Month: October 2015

5 Ways To Soothe Your Skin After Waxing

Being a girl with vanities is not easy. Specially is you’re on the slightly fuzzier side. Everything has to be properly trimmed, threaded, shaved and waxed. Waxing in particular is a rather painful way of keeping yourself “fuzz-free”. Not saying that it’s the best but it does allow you to have a soft flawless top layer for weeks. But that too comes with a cost – the skin irritation (and sometimes even rashes, ouch!) that follows. Here are 5 ways to calm down and soothe your skin after waxing.

  1. Aloe Vera Gel

The flag bearer of skin soothers, aloe vera gel or any form of aloe vera extract is excellent for bringing down the post-waxing irritation. Refrigerate your gel for further calming effects.tumblr_lz8rocxEtt1qieyfc

  1. Cold Water Or Ice

Probably the easiest trick in the book to relax your skin, ice or cold water can be magical when it comes to relieving pain and discomfort. Just wet a cloth or throw in some ice and you’re good.Ice-cubes-001

  1. Grape Seed Oil

The oil hydrates the skin and heals any scars or inflammations that might have popped up post

  1. Tea Tree Oil

Or Vitamin E oil, bot happen to be skin soothers after the painful peel fest.tea tree 254x254

  1. Topical Treatment

Consult a skin specialist or a beauty expert and pick out the ointment that best suits your skin type for bringing down redness and rashes.creams-and-lotions

10 Male Fashion Icons Who’ve Got Their Style Game Going Strong

The unintentional cold war between Mars and Venus is a constant that can never die down. So if women can strut the streets in head turning attire and set statements, can men be far behind? Here are 10 men who have been and will be forever associated with the term ‘style icon’.

  1. Steve McQueen

Before you roll your eyes at this predictable addition, let’s just say McQueen has totally earned it! It has never been about what he wore but how he wore it. Enough said.steve mcqueen

  1. Jean-Michael Basquiat

A celebrated graffiti artist in the 80s, Basquiat managed to create massive waves on the fashion front as well. He modeled for a Japanese label and partnered with Andy Warhol among a number of other achievements. Basquiat had a rather quaint desire of always wearing expensive suits while creating his masterpieces.jean_michel_basquiat_by_minackson-d32kna92

  1. Cristóbal Balenciaga

Really? Do we even need to explain why Balenciaga is one of history’s most celebrated male icons? The flag bearer of the double-breasted, sharp and tailored suit, Balenciage brought monochrome dressing in the spotlight.balenciaga

  1. Ryan Gosling

Did you just go “What?! This guy?” We had our doubts as well but Google Images was more than happy to correct our misconception. And no we’re not just biased because The Notebook made us feel things we didn’t even know existed but simply because the man knows how to dress up.Ryan-Gosling-Hot-Tea1

  1. James Dean

not just a pretty face, James Dean was a known rebel of his time who impacted minds in more ways than one. Not just was he a superbly convincing actor but also an outright trend setter.jd1

  1. Nickelson Wooster

There is nothing on the face of his planet that is coller than salt and pepper hair and an impeccable sense of dressing. Nickelson Wooster is living proof of just that. Those bold tattoos (at all the right places) add just about enough oomph to the entire package.wooster

  1. Johnny Depp

Can you come with even one name that could’ve walked off as Jack Sparrow, Willy Wonka, Edward Scissorhands or The Mad Hatter and look half as comfortable in his skin and convincible? That is simply because Johnny Depp carries off all his looks with the utmost panache be it unkempt dreadlocks, pale white skin or even a simple jeans and T!Johnny-Depp-D-johnny-depp-32536585-520-600

  1. Giovanni ‘Gianni’ Agnelli

A business tycoon who ruled the Italian subcontinent’s economy for almost 3 decades, Agnelli was admired as much for his style as he was for his business sense. A few of his signature styles included deliberately leaving his tie crooked and tucking his sleeve below the watch.8edc43fb1a93ac091033c7bb46473b8d

