett

Her golden skin, glowing hair and flawless smile earned Fawcett a role on the hit TV show Charlie’s Angels, while her bouncy, golden locks became the ultimate must-have hairdo of the 1970s.



The original poster girl, Madonna redefined mainstream POP music.


Kate Moss

Although not officiated but Kate Moss has to be the freshest most charm exuberating face in the fashion world. Once again she played the 60s-70s card and went au naturale. And obviously, no one complained!


Beyoncé Knowles

Give us a moment while ‘Naughty Girl’ finishes playing in our head. Oh wait, now it’s ‘Single Ladies’! See that’s the thing about Beyoncé, she’ll be on your mind either because of the songs or that breathtaking charisma and that’s what makes her Y2K’s diva supremo!


Cara Delevingne

Being a Victoria’s Secret model is probably the highest accolade a model can receive but Delevingne wants to do it all, which is evident by the innumerable movies – starring the model – to be released in 2016. Also, recently designated Kate Moss’ fresh-faced successor, Cara is set to create waves.

10 Make Up Hacks To Get The Perfect Lashes!

It’s a funny thing, mascara. If done right it can make you look like a million buck but one slip and you’re doomed to look like you’ve been taking tips from the Joker. Here are 10 tricks to master this art of lashing out flawlessly.1377788492_heath-ledger-the-joker

  1. Mascara Maneuver

Make the mascara drills easier by gently bending the tip of your brush so that it’s perpendicular to the handle. This way the brush is easier to control and reaches those tiny remote lashes as well.53a078f0c64ee_-_cos-04-mascara-de

  1. Wiggle wiggle wiggle!

Keep your lashes curled longer by wiggling the brush back and forth at the base of your lashes, and then swiping to the tips. If you coat your lashes evenly, it will weigh down the tips of the hairs, causing your lashes to straighten out after a few minutes. The best way to hold a curl is to apply a thicker coat of mascara at the root of your lashes and a lighter one toward the ends.$_32

  1. Layering the formulas

Have mercy on those lashes and layer waterproof mascara on top of your regular formula to make it easier to remove at the end of the day. The mascara also lasts longer this way.Lash-Application-Mascara

  1. Thick Trick

Thicken the lashes by coating them on both sides. This trick is ideal if you have really thin or light colored lashes.37e444e68544d16d3a3819da483e251c

  1. Hold It Right

The way you hold the brush when applying your mascara can make a huge difference. Holding the brush vertically gives a natural finish whereas using it horizontally gives a heavier and thicker finish.53a078f34921f_-_cos-01-mascara-de

  1. Un-Clump

Tired of dry mascara clumps? Just dip the tube in a cup of hot water to make the fluid liquid-y! Unless these are post-three-month clumps (you should always toss your mascara out after three months to prevent any eye infections).dsc_3164

  1. Brush Over

Coating the lower lashes can be tricky business. Try dipping a thin flat brush (ideally a lip brush) in the mascara and paint it on to your lashes, concentrating on the roots. Thank us later!53a078ec3004a_-_cos-05-mascara-de

  1. Saline makes it all right

Revive dead flaky mascara by adding a few drops of saline solution to it. Again, use this trick only if the make up hasn’t reached its 3-month mark.53a078f96c502_-_cos-02-makeup-hacks-de

  1. Curl & Smear

If your lashes tend to drop dead without curling up, apply your mascara while using the eyelash curler.53a078eac361a_-_cos-12-mascara-de

  1. Angle Play

Intensify the curl by changing the angle of your eyelash curler. For bigger dramatic batting-your-lid curls, clamp the lashes at base and hold up for a few minutes. Release the curler and move up the length of the lashes at an angle parallel to the ground and hold again. Finally, give the tips one final press holding the curler almost upright. Bat away!53a078ee5a131_-_cos-02-mascara-de

Behold The September Issue!

There’s a reason Bobby Darin was so excited about ‘Come September’ with it’s happy tune! It’s a month synonymous with various fall and pre fall runway extravaganzas. And when the world fashion world has put on their glam ball on, can beauty be far behind?

