5 Pageant Moments That’ll Have You Rolling On The Floor

Every dreamy belle once in her childhood, teens and life thinks of strutting down a stage in a lush gown while thousands cheer on. For some these dreams come true, for some it doesn’t while there is a whole category of people for whom this dream becomes a nightmare. Here are five of the most embarrassing pageant moments.

SPOILER ALERT: No bikini malfunctions and falls ahead. Just grown up gibberish, sorry!


  1. Utah Babble – Miss USA 2013

Remember those ‘jumbled sentences’ that we solved in school? This prolific answer by a Miss USA contestant from Utah will remind you of just that. Once you’re done laughing, that is.


  1. Seriously South Carolina? – Miss Teen USA 2007

So why do you think a chunk of Americans can’t locate the USA on a map, one of the judges asked. And whoosh came a flood of gibberish that went like “I believe…education…people don’t have maps, gibberish, South Africa and Iraq, blabber blabber, to help US should help the US”. Umm, sure!


  1. Beauty or Brains? – Binibining Pilipinas Pageant 2006

The question was simple and so was this contestant’s answer. On being asked whether she’d have brains over beauty or beauty over brains, the contestant proved that she was a vanity slave and went for beauty because brains, what’s that?


  1. To Subject or Not? – Miss USA 2014

On being asked about her views on USA’s policy on leaving no soldier behind, Louisiana went, well, kaput. Dear judge, it’s bad enough that these chicas have to strut down a colossal stage in bikinis and gowns just for a sash and tiara, why make it worse by asking such questions?


  1. Crown Error – Miss Universe 2015

This one is the most recent gem in the crown, will have Columbian beauty crying herself to sleep for months to come. Host Steve Harvey announced the wrong winner and after minutes of cheers and claps the crown was taken away from Columbia and given to Philippines. Ouch!


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