5 Ways To Accessorize Your Tresses This Party Season

As the holidays are getting closer, the events on your calendar are increasing. With your dress and shoes already picked out at multiple store windows, have you anything in mind for those locks? If not then these hair styling tips will help you deck up this winter without looking like a Christmas tree.


  1. The Gold Leaf

This hair trend has been trending on social media for some time now so lets take it to the dance floor, shall we? This tutorial helps you put together a beautiful headband adorned with golden leaves along with cute golden hairclips!


  1. The Boho Beanie

Now, Blair Waldorf would totally banish you from the Upper East Side for fashioning one of these but this is agreeably the hottest way to look effortlessly chic for a casual house party!


  1. The Bow Tie

So this one might require sneaking out some old ties from your dad or beau’s closet but it’s worth it. Style your hair with one of these cute bow ties to strut through the party season like a fashionista!


  1. The Fascinator

Who said fascinators are just for royal weddings? Grab some craft foam and lace to swank up your look with this statement hair accessory!


  1. The Prom Hair

Turn up the heat this winter with these elegant and sweltering hair accessories. All you need is some craft items, a glue gun and seamless creativity!

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