  1. Colin Tennant

The 3rd Baron Glenconner, Lord Glenconner was a Scottish aristocrat known for his ways of ‘having fun’. These included buying islands and turning them into a “multimillionaires’ playground”. Glenconner dressed up in fresh and bright hues and often accessorized with wide-brimmed hats. The fact that his off-beat style statements totally worked (even in the 80s!) – earns him a spot as a fashion icon.lord

  1. Terence Stamp

You know a person knows his wardrobe when he refuses to be styled even for a photoshoot and instead go by his own taste. Say hello to Terence Stamp, one of the best dressed in London who also happens to be renowned Mayfair tailor Doug Hayward’s earliest clients.terence stamp

5 Beauty Treatments That Spell Out Crazy

Tell a woman that a treatment can knock a decade off her skin and she’ll climb mountains for it. These facial treatments stand proof to it. Now with all due respect to salons, therapists, beauticians and the lot, we have nothing against beauty. Hell we can’t go a fortnight with our routine trip to the parlor. But you know people have started taking beauty a tad to seriously when placenta facial, snail slime moisturizer, vampire facial and the likes hit the market.

Here are some of the wackiest – but apparently super efficient – facials and treatments that even Cleopatra would raise eyebrows at!

  1. Bird Poop Geisha Facial

Few facts state that Geishas used to apply powdered nightingale droppings to take off their make up and restore their cheeks; natural shine. As of today, a similar regime is followed for beautification. Just that the poop is “sanitized” with UV rays before application. What is sanitized poop? Food?308f5de5920f426ea88ebda29b0da26b_answer_5_xlarge

  1. Sheep Placenta Facial

Ok we’ll give your goose bumps a moment to settle down. So after a sheep goves birth, a serum id made from the “ish” around the lamb chop and smothered on to one’s face to reverse signs of ageing. Umm, ew?sheep-redorbit

  1. Kitty Litter Face Mask

What’s with all the animal excreta (and related stuff)?! Turns out the stuff your kitty has been using to cover up its litter is rich in benotine clay which happens to be an excellent element to remove unwanted toxins from your face.

  1. Vampire Facial

Yes Einstein, this treatment involved blood. So the blood is drawn from your body and reinjected into your face to instigate production of elastin and collagen in order to give a youthful radiance. A certain Kardashian sister happens to be a huge fan of this treatment.54a75eae3a2ab_-_elle-kim-k-vampire-facial-h-lgn

  1. Sperm Facial

Ok, the last time these two words were placed together, I had my Incognito window open. But jokes aside, sperm facials do exist. Apparently a certain element called spermine that exists in sperm is superb for eliminating acne issues and making you look younger. Use an acne-clearing gel then! Paying someone to slather you-know-what all over your face is not the only solution!Sperm-Facial

5 Contouring Regimes That Are So Bizarre They Are Good!

How peculiar is bizarre and how bizarre is brilliant? Muddled? That’s exactly how the mere idea of these contouring regimes made us feel. And you know, things are about to get interesting when a make up tutorial includes terminologies like joker and skull. Have a look at these make up tutorials that are so weird; we might actually try them out!

  1. Joker Contour

Can painting your face like a joker make you look good? Apparently it can. Joker contouring is an actual thing and the end results have had us questioning the meaning of ‘joker’. The idea of this make up regime is to paint your face with make up like a joker and then blend it all in. Check out this video by Belladelune to find out what we’re going gaga over.

  1. Yoda Contour

Remember Star Wars? Remember Yoda? Turns out he was more than just a fictional pawn. The makers put him in there to inspire future beauty vloggers and make up enthusiasts. Watch this tutorial and get highlighting your face like Yoda. Because universal, beauty is. Every word of that, we mean.


  1. Starry Contour

Loved drawing as a kid? Well here’s your chance to draw again. The starry contour involves drawing stars on areas of your face that need highlighting and blending them in to create dazzling magic. Watch the drawing/make up tutorial to get the look.

  1. Darthvader Contour

Who knew that an iconic (and oh so masculine) character like Darthvader could transform into a make up regime? Oh the power of beauty! Here’s how you turn cosmetic play into a scene out of Star Wars!

  1. Sugar Skull Highlight & Contour

If you know what a sugar skull is, then you probably went over the heading ten times. No, it’s not an error. It so happens that even sugar skull contouring is a thing! And you know what? The final look is breathtaking. Watch the tutorial video by the ‘grav3yardgirl’ to give your contouring regime a Halloween feel.


