Month: December 2015

5 New Year Resolutions For The Determined Diva

So it’s finally here, this year’s last Wednesday. It’s about time you start practicing writing dates with 2016 at the end. And while you’re at it here are a few more things you should get into the habit of this year.


  1. Maintain A Regime

Spare your face of all the heavy paints while you snooze. Get into the habit of keeping your skin happy and healthy. Use better products, hydrate and pamper it!308f5de5920f426ea88ebda29b0da26b_answer_5_xlarge


  1. Try A New Style

Not only is it a good practice to refresh your closet every once in a while but it is also a great habit to try on something that sits outside of your comfort zone. For example that dress you thought wasn’t your color, length or size? Just shut your brain and buy it.n-SUNGLASSES-large570


  1. Organize

So more often than not you just can’t find the clothes that you’re looking for. There is a reason! Your wardrobe spells out mayhem and it’s about time we put on the OCD hat for a bit.5682bb34190000190178abd4


  1. Revamp Your Underpinnings

Believe it or not, but a good pair of underclothes can do wonders to boost your confidence. Let’s throw out that tattered grandma undies for some new ones, shall we now?


  1. Be Adventurous

Remember that unused square on your make up palette? And that lip color that suddenly changed shade on its way home? Well, 2016 would be a great time to take the leap and amaze yourself with some beauty adventures. Go ahead, sport a brilliant fuchsia pout, chop off s little of those locks and slap on teal eye shadow!

Because, why not!59afe4d9866c83ad8a99e4cc853776a6


6 Looks To Don This Party Season

It is uber important that not only your LBD and stilts but also you hair and make up are on point when you’re headed ta a party. And what better a reason than New Year to celebrate?

2015 saw a hoard of trends and looks that swarmed the tabloids and daily feeds. Envy Box picks out the 6 best looks for you to turn heads with at the next party.


  1. Dusky Dame

Playing with the darker tones and shades, this look ditches the vibrant lip stains and peachy blushes. Opt for the sultry noirs and smoky eyes.demilovato_glamour_23nov15_GettyImages_b_540x810


  1. Bare & Beautiful

A lot like this year’s much loved ‘nude’ trend, this look is all for the natural powders and bases. Illuminate your face with the right contouring tricks and jazz it up with a bold element – lips, eyes anything!Amber-Heard_glamour_30nov15_getty_b


  1. Shimmery Splendor

This style spells out party with all the shimmer and shine. Shine bright like a diamond at the party with a nice gel based shimmer eye shadow and a bold lip color. Add some drama to your attire with a jazzy hair do.rita-ora_glamour_27nov15_insta_b_b_540x810


  1. Glossy Glam

Be the jaw dropping diva at the party with this classic party look. Get your glossy lip stains, rosy rouge and mascara out. Accentuate your frame with wavy curls or side swept tresses. You can never dab on enough lip gloss with this one!img4a86d2a85a4fc9b7e2c80627b9d53f6e


  1. Sleek Chic

Be the tidy and clean party animal with a sleek hair do with strong illuminated eyes and a nude lip color. Pick a bronzer and save the rouge for some other time. Accessorize with a statement ear cuff and you’re good to go!Gigi-Hadid2_glamour_22jun15_GettyImages_b_540x810


  1. Boho Belle

This one’s for the chicas who’d rather spend time picking out their poison at the bar than pick out the correct pair of heels. Go all out and deck yourself up with vibrant colors, feathers, flowers, headgears and accessories. Because why not!tumblr_mw0opt4gco1qa70eyo1_500

5 Pageant Moments That’ll Have You Rolling On The Floor

Every dreamy belle once in her childhood, teens and life thinks of strutting down a stage in a lush gown while thousands cheer on. For some these dreams come true, for some it doesn’t while there is a whole category of people for whom this dream becomes a nightmare. Here are five of the most embarrassing pageant moments.

SPOILER ALERT: No bikini malfunctions and falls ahead. Just grown up gibberish, sorry!


  1. Utah Babble – Miss USA 2013

Remember those ‘jumbled sentences’ that we solved in school? This prolific answer by a Miss USA contestant from Utah will remind you of just that. Once you’re done laughing, that is.