Enter the Envy September Issue. Scoring high on the glam and indulgence quotient, this month’s box brings you the best your body can have. Here’s what you should expect out of the gleaming Pandora this month.


  1. Catrice Ultimate Colour Lip Colour

Price: INR 610

Plump up your lips with Catrice’s enviable selection of hues. Put your best smile on with this vibrant and nourishing lipstick. Available in shimmery metallic and solid glossy hues, Catrice has bottled up your lips’ best friend in a single pack. I had the luxury of putting on a beautiful shade of pink named the ‘Kiss Kiss Hibiscus’. And take this from someone who has never invested in anything but lip balms, but this lip stick is worth every penny! DSC_0253


  1. Davidoff Cool Water Shower Breeze

Price: INR 1800 for 150ml

Bring the beaches home with this fragrant shower gel. Loose your senses in the enchanting aroma of sugar, spice and all things nice that go into this magical tube. I opened the tube never to close it again. Not only did the gel bring summer to out bath tubs but also left our body smelling like a bouquet of fresh buds. DSC_0273


  1. Za Total Hydration Fresh Foamy Cleanser

Price: INR 299 for 100g

Purify your skin with this hydrating cleanser. Enriched with micro bubbles to banish all impurities, the wash lets your pores breathe. We can totally vouch for this wash. At least my skin – which by the way has never felt so plump and lively since birth – definitely does! Winner of the Vogue Beauty Awards 2015, need I say more?DSC_0263


The 4th product is a surprise and may differ in every box. There are many Better & Exciting options that the customer may receive.  In this box, we got –

Sebastian Penetraitt Shampoo

Price: INR 1400 for 250ml

Let your hair down and turn heads with voluminous and damage free hair. Sebastian Penetraitt strengthens your locks to give you the most desirable tresses in town. Pardon me while I toy around with my hair that has magically transformed from a mop to a majestic mane. This nourishing bottle of goodness leaves your hair feeling full of life and rejuvenated. One word, salon ready.


Products that cost you a bomb otherwise, are in the September Issue for a price that can put salons out of business. So what’s holding you back? Get your box already!

5 Make Up Mistake That Should Be Forbidden

Everyone looks a flawlessly done up face with just the right amount of pouty lips, those perfectly arched brows, sculpted cheekbones and eyes that spell out elegance. But on our way to cosmetic perfection we make tiny blunders that go a long way. Here are some, and how to avoid them and not look like you fell in a tub of dyes.

  1. Wearing The Wrong Foundation

Foundation isn’t supposed to give your skin a bit of a tan. After all, that’s what bronzers are for. It’s supposed to create a perfect, smooth complexion and cover-up any imperfections. This is why you should always use a foundation that blends in with your skin. wrong-foundation

  1. Applying Make Up On Flaky Skin

Hey, it’s foundation not magic potion. It will only emphasize the flakes by sitting on top of them instead of blending in with your skin. Fix the dryness by exfoliating regularly (to get rid of flakes) and following that up with a rich moisturizer.flaky-skin

  1. Too Much Eye Shadow

Just because your eye kit came along with four or more colors packaged doesn’t mean you have to paint them all onto your eyelids at once. Wear no more than three shades at a time: a medium one on your lids, a lighter one near your brow bone and a dark one as liner.eyeshadow

  1. The Eyebrow Pencil

A penciled eyebrow looks painted and unnatural. Nevertheless, many women still go this route to fill in their brows. A better option is to choose an eyeshadow color that matches your hair color and apply with a thin, stiff, angled brush using tiny strokes.worst-eyebrows-9

  1. Plumping Up That Pout

You’ve probably heard, and even tried, the trick of lining just outside your natural lip line to make your lips look bigger. It’s way easier said than done. One wrong move and you’ll end up looking like Kylie Jenner’s worst nightmare. Use a lip liner the same shade as your lipstick on the outer line of your lips. Fill in your lips as well (that way if your lipstick fades, you don’t wind up with only a line around your mouth).Colleen-Ballinger-as-Miranda-Sings-3

5 DIY Nail Arts For Awesomtastic Nails

Party season is here – when is it not? And our wardrobe, jewelry boxes and make up kits are already overflowing and calling out to us to hit the discs already!