It’s Wednesday all you lovely people and this week’s #WISHLISTWEDNESDAY is a heads up. Because winter is coming. No, it’s not a GOT themed wishlist. Winter really is coming and we need to gather our winter cosmetic weapons! Here are the products that we are dreaming, wishing, hoping and praying to lay our hands on this week!

  1. Eminence Organics Apricot Whip Moisturizer

As beautiful and festive as winter might feel, your skin would like to disagree. Rehydrate your dry and stretchy pelt with this apricot moisturizer. Enriched with apricot juice, carrot extracts and corn germ oil, it hydrates leaving you with healthy and happy skin.Apricot-Whip-Moisturizer-216_LR

  1. Giorgio Armani Maestro Octinoxate Sunscreen

So winters might not call for a luminous well-hydrated look but a subtle tan can and has always turned heads. Available for every skin tone imaginable, Armani Maestro achieves a winter-perfect light make up while hydrating your skin at the same time._10170202

  1. Ananda Wild Rose Body Oil

Nourish yourself from head to toe with this skin nurturing body oil. Enhanced with pure essential oils of wild rose melded in rich sunflower and wheat germ oils, it moisturizes your body and leaves a scintillating trail of roses.ananc0214284

  1. Forest Essentials Luscious Lip Balm Sugared Rose Petal

Chapped lips follow close behind flaky skin when it comes to winter woes. Not anymore. Forest Essentials’ sugared lip balm replenishes and softens chapped and dull lips. A nice dab on your lips will leave them healthy and hydrated.Forest-Essentials-Sugared-Rose-Petal-Lip-Balm-5-g-9d6cdce0-5002-4bf5-bc49-9be881754257-jpg-b4c74e0b-08b7-4a4b-917e-5a97d2c9855b

  1. Hedonista Argan Hair Oil

The chilly arctic winds and dry winter leave your hair dull and damaged. Protect your tresses against the wrath of the winters with Hedonista’s healthy potion enriched with wholesome essential oils.Hedonista_Argan_Hair_Oil_1024x1024 (1)

Find us on FacebookTwitter or Instagram and share your lists with us, and the next #WISHLISTWEDNESDAY could be dedicated to you and your selection!

Product Review: L’Occitane Limited Edition Box

You read that right; we’re giving you a limited eition box loaded with L’Occitane goodies this month. It is our birthday month after all and putting up two boxes on offer is the least we could do in return for all the love and support we’ve got in the past 2 years! Find out what’s in store for you.

  1. L’Occitane Pivoine Sublime CC Cream

Net Content: 30ml

Price: INR 2,390

Enriched with peony extracts and CC pigments, this cream perfects your complexion and gives you even-toned skin. The hydrating blend is enhanced with SPF 20 to give you a luminous sheen and protect your skin against harmful cream loccitane


  1. L’Occitane Imortelle Precious Cleansing Foam

Net Content: 50ml

Price: INR 770

Containing Immortelle floral water, the cleanser lathers up gently to rid your skin of any impurities and dust particles to leave it soft and smooth with an enchanting floral trail.P (1)


  1. L’Occitane Acacia Eau De Toilette

Net Content: 7.5 ml

Price: INR 550

Prepared with a mesmerizing mélange of mimosa absolute from Grasse and Mediterranean, the fragrance is refreshing and invigorating. With strong scintillating floral notes, the potion spells out sensuous.eau de toilette loccitane

  1. L’Occitane Perfecting Cream

Net Content: 8ml

Price: INR 490

A 24-hour moisturizing balm prepared with peony extracts and miner-based corrector, the cream rehydrates and enhances your skin’s natural radiance. Bid adieu to visible pores, unwanted fine lines and blemishes with the Pivoine Sublime Perfecting Cream.

