5 New Year Resolutions For The Determined Diva

So it’s finally here, this year’s last Wednesday. It’s about time you start practicing writing dates with 2016 at the end. And while you’re at it here are a few more things you should get into the habit of this year.


  1. Maintain A Regime

Spare your face of all the heavy paints while you snooze. Get into the habit of keeping your skin happy and healthy. Use better products, hydrate and pamper it!308f5de5920f426ea88ebda29b0da26b_answer_5_xlarge


  1. Try A New Style

Not only is it a good practice to refresh your closet every once in a while but it is also a great habit to try on something that sits outside of your comfort zone. For example that dress you thought wasn’t your color, length or size? Just shut your brain and buy it.n-SUNGLASSES-large570


  1. Organize

So more often than not you just can’t find the clothes that you’re looking for. There is a reason! Your wardrobe spells out mayhem and it’s about time we put on the OCD hat for a bit.5682bb34190000190178abd4


  1. Revamp Your Underpinnings

Believe it or not, but a good pair of underclothes can do wonders to boost your confidence. Let’s throw out that tattered grandma undies for some new ones, shall we now?


  1. Be Adventurous

Remember that unused square on your make up palette? And that lip color that suddenly changed shade on its way home? Well, 2016 would be a great time to take the leap and amaze yourself with some beauty adventures. Go ahead, sport a brilliant fuchsia pout, chop off s little of those locks and slap on teal eye shadow!

Because, why not!59afe4d9866c83ad8a99e4cc853776a6


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