Month: January 2016

Barbie Got A Reality Check & Made It To The Cover Of TIME

For time immemorial Mattel’s signature doll, Barbie, has been romanticized with that pop culture, perfect hourglass figure and of course, plastic beauty. The doll saw a complete body transformation when Y2K hit and thinks kind of got worse.

Even though a majority of young kids have spent afternoons together picking out shoes, dresses and accessories for the doll, it has also been shamed as setting unreal standards for the female body and hated as a brand name that did not live up to the decree of a ‘toy brand’.

Additionally, Barbie dolls even saw major slump of 20% in sales during 2012-14, owing to its negative image in the society and market. But all that’s about to change now.



Getting Real

Mattel has given one of its best-selling and most popular toys a reality check and released three new body shapes for the doll. Not only have people received this change in Barbie, but the doll also made it to the cover of the mush coveted TIME magazine.

Along with being a massive move for the brand and the doll, the company can only hope that this change does not backfire. In the article, author Eliana Dockterman writes: “Adding three new body types now is sure to irritate someone: just picking out the terms petite, tall and curvy, and translating them into dozens of languages without causing offense, took months. And like me, girls will strip curvy Barbie and try to put original Barbie’s clothes on her or swap the skirts of petite and tall.

“Not everything will Velcro shut. Fits will be thrown, exasperated moms will call Mattel. The company is setting up a separate help line just to deal with Project Dawn complaints”, she adds.


Image Source: TIME

But lets face it, what’s a decision without faults and what’s a pro without cons? Sticking to the classic figure was clearly off the table.


Keeping Up With The Kardashian & Others

Also, Mattel’s abovementioned decision couldn’t have come at a better time than this when American – or rather global – standards of beauty are seeing a shift. Curvy celebs including the likes of Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian have taken social media by storm, while divas like Adele and Lena Dunham are proudly embracing their “non ideal” figures.


Image Source: Kenji Aoki for TIME

Collectively, the transformation gives Barbie a variety of diverse looks that better reflect 21st century. To keep the work secret, Mattel officials code-named it “Project Dawn”, so that even their families wouldn’t know that the doll was undergoing the most dramatic body transformation in her 57 year record.

The new body shapes will be sold online starting January 28th at and will appear in retail stores later in 2016.

Did Mattel do the right thing? Which Barbie would you pick classic or revamped? Read the full article by TIME here and let us know what you think.


It’s Wednesday all you lovely people and this week’s #WISHLISTWEDNESDAY is high on hopes for an early spring. So defrost all your kits and get ready to add some fresh new summer products to them. Here are the products that we are dreaming, wishing, hoping and praying to lay our hands on this season!


  1. No7 Airbrush Away Foundation

The ultra light consistency of this foundation smoothens out your skin flawlessly without sitting in unevenness, wrinkles and enlarged pores. The bottle features a dropper making sure that you never squeeze out too much of the foundation because just a few drops can cover your whole face.No7-Airbrush-Away-Foundation


  1. Maybelline Color Sensational Vivid Matte Liquid

There’s nothing like a sultry matte pout, but our lips could take a break from the dry and parched sensation. Maybelline’s Matte Liquid does just that – provides an unmatched flat finish while staying creamy and soft on the lips.Maybelline-Color-Sensational-Vivid-Matte-Liquid


  1. Shu Uemura Color Lustre Dry Cleaner

Putting your head under water in the morning can be painful, time-consuming and at times harsh for the hair. Hence, dry shampoo. But if you’ve peppered on dry shampoo only to look like you have dandruff (ew!), this product is for you. This water-free spray sprigs out a clear solution (sans chalky deposit) and cleanses away scalp oils, making your tresses look healthy.Shu-Uemura-Color-Lustre-Dry-Cleaner


  1. NARS Cosmetics Velvet Matte Skin Tint SPF 30

Get ready to click some flawless #nofilter selfies this summer with the sheer-to-medium coverage foundation by NARS. Available in 12 shades, the oil-free, lightweight formula won’t congest your complexion and the rose fruit extracts keep unwanted shine away.Nars-Cosmetics-Velvet-Matte-Skin-Tint-SPF-30


  1. L’Occitane Shea Butter Soothing Fluid

This moisturizing fluid breaks away from the notion that a product comprising Shea butter has to be thick and creamy. The soothing hydrator is super lightweight and sits gently on your skin whilst working magic on it.LOccitane-Shea-Butter-Soothing-Fluid


Find us on FacebookTwitter or Instagram and share your lists with us, and the next #WISHLISTWEDNESDAY could be dedicated to you and your selection!