When getting decked up to go somewhere, we pay utmost attention to each and every detail on our face – eyes, lips, cheeks, nose – and the dress has to be on point with accessories to kill for. But what about those pretty hands? Yes you’ve got a stash of gorgeous rings and arm trinkets but what about them nails? Don’t they deserve some glam and pixie dust as well?

Here are 5 chic nail dos that you can rock at your next party!

  1. Glitter Nails

Perfect for a disco night the chicas, these nails are best suited for that diva inside you. Shine on!

  1. Autumn Water Nails

Let your nails feel the season with this breathtaking nail do.

  1. Mermaid Nails

Aquamarine, Ariel and all the other mermaids out there give a massive nod to this one.

  1. Water Marble Nails

A calming nail art that for an uber sophisticated and calming set of claws.

  1. Ombre Nails

Say yes to the ultimate tri-tone nails that shout out trendy!

5 Beauty Looks At The New York Fashion Week That Spell Out Drama

Fashion weeks have a way of redefining ‘beauty’ every season. And the New York Fashion Week S/S 16 did no different this year. The make up artists went all out to set the ramp on fire. The 5 day long fashion extravaganza saw some ridiculously creative beauty looks. Looks that were downright head turners and paparazzi magnets. Here are our top 5 picks from the fashion week that wrapped up this weekend.

  1. Givenchy – Pat McGrath

Nude faces adorned with patiently constructed masks made of fabrics, beads and laces stole the spotlight at Givenchy’s show. The models strutted the runway with facial constructions that were feminine and ethereal and that managed to draw mammoth gasps from onlookers. 02-holding-givenchy-exclusive

  1. Hood By Air – Inge Grognard

Hood By Air is known for its offbeat make up ideas. This season the brand showcased an array of faces that had been done up incompletely. No no, all the make up was in place. Just not blended. It was the perfectly contoured look – sans the blending. And boy, did the models pull it off!landscape-1442172171-hba-face

  1. Merissa Webb – Bimpe Onakoya

Onakoya gave the models a subtly vibrant look for Merissa Webb’s show. With a nude base, the only highlights were the eyes. Done up in dual shades, the artist chose to give the eye make up a twist by selecting a different hue for the lower lid and a contrasting tone for the upper lid.Merissa-Webb-New-York-Fashion-Week-Spring-2016-Showcase-Bellanaija-September006

  1. Chromat – Bimpe Onakoya

With an inspiration and collection so offbeat, the looks had to match up. Bimpe Onakoya swishes her magic brushes again to create an interesting look. Once again, the eyes stole the limelight with a two-tone guise. Alek Wek flaunted a flawless pair of electric blue eyebrows and a hot pink under lid to compliment the pop brows.Bimpe-Onakoya-at-Chromat-featuring-Intel-Collaboration-New-York-Fashion-Week-2015-Bellanaija-September038

  1. Creatures of the Wind – Aaron de Mey

Aaron de Mey too let the eyes do the talking. With naturally rose tinted lip stains, Mey pulled everybody’s attention to the heavily done up shimmer eyes. Eyelids heavily adorned with gold glitter are beautifully topped off by thick lashes and a strong liner. The looks for this collection screamed out bling and glam.Creatures-Wind-Spring-2016

Frame Your Face Flawlessly With The New Hair Contouring Trend

We’re unsure of whether to thank the Kardashians or to blame them for drawing so much attention to contouring. Man! Those ladies sure know how to define their cheekbones. So they put contouring on the make up timeline and the world gave a huge nod the trend. And now the contouring has seeped in all the way to our hair. That’s right, hair contouring is a thing.

What is hair contouring?

It’s not much different from contouring your face with make up. Just that in this case you use hair color (duh-uh!).

The technique positions highlights and lowlights in different parts of your hair to give the illusion of a certain shape. If you have a longer face, for example, you could put some strategically positioned highlights that frame your face and therefore give it a wider appearance.

Like with make up, darker colors are for shadowing while lighter colors highlight the areas you want focused on.

