5 Ways To Soothe Your Skin After Waxing

Being a girl with vanities is not easy. Specially is you’re on the slightly fuzzier side. Everything has to be properly trimmed, threaded, shaved and waxed. Waxing in particular is a rather painful way of keeping yourself “fuzz-free”. Not saying that it’s the best but it does allow you to have a soft flawless top layer for weeks. But that too comes with a cost – the skin irritation (and sometimes even rashes, ouch!) that follows. Here are 5 ways to calm down and soothe your skin after waxing.

  1. Aloe Vera Gel

The flag bearer of skin soothers, aloe vera gel or any form of aloe vera extract is excellent for bringing down the post-waxing irritation. Refrigerate your gel for further calming effects.tumblr_lz8rocxEtt1qieyfc

  1. Cold Water Or Ice

Probably the easiest trick in the book to relax your skin, ice or cold water can be magical when it comes to relieving pain and discomfort. Just wet a cloth or throw in some ice and you’re good.Ice-cubes-001

  1. Grape Seed Oil

The oil hydrates the skin and heals any scars or inflammations that might have popped up post waxing.diy-dare-week-071

  1. Tea Tree Oil

Or Vitamin E oil, bot happen to be skin soothers after the painful peel fest.tea tree 254x254

  1. Topical Treatment

Consult a skin specialist or a beauty expert and pick out the ointment that best suits your skin type for bringing down redness and rashes.creams-and-lotions

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