  1. Seriously South Carolina? – Miss Teen USA 2007

So why do you think a chunk of Americans can’t locate the USA on a map, one of the judges asked. And whoosh came a flood of gibberish that went like “I believe…education…people don’t have maps, gibberish, South Africa and Iraq, blabber blabber, to help US should help the US”. Umm, sure!


  1. Beauty or Brains? – Binibining Pilipinas Pageant 2006

The question was simple and so was this contestant’s answer. On being asked whether she’d have brains over beauty or beauty over brains, the contestant proved that she was a vanity slave and went for beauty because brains, what’s that?


  1. To Subject or Not? – Miss USA 2014

On being asked about her views on USA’s policy on leaving no soldier behind, Louisiana went, well, kaput. Dear judge, it’s bad enough that these chicas have to strut down a colossal stage in bikinis and gowns just for a sash and tiara, why make it worse by asking such questions?


  1. Crown Error – Miss Universe 2015

This one is the most recent gem in the crown, will have Columbian beauty crying herself to sleep for months to come. Host Steve Harvey announced the wrong winner and after minutes of cheers and claps the crown was taken away from Columbia and given to Philippines. Ouch!


5 Divas And Their Winter Beauty Secrets

As comforting as your fuzzy duvet and hot cocoa might be, the sight of dead flaky skin sucks the beauty out of winter. So we thought we’d turn to some flawless skinned divas for winter skin advice. Here’s what they do to maintain their fabulous glow even in the winter months.


  1. Taylor Swift

The gorgeous vocalist vouches by Argan oil, for her silky tresses and supple skin, even in the driest and coldest weathers. Well the oil definitely gets Swift ‘Back To December’ with a glow every year!


  1. Deepika Padukone

The Bollywood starlet never fails to take away our breath with that perfection. With cleaning, cleansing and moisturizing routine on point, Deepika swears by Hot Coconut Oil for an enviable mane.


  1. Kylie Minogue

You know your skin is flawless when it makes you look atleast a decade younger! Singing sensation Kylie will blow you away with her humble little skin secret. She uses the Pond’s Moisturizing Cold Cream to keep dead skin and wrinkles away.


  1. Priyanka Chopra

Ever wondered how Piggy Chops manages to always be pout perfect while we are clattering away in the frigid months? Her secret lies in all our fridges – fresh milk cream. The actor owes those picture perfect lips to fresh milk cream and Body Shop’s Born Lippy Balm.


  1. Leighton Meester

A Waldorf can never risk being seen with dull and sad skin and neither can a Meester. Leighton keeps her skin young and happy with the healing powers of products by La Roche Posay.

5 Hacks To Prolong Your Make Up’s Shelf Life

Just how much make up can one possibly slap on in a span of three months – which is how much a cosmetic lasts on an average. Given that you should toss it out to prevent yourself from coming in contact with microscopic germs that may have mushroomed on it, what do you do with make up products you use once or twice in months? Here’s what.


  1. Refrigerate

Similar to food items, our make up too stays fresh and usable longer when stored in cold and dry places. And what is a better cold and dry place than a fridge?398-natio-cosmetic-range


  1. Renew

Applicators are the only portion of a product that comes in direct contact with our skin, which increases their chances of gathering germs. Hence it is a good practice to replace applicators such as brushes, blenders, etc.


  1. Breaking Good

If you use a powder base foundation or eye shadow or cakes of the same, you’ll know the pain of crumbling pellets. But here’s what you can do. Crush the cake completely into a powder and set it again. Add a few drops of alcohol, let it dry and voila!227635381


  1. Tone Up

Oil based foundation can separate from the pigment, but simply shaking them well mixes the ingredients back again making it good to use. But in the case of water-based foundations, the water evaporates leaving behind a thick formula. Simply add a few drops of toner to it and you’re good to go!0199d0dd66a36b562ff55f7ba14ee613


  1. Cleanse

Healthy as it is to renew make up applicators and products, it also practical to regularly wipe your brushes and tube/bottle openings with some alcohol. This rids your cosmetics of any possible bacterial accumulation.Chanel

6 Christmas Crackers You Can Give The Beauty Lover

It’s safe to say that almost all of us are, in a way, beauty lovers (yeah, like you don’t practically feed your skin moisturizer in winters and SPF in the summers). But then there are beauty worshippers who’d be able to tell you the difference between highlight and contour. Here are some Christmas crackers for those very devotees.

