It’s Wednesday all you lovely people and this week’s #WISHLISTWEDNESDAY is all about that base! We’re going nude! Not literally, unfortunately or fortunately. But our make up brushes are seeing only what’s au naturale. Here are the make up products that we are dreaming, wishing, hoping and praying to lay our hands on this week!

  1. Eminence Organics Honey Beige Antioxidant Foundation

Honey Beige. Doesn’t that instill an image of something that is so striking and has a natural luster? Available in two natural shades, the Eminence antioxidant foundation comes enriched with antioxidants like rosemary, acai berry and green tea. A chemical-free foundation, it ensures a flawless complexion.41918

  1. Guerlain Météorites’ Pearls

Give your skin a star like glow (and your wallet a bazooka like blow!) with these meteorites. Available in 4 luminous shades, the pearls come with a delicate fragrance that leaves trails of lavender all over. How does one even manage to use it? Knowing that it’ll get over!mc3a9tc3a9orites-perles

  1. Natio Lip Color Harmony

Don’t go stark! Add some color to those lips to avoid looking like an Elizabethan woman on arsenic! The Natio lip color comes in three attractive shades. Enriched with essential oils, the lip color keeps your lips healthy, velvety soft and smooth.e151a69b2cc2ba7595bd9b7a2eaaabaf

  1. Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick

Rock the nude look with a stroke of the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick. Handmade in Pizza-land, the compact lights up your eyes and face with a deep bronzy glow ‘for a skin that looks lit from within’.bb_prod_E1F6_415x415_0

  1. Eminence Organics Cinnamon Kiss Lip Plumper

What’s a look without pout-worthy lip? Enriched with natural oils like cinnamon and jojoba, the gloss adds sheen and hydrates your lips. Dab on this lightweight lip gloss for lips that can leave behind witchcraft!632515-eminence-cinnamon-kiss-lip-plumper-raw-72dpi

Find us on FacebookTwitter or Instagram and share your lists with us, and the next #WISHLISTWEDNESDAY could be dedicated to you and your selection!

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