5 DIY Make Up Removers To Kiss Your Skin Goodnight

It’s painful enough that one has to invest in quality cosmetics to look their best, but putting in an additional fortune to take all that paint off can be downright brutal. So save your pocket that hole and get concocting these quick and simple potions to remove your make up before you get that beauty sleep.


  1. Baby Soap & Coconut Oil

You know you’re doing something right for your skin when there is lots of coconut oil. Additionally, the baby soap works like a charm and is super gentle on the skin too.


  1. Aloe & Olive

This concoction is soap-free and naturally moisturizes your skin while taking off the make up. The olive oil cleanses your pores and the aloe rehydrates your skin. Perfect, isn’t it?


  1. Vaseline & Essential Oil

Get rid of the intense cosmetic paint without much tugging and rubbing with this DIY blend. All you need is some good ol’ Vaseline, good amounts of aloe vera gel and a dash of essential oil. And voila!


  1. Rose Water & Olive Oil

Feel like royalty as you pamper your skin with this rose-petal induced make up remover. The added olive oil and rose petal extracts battle off inflammations and plumps up your skin.


  1. Cucumber & Milk

If you have acne-prone skin, this is you go-to make up remover. The mix doesn’t use any oil and is ideal to use on sensitive or oily skin as well. Also, the milk rejuvenates the skin while the cucumber cools it down effortlessly.

Here’s Why Sephora Wants To Help Kickstart Women-Lead Beauty Start Ups

Despite the beauty section majorly being flocked by female customers, the beauty industry sees only a handful of brands founded by women. But Sephora wants to help change that.

The beauty magnate has come up with a special training program called Sephora Accelerate to assist women looking to seed their own beauty enterprises.

Corrie Conrad, head of social impact at Sephora, explained: “Even in the beauty industry, where most customers are women, female founders are still underrepresented. We see a unique opportunity to draw from our history of working with entrepreneurs to build a supportive community for early-stage female founders.”banner9

The program commences with a week-long boot camp where founders will be helped in creating their own business model and growth plan. The participants will also be assisted in working on their market analysis and funding strategy.

Additionally, Sephora will also help founders design and strategize their products and introduce them to a guide from the industry. Chosen founders will be bestowed with $2,500 and are also entitled for extra funding in the future.sephora3


Although the applications for this year are closed, we have our fingers crossed for a reappearance soon.

So what are you waiting for? That idea you had in your head, get working on it and who knows? You could be the next big name in the industry!

5 Wearables That Have Bridged The Gap Between Tech And Beauty

The latest trend being spotted in the health and beauty arena is L’Oreal’s stretchable skin sensor designed to monitor ultraviolet light exposure via a wearable called My UV Patch. With a late 2016 release slated, is this the start of futuristic beauty?

The exciting part is that the brainiacs over at L’Oreal are not the only ones experimenting with wearable technology. Many scientists and experts have started putting their minds into it as well. Here are some of their hobbyhorses.


  1. Digital Deodrant

Last year, Google was granted the patent for a “digital deodorant”, which is a teeny wearable fan equipped with odor-sensing machinery. The gadget emits a gush of deodorizer the moment it detects a foul whiff. Here’s the really interesting bit, the user would also be notified about the stench via social media along with an alternate GPS routes to avoid walking by friends with sound olfactory powers.

Eventhough, the fact whether the company will pursue the idea further is unknown, how many public transport-using takers for this gadget?Shirt-fan-full


  1. Conductive Ink

Skin-safe conductive ink, which uses carbon particles to transmit minute electric currents (yikes!) across the surface of the skin, has been here for quite some time now. Among many others testing the invention, software design company Chaotic Moon Studios has crafted temporary tattoos that can monitor health info.

Wonder what’ll happen if we shed a tear, sweat or worse, if it rains?841f2947676447c440fb73ec699a16ca


  1. Moisturizer Patch

Scholars at the Northwestern University and University of Illinois have devised a skin patch that monitors temperature changes at the skin’s surface. These changes can indicate changes in blood flow rate, which can give insight into skin hydration levels. The patch is made of 3,600 tiny liquid crystals on a stretchable substrate.