Move over candies, these make up products are here to take your place in some fancy decked up crackers!


  1. No7 Cracker Collection 

The No7 cracker box comes loaded with six vibrant crackers each stocked with either a lip balm or a nail color. And of course, the festive crown.No7-Beauty-Cracker


  1. Clarins Christmas Cracker

Gift your friend this beautifully done up golden cracker and watch how their Christmas gets better with a selection of Clarins’ best – a Beauty Flash Balm, the mini Rouge Eclat Lipstick and their signature Wonder perfect mascara.clarins_1


  1. Baylis & Harding Sweet Mandarin & Grapefruit Luxury Crackers 

Baylis & Harding have done up their crackers in shimmer and metallic and living up to the beauty are its contents. Each cracker comes loaded with either a body lotion or wash.Baylis-Harding-Crackers


  1. Molton Brown Fiery Pink Pepper Cracker

If your friend loves a good splash of pink and rosy, this is the perfect gift for them. Encased with a Molton Brown Pink Pepperpod Replenishing hand Cream, Body Wash and Nourishing Body Lotion, the Molton Brown cracker is a dream come true.moltonbrown


  1. Sanctuary Surprises 

Sanctuary Spa sticks to the name and has packed up the gift box with four quirky crackers for the spa addict. The set contains a Cleansing Burst Body wash, Silky Smooth Body lotion, Green Lemon & Orange Blossom Body Wash and a White Lily & Damask rose Body wash.croppedsanctuary_surprises_box


  1. Fake Bake 5 Minutes Christmas Gift Cracker 

Be someone’s make up Santa this holiday season with this Fake Bake cracker. The box prides itself with a full-sized bottle of the 5 Minute Mousse, a sweltering bronzer and a brush!Fake-Bake-Cracker

5 Ways To Accessorize Your Tresses This Party Season

As the holidays are getting closer, the events on your calendar are increasing. With your dress and shoes already picked out at multiple store windows, have you anything in mind for those locks? If not then these hair styling tips will help you deck up this winter without looking like a Christmas tree.


  1. The Gold Leaf

This hair trend has been trending on social media for some time now so lets take it to the dance floor, shall we? This tutorial helps you put together a beautiful headband adorned with golden leaves along with cute golden hairclips!


  1. The Boho Beanie

Now, Blair Waldorf would totally banish you from the Upper East Side for fashioning one of these but this is agreeably the hottest way to look effortlessly chic for a casual house party!


  1. The Bow Tie

So this one might require sneaking out some old ties from your dad or beau’s closet but it’s worth it. Style your hair with one of these cute bow ties to strut through the party season like a fashionista!


  1. The Fascinator

Who said fascinators are just for royal weddings? Grab some craft foam and lace to swank up your look with this statement hair accessory!


  1. The Prom Hair

Turn up the heat this winter with these elegant and sweltering hair accessories. All you need is some craft items, a glue gun and seamless creativity!

7 Everyday Habits That Are Messing Up Your Skin

We all know that sleeping with all those layers of make up on and popping zits screws up our natural beauty and glow but did you know that these five daily habits also fall in your skin’s enemy category?


  1. Cotton Pillowcases

Skin experts state that burying your face in the pillow while getting your beauty sleep is actually a paradox because the friction can cause trauma to your skin, including permanent creases as our collagen breaks down. Nope, not even your hundred dollars worth of Egyptian cotton cases will spare your skin!3c5e599766025661409b76838ced69cb.526x296x1


  1. Too Much Cell Phone-ing

Apart from the bacteria accumulated on the phone, the long pressing of the skin against the gadget traps in the oil that leads to acne. Next time consider going hands free or on speaker.talking-on-phone


  1. Drinking Coffee

You must sleep but to jolt yourself back to life, you can’t have coffee. Because, beauty. Caffeine allegedly dehydrates your skin and can act as a wrinkle magnifier. Either cut it out from your diet (ouch!) or simply balance it out by drinking plety of fluids enhanced with natural flavors from fruits.young-brunette-enjoying-cup-of-coffee