Creme Perfectrice

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10 Make Up Bag Essentials Your Kit Is Missing

Base check, rouge check, kohl check. Check, check and check! But is that all you need to look flawless? A make up bag is not just about the make up (surprise surprise!), but also about everything that goes into creating a flawless look. Yes, we are looking at you curlers and tweezers. It is important to have your basics sorted before the many tints and shades come in to create havoc. Here are 10 basics that your make up kit should contain at all times – apart from your face paints, that is.Intermediates

  1. Lash Curler

Your mascara cannot hold up the fortress on it’s own. Everybody needs a friend.54bbbc5012edd_-_hbz-makeup-essentials-2-shu-uerma-eyelash-curler-xln

  1. Moisturizer

Never start layering on your make up unless your face is flawlessly clean and moisturized. Flaky skin is an instant giveaway regardless of how expensive or spot on your make up is.c700x420

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  1. Cleanser

It’s not just the make up removing regime, but a quick cleanse can refresh your skin and unclog the suffocating pores as well.avene-gel-cleanser

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  1. Foundation Sponge

A few extra sponges are always a good idea for a quick touch or in case of unruly make up.Shiseido_The_Makeup_Sponge_Puff__Stick_Foundation__1374672792

  1. Tinted Lip Balm

Rehydrating your lips regularly is a big player in the pout game. A gentle swish and you have a juicy tinted coat.Hedonista_Choco-nut_Lip_Salve_large

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  1. Primer

Simply layering on make up might not work at times so a light layer of this magical potion can be a lifesaver.Best-primers-8-Vogue-11Oct13-pr_b_592x888

  1. Concealer

Being a lady comes it with share of acne issues and unannounced zits. Having a concealer – liquid or powder – handy at all times is your weapon to break away from such unwanted guests.Benefit-Fake-Up-Hydrating-Concealer1

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  1. Tweezers

Whether it’s for plucking out stray brow hairs, applying false lashes or putting on acrylic nails, you make up kit is incomplete without a pair of good tweezers.54bbbc4f77b3a_-_hbz-makeup-essentials-1-mehnaz-tweezers-xln

  1. Q-Tips

It’s soft, easy to maneuver and the cotton tip absorb and applies everything flawlessly, making Q-tips your man Friday when it comes to correcting spilt makeup, frayed lip color or blending in make up in delicate or difficult areas of your face, especially the eyes.q-tip-eye-400

  1. Make Up Remover Wipes

An absolute must have, the make up removing wipes gently rid you of the glamorous paint and is a way better option than soap water or even moisturizer.10562395-1320836559-667978

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5 Ways Your Lip Gloss Can Be A Life Saver

An absolute must have in every make up kit, school bag and purse, the clear gloss can masquerade as much than just a lip plumper. Here are 5 lip gloss hacks that you should have at your fingertips to make for an easy fix at all times.

  1. Brighter Eyes

Ditch your eye shadow and dab some clear gloss over your lids your instant dewy eyes that make you look younger and fresher.grooming-eyebrows


  1. Brow Tip

As much as bushy brows are in, messy and unkempt shrubs are not. Apply a quick slick over your eyebrows to manage the wild tangles.herrera-bbt-f13-0102

  1. Cuticle Cure

Give yourself a 2-minute cuticle restoration therapy. Dab a smidgen of gloss on your dry and fraying cuticles to keep them together until your next manicure.

Female hand with a cosmetic stick for cleaning cuticle - macro shot

Female hand with a cosmetic stick for cleaning cuticle – macro shot

  1. Instant Eyeliner

Ran out of eyeliner right before a party? It’s ok you don’t have to go berserk and ruin the rest of your makeup. Just mix a smidgen of your favorite eye shadow with some clear gloss and voila! You have a DIY eyeliner ready!Stylish-eye-liner-styles

  1. Dry Skin Revival

Peeling heels that can scare away the prettiest of sling backs, dry and rough elbows capable of tearing their way through even sandpaper or dry nose flaky as flaky could be, all can be put to rest with a magical daub of lip gloss!DRY-SKIN

10 Looks At The Amazon India Fashion Week That Left Us Misty Eyed

The Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI) in association with Amazon India and Maybelline New York just wrapped up 5 days of a prodigal fashion parade – The Amazon India Fashion Week S/S ’16. 5 days of stylish ramp swaggering, trendy doohickeys and high heels have left us in awe of the fashion industry. And here are the top 10 awe-inspiring sightings at the AIFW S/S ’16 ramp.