Balayage Twin

In a way, this new technique is basically a variation of balayage. It’s a process that leaves our tresses with a sun-kissed natural looking color – similar to what we are born with – with softer, less visible regrowth lines.

What do you think? Is hair contouring a good idea, or should we just play along with our natural locks? Let us know in the comments below.

5 Times We Said Yes To OTT!

For the uninformed, OTT is short for ‘over the top’. Now we know what you’re thinking. How can anyone in their right minds say yes to anything over the top?! But let’s just say that that’s the beauty of art. And fashion, good people, is also art.

With the VMA 2015 still a fresh memory in our heads and the New York Fashion Week taking our eyeballs by storm, the runways and red carpets are giving more to our soul than Chicken Soup ever could! Here are 5 times we gave a huge nod to OTT!

  1. Michael J. Willett

So Willet was all suited for the award show. Big deal! Well, it is one. Because, hello! Did you not see the suit? Clad top to bottom in a fabric that shouts out OTT, Michael still managed to score sighs from the ladies! Kudos!Screen Shot 2015-09-12 at 12.57.11 AM

  1. Jeremy Scott & Miley Cyrus

When you hear that designer Jeremy Scott is collaborating with Miley Cyrus, you know you’re in for a blast. Not a good one. But the duo not only pulled off a rather impressive show – with Miley putting together the eclectic jewelry and Scott a kitschy range – but also left us awestruck arrayed in all those colors!509853951MB00004_Jeremy_Sco

  1. Custo Barcelona

Custo Barcelona’s S/S ‘16 range is every boho junkie’s fantasy. A woven jacket with a a rexine yoke; a crochet shirt and rexine drawstring trousers are items you’d rethink wearing, let alone coupling together. Obviously, the designer thought otherwise and (surprisingly enough) we’re all for it!large_cus_ss16_011

  1. Desigual

Print on print is a sure shot recipe for disaster. But clearly not in this case. The pleasingly harmonized colors just ease out the prints paired color blocks. And Perspex boots! We rest our case.large_dgl_ss16_019

  1. BCBG Max Azria

Too bad we can’t throw in all the pictures from BCBG’s show but here’s a snippet to give you an idea. Yet another collection playing with prints, the androgynous silhouettes and the muted tones completely have us floored!large_bcb_ss16_067


It’s Wednesday all you lovely people and this week’s #WISHLISTWEDNESDAY is all about that base! We’re going nude! Not literally, unfortunately or fortunately. But our make up brushes are seeing only what’s au naturale. Here are the make up products that we are dreaming, wishing, hoping and praying to lay our hands on this week!

  1. Eminence Organics Honey Beige Antioxidant Foundation

Honey Beige. Doesn’t that instill an image of something that is so striking and has a natural luster? Available in two natural shades, the Eminence antioxidant foundation comes enriched with antioxidants like rosemary, acai berry and green tea. A chemical-free foundation, it ensures a flawless complexion.41918

  1. Guerlain Météorites’ Pearls

Give your skin a star like glow (and your wallet a bazooka like blow!) with these meteorites. Available in 4 luminous shades, the pearls come with a delicate fragrance that leaves trails of lavender all over. How does one even manage to use it? Knowing that it’ll get over!mc3a9tc3a9orites-perles

  1. Natio Lip Color Harmony

Don’t go stark! Add some color to those lips to avoid looking like an Elizabethan woman on arsenic! The Natio lip color comes in three attractive shades. Enriched with essential oils, the lip color keeps your lips healthy, velvety soft and smooth.e151a69b2cc2ba7595bd9b7a2eaaabaf

  1. Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick

Rock the nude look with a stroke of the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick. Handmade in Pizza-land, the compact lights up your eyes and face with a deep bronzy glow ‘for a skin that looks lit from within’.bb_prod_E1F6_415x415_0

  1. Eminence Organics Cinnamon Kiss Lip Plumper

What’s a look without pout-worthy lip? Enriched with natural oils like cinnamon and jojoba, the gloss adds sheen and hydrates your lips. Dab on this lightweight lip gloss for lips that can leave behind witchcraft!632515-eminence-cinnamon-kiss-lip-plumper-raw-72dpi

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