  1. Wearing Dirty Glasses

The bacteria monster strikes again! Anything that comes in contact with your face must be cleaned thoroughly to avoid any bacteria that build up on the object from entering your pores.n-SUNGLASSES-large570


  1. Squinting & Frowning

Squinting and frowning causes facial muscles to move a lot and this leads to unwanted frown lines and wrinkled skin. Same goes for scrunching and pouting (a.k.a. duck face).squinting-and-frowning


  1. Long Hot Showers

While steamy showers are the best ever stress releasers, they also devoid your skin of its outermost layer of the epidermis, which can cause scaly and dry skin. So don’t stand under the warm water while your skin withers away. Step out in time.Hot-shower-is-bad-for-your-skin


  1. OD-ing on Sugar

When you consume too much sugar, it harms the collagen cushioned in your skin, leaving you with sag. Counter your sugar cravings with natural sources like fruits and organic juices.treat



It’s Wednesday all you lovely people and this week’s #WISHLISTWEDNESDAY is high on the contrast – we’re giving our make up product kits a touch of noir. No, it’s not an emo wishlist. But experimenting with a black pout here and a dusky wink there sound fun! Here are the products that we are dreaming, wishing, hoping and praying to lay our hands on this week!


  1. Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour 

#631 Orage

More like a midnight blue, the nail color is the perfect balance between vamp and chic. The solution is formaldehyde-free, toluene-free and DBP-free to leave your nails looking shiny without any harm.S159631_XLARGE


  1. Givenchy Noir Couture Mascara

#1 Black Satin

The 4 in 1 mascara by Givenchy creates intense volume, strong curl, infinite length, and ensures complete lash care. So flutter those heavy lids away while the mascara revitalizes and fortifies your lashes!s1442607-main-hero-300


  1. MAC Cremesheen Lipstick

Black Night

This sultry lip stain does not require any other shade or hue on your face. A bold product, the black lipstick by MAC with red and gold pearl gives your lips a lustrous finish with lasting color.mac_sku_MCF31P_640x600_0


  1. Tom Ford Noir Double Decker Eye Color

Night Sky

With a hint of shimmer, the two cream an powder based formulas can work together and on their own as well. The cream color gives the lids a luminous and solid finish whereas a dust of the powder gives the eyes a glam makeover.NMC1VYE_mk


  1. NARS Velvet Shadow Stick


Drench your eyes in this dark shade of the velver shadow stick. The products can act as a base or glide over and complete your look. Pair it with some smokey powder shadow or simply wear it alone.nars


Find us on FacebookTwitter or Instagram and share your lists with us, and the next #WISHLISTWEDNESDAY could be dedicated to you and your selection!

Health Benefits Of Your Favorite Spirits

More often than not we come across the unhealthy cons of indulging in alcohol that isn’t wine. But allow us to be the boozy devil’s advocate here and introduce you to some of the eyebrow raising health benefits of your favourite bottled djinns (when taken in moderation, of course).


  1. Vodka

A proven fact about vodka states that if applied on the forehead, chest and legs of a patient suffering from high fever, the body temperature shows a marked difference!Shot-of-vodka


  1. Beer

This golden brewed liquid has more than one health advantage. The high fiber content not only makes digestion smoother but also its silicone content strengthens the bones by increasing the density. Studies reveal that people who consume beer in moderate amounts are less prone to fractures.beer_10


  1. Gin

Apart from the antioxidants, gin is also rich in juniper berries that help maintain smooth wrinkle-free skin by boosting cell regeneration. A lot of people also swear by consuming raisins soaked in gin to prevent inflammation.



  1. Rum

Taking numbers into account, rum contains about 230 calories per 100 grams which means that the spirit contains zero carbs or fats. Consuming rum in moderate amounts can also increase an average human being’s lifespan by 2-5 years.




  1. Whisky

Whisky consists of ‘ellagic acid’, an antioxidant known to prevent DNA from coming in contact with cancer causing compounds like nitrosamines and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. The alcohol also protects the body against damage during chemotherapy.bourbon-better-than-vodka-ftr