  1. Ashish N Soni

As a part of the magnum opus grand finale, Born in Benaras, the designer went all out on the sheen factor. He hewed a silk two-piece in the form of a prince coat and Mid T-length flared skirt in gold styled with a pair of dark glasses and lace ups.ashish n soni

  1. Poonam Dubey

Poonam Dubey brought cottons and prints to life by merging them with contemporary elements and embellishments. This look with it’s somber dhoti pant teamed with a printed Guajarati kedia that prided itself with a ruffled neck was a keeper.poonam dubey

  1. AnaMika by Anamika Khanna

The designer had us at the boho drapes teamed with the casual styling. This look is the gist of AnaMika with its drapes ,subtle details and the shoulder patch. Accessorized with high ankle white sneakers and a beaded bracelet, this look spelled out sporty chic.


  1. IKAI by Ragini Ahuja

We are drooling all over this look not just because of our soft spot for denim but also because of tat oversized silver shirt with its floral print and lace trims. The cherry on this stylish icing is are the tan leather brogues with pop orange laces. Pop orange!ikai

  1. Abraham & Thakore

Another breath taker at the Grand Finale was this flared skirt topped with the silk blouse by Abraham & Thakore. Dipped in shades of nude, the silk patches and the brocade shirt pockets was all the accessory this look required.abraham & thakore

  1. ATSU by Atsu Sekhose

The range boasted of vibrant brocades teamed with solid silks. Another character of the Born in Benaras story, the look with its long open front jacket tied at the waist with a violet silk stole with a plain claret silk trouser underneath brought the vivacity of Benaras to the ramp.atsu

  1. Anupama Dayal

Anupama Dayal brought the ramp to life with breezy fabrics and bright tussels. This look with its printed wrap around layered with an assymetric boho gown is everything you need this summer.anupama dayal

  1. Rishta by Arjun Saluja

Arjun Saluja’s contribution to AIFW S/S 16’s Grand Finale was this simple and elegant long asymmetric silk kurta in muted gold. Paired with a black churidar and a trail of jasmines around the ankle jazzed up the look.rishta

  1. Nida Mahmood

We’ll do whatever it takes to lay our hands on this look and those sneakers that scream out summer. A laid back look with printed V-neck blouse paired with a matching pair of capris in peach made our eyes pop – just like the palette. The extravagant styling with an animated headgear and pop glasses put Mahmood’s stamp on this one.nida mahmood

  1. Samant Chauhan

With an abundance of strong, structured silhouettes and flood of beautiful white capes, Samant Chauhan nailed it and this look tells you just how! Chauhan played with flamboyant pleats that were accented by the underlying red. A tailored top with delicate threadwork complemented the skirt and a graphic clutch completed the look.Samant Chauhan

Celebrity Make Up Expert Elton J Fernandez Picks Out The Hottest Beauty Trends for #MyEnvyBox

An award winning make up artist and hair stylist, Elton J Fernandez has made the who’s who of tinsel town look divalicious. With tremendous accolades like Maybelline New York’s Make Up Expert, Elle India’s October ’15 Cover – yes, both of them – and the current Amazon India Fashion Week S/S ’16 to his name, the make up guru made a pit stop to drop off a few tips for us. Here are this season’s top beauty looks that you should be flaunting.

  1. Luminous Skin

Going light on the concealers and highlighting various areas of your face is what the expert swears by this season. A little sheen on the cheekbones, temples and the bridge of your nose and you’re good to go!

  1. Full Brows

“It (full brows) doesn’t mean bushy but those who have it, flaunt it”, says Fernandez. The trick is to keep the brows well groomed and brushed upwards to bring out the fullness of those thick arches.

  1. Graphic Liner

With the focus lying away from the brim of your eyelids, the trick is to play around the lids or even let it stray a bit under the brows to create a graphic and bold effect. Go all out and ditch the black liner for a more animated statement.

  1. Soft Lips

“Almost fruit bitten and on-the-go” is what your pout should be like according to Elton. It’s an effortless and subdued color play so put away the lip liners and lip pencils. Just put on a dash of your favorite lip stain, dab it around a bit with your fingers and you’re done!