Although, unlike the digital deodorant the patch will not secrete moisturizer or spray anything, the crystals change color as temperature shifts, and an algorithm translates the data, in turn letting you know when your skin needs tonic.image (2)


  1. Conductive Fake Nails

Brazilian computer scientist Katia Vega likes a healthy dose of beauty with science. Her Beauty Tech Nails are fake fingernails implanted with radio frequency identification chips that can activate various electronics. Although, the product will not be on the market yet, her research is likely to fuel numerous other innovations.nails.jpg__800x0_q85_crop


  1. My UV Patch

So your sunscreen prides itself with an SPF 10,000? That’s great. How do you know it’s working, though? Probably the sun requires double the SPF you’ve slapped on. And maybe you’ll end up with nasty sunburns. Not anymore (hopefully). My UV Patch from L’Oréal contains photosensitive dyes that change color when exposed to UV rays. The ballyhooed heart-shaped adhesive patch is about one square inch in size and half the thickness of a strand of hair. It monitors the user’s skin tone and can be worn beneath sunscreen. The patch will be available in the market later this year.picture_photo_171a42

P.S. The companies suggest this will not be the only beauty wearable to come out of the partnership. So you might actually lay your hands on the digital deo and gift it to that friend you think is actually a pig in disguise. Amen to that.

6 DIY Facial Scrubs To Exfoliate Your Skin

Face washes, packs, facials, creams and peel-offs are all good but what your pores really yearn for is a good scrub every once in a while. And what’s better than a chemical-free au naturale exfoliator? Use these methods to whip up a rehydrating face exfoliator at home. Trust us, the clogged pores will thank you for this!


  1. Coffee Coconut

Take 1 tablespoon of coffee grounds (not powder) and mix it with 2 tablespoons of coconut oil. Apply it on the desired area and rinse off. The coffee coconut scrub brightens up and refreshes your skin by doing away with dead skin, leaving it softer. Also, the coffee ground can help melt away unwanted cellulite!coconut-coffee-scrub


  1. Chocolate Sugar

Mix a quarter cup of brown sugar, an eight of a cup of olive oil, 1 tablespoon cocoa powder and a quarter o a teaspoon of vanilla extract in a bowl. Spread the mix evenly over your face in circular motions and leave on for 10 minutes. Rinse off with war water. This cocoa enriched scrub cleanses and exfoliates the skin and also helps reduce fine lines.DIY-Chocolate-Scrub-Recipe


  1. Almond

Place a handful of raw almonds (not salted or roasted) in a blender and pulse it to get a fine-grained powder. Add half a cup of almond oil to the powder along with a few drops of essential oil. Apply the mix over your face and remove using a wet cloth and a splash of cold water. The natural oils of the almond and added oils moisturize your skin, bringing it to life like never before!Honey-Almond-Meal-Face-Scrub-420


  1. Blueberry Honey

Pulp half a cup of fresh blueberries, 2 tablespoons of raw honey and a tablespoon of sugar in a blender. Apply a generous layer of the mix on to clean skin and leave on for 15 minutes before rinsing off with warm water. Honey acts as a natural antiseptic and wipes off any visible inflammations or blemishes, while the blueberries light up your face with their high antioxidant and vitamin C content.blueberry_honey_face_scrub_ch


  1. Rice

Break about 2-3 tablespoons of rice into smaller granules and add enough honey to make a thick paste. Cut a lemon into half, dip it in the rice-honey mix and use it to apply the scrub on your face. Rinse off with water and pat dry. Rice not only helps revive dry and dull skin but also brightens it up.rice scrub


  1. Oatmeal Honey

Mix together a quarter of a cup of uncooked oats, an eight of a cup of honey and olive oil. Apply over dry areas and leave on for 10 minutes. Wash of with warm water and follow up with some moisturizer if necessary. The mix is excellent to bring back dead skin to life.Honey-oatmeal-2blog

Envy Box Product Review: January 2016

What better way than a boxful of goodies to wish a Happy New Year! Add an extra scoop of ‘happy’ to the New Year with this month’s collection of skin care and beauty collection. Here’s what the January Envy Box has in hold for all you lovely people.


  1. L’Oréal Paris Glamshine Lip Crayon

Price: INR 475

Flaunt that pouty selfie with L’Oréal first every crayon gloss. The crayon lets you paint your lips in a spectrum of playful tones with one swift ‘mirror-free’ move. Enriched with flower extracts, this ultra light and non-sticky formula is an innovative blend of balm, gloss and color.loreal balmy gloss


  1. Skin Yoga Oats & Roses Facewash

Price: INR 1450 for 50g

Rose – a natural cleanser and sunblock – and oats – an excellent cleanser – come together in a Vitamin C enriched blend to bathe, tone and protect your skin sans any irritation. Simply take a teaspoon of the powder with a few water drops to make a paste, gently massage into your skin and rinse off for soft and supple skin.rosevertical


  1. CK Eternity Now for Women

Price: INR 3800 for 50ml

Almost three decades after Calvin Klein’s much-loved fragrance, Eternity, the brand has come up with an exquisite new sequel – Eternity Now. With a sultry cashmere, ambrox and musk base, the perfume leaves a floral trail, which is an amalgam of quince sorbet, litchi, peach blossoms and neroli petals, with the heart of peony.44012600_000_main


  1. O3+ White Day Cream SPF15

Price: INR 775 for 50g

Enriched with UVA, UVB and SPF15, the cream protects your skin against brutal sunrays and suntans. The O3+ day cream enhances skin tone and fights off pigmentation as well. Just pat on some on your face and neck before going out on a battle with the Sun.white-day-cream-spf



The 5th product is a surprise and may differ in every box. There are two options that the customer may receive one of the following two products.


Soultree Aloe & Rose Water Cleansing Milk

Price: INR 295 for 120ml

With calming floral notes, the Soultree cleansing milk and make up remover soothes and protects your skin. The relaxing blend of aromatic fresh rose water and soothing aloe along with extracts of organic licorice visibly reduces blemishes and plumps up your skin, leaving it clean and nourished.Turmeric-Indian-Rose-FW-120ml-450x4501



Mantra Kokkum & Pistachio Winter Care Lotion

Price: INR 493 for 100ml

Pistachio and Kokkum Butter come together with a healthy dose of almond oil in this moisturizer by Mantra to battle away dead winter skin. Pistachio and kokum butter nourish whilst the almond oil keeps away any greasiness. The cream rejuvenates your skin, leaving behind a moisturized and enviably glowing skin.kokkum butter and pistachho


Lets not even get started on how economically sound and generous the January Envy Box is. So save yourself some savage expenses and order your box today!


7 Genius Products To Walk You Through Your Beauty Regime

Unless you are a pro, things like eye shadow on your cheekbones or bleeding lip colours are inevitable. But hey, what do those genius brains in product development at beauty companies get paid for? Here are seven genius inventions that’ll make your make up routine a cakewalk.


  1. Tweezerman Smooth Finish Facial Hair Remover

Avoid the plight having facial hair waxed, threaded or tweezed out with this coil. Simply roll over the coil to get hair-free smooth skin – with minimal torture.tweezerman-smooth-finish-facial-hair-remover


  1. E.L.F. Studio Mascara & Shadow Shield

What looks like an animated moon propped on a stick, is actually a brilliant way of avoiding mascara and eye shadow smeared all over your face. Hold it under your eyes when doing your eyes and you’ll never use a wipe again!elf-studio-mascara-and-shadow-shield


  1. Water Color Hydrating Hair Color Mask

This hair mask while hydrating your tresses, adds fresh pastel and neon shades to them that can last up to five washes.grid-cell-9302-1384290470-12


  1. Make Up For Ever Aqua Seal

Stop investing in expensive waterproof face paint and turn any product (cream, eyeshadow, foundation, cream liner, lipstick) waterproof with just a few drops of this transparent liquid.enhanced-buzz-26954-1384203472-10


  1. Magnifibres Brush-On False Lashes

Who needs false lashes when you can simply apply a stroke of this liquid to get the same effect? The product enhances your lashes by adding tiny fibers which, you can layer with your mascara.grid-cell-26388-1384205087-16


  1. Violent Lips Lip Tattoos

Drink, eat and “make merry” without smearing your lip colour. The lip tattoo stays loyal to our lips and doesn’t come off for eight hours. The company also does eye tattoos so wink and pout away!violent-lips-lip-tattoos


  1. Jane Iredale’s Magic Mitt

Save yourself the tedious job of taking off make up with remover wipes and cleanser with this magic mitt which, simply wipes off all the fancy paint with just water.enhanced-buzz-24558-1384202980-38

5 Bizarre Beauty Products You Never Knew Existed

There’s weird, there’s crazy and then there is bizarre. If you thought a bird poo facial was as uncanny as beauty could get, you’re in for a crazy ride. These products not only redefine bizarre but also give you an insight into the innovative minds at word in the beauty industry.


  1. Collagen Marshmallows

It’s one thing to slap on stuff onto your face to feed your skin some health, but ingesting the same? Although, in all fairness it’s a marshmallow. Can’t really say not to that.6413649


  1. Pheromone Lotion

Just in case you thought your natural “levels” weren’t enough, smear on some of the pheromone lotion and see magic happen.Pheromone-formula-lotion-SPF50-


  1. Baby Foreskin Lotion

Apparently, there exists this whack anti-aging cream made of – what for it – baby foