10 Make Up Bag Essentials Your Kit Is Missing

Base check, rouge check, kohl check. Check, check and check! But is that all you need to look flawless? A make up bag is not just about the make up (surprise surprise!), but also about everything that goes into creating a flawless look. Yes, we are looking at you curlers and tweezers. It is important to have your basics sorted before the many tints and shades come in to create havoc. Here are 10 basics that your make up kit should contain at all times – apart from your face paints, that is.Intermediates

  1. Lash Curler

Your mascara cannot hold up the fortress on it’s own. Everybody needs a friend.54bbbc5012edd_-_hbz-makeup-essentials-2-shu-uerma-eyelash-curler-xln

  1. Moisturizer

Never start layering on your make up unless your face is flawlessly clean and moisturized. Flaky skin is an instant giveaway regardless of how expensive or spot on your make up is.c700x420

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  1. Cleanser

It’s not just the make up removing regime, but a quick cleanse can refresh your skin and unclog the suffocating pores as well.avene-gel-cleanser

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  1. Foundation Sponge

A few extra sponges are always a good idea for a quick touch or in case of unruly make up.Shiseido_The_Makeup_Sponge_Puff__Stick_Foundation__1374672792

  1. Tinted Lip Balm

Rehydrating your lips regularly is a big player in the pout game. A gentle swish and you have a juicy tinted coat.Hedonista_Choco-nut_Lip_Salve_large

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  1. Primer

Simply layering on make up might not work at times so a light layer of this magical potion can be a lifesaver.Best-primers-8-Vogue-11Oct13-pr_b_592x888

  1. Concealer

Being a lady comes it with share of acne issues and unannounced zits. Having a concealer – liquid or powder – handy at all times is your weapon to break away from such unwanted guests.Benefit-Fake-Up-Hydrating-Concealer1

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  1. Tweezers

Whether it’s for plucking out stray brow hairs, applying false lashes or putting on acrylic nails, you make up kit is incomplete without a pair of good tweezers.54bbbc4f77b3a_-_hbz-makeup-essentials-1-mehnaz-tweezers-xln

  1. Q-Tips

It’s soft, easy to maneuver and the cotton tip absorb and applies everything flawlessly, making Q-tips your man Friday when it comes to correcting spilt makeup, frayed lip color or blending in make up in delicate or difficult areas of your face, especially the eyes.q-tip-eye-400

  1. Make Up Remover Wipes

An absolute must have, the make up removing wipes gently rid you of the glamorous paint and is a way better option than soap water or even moisturizer.10562395-1320836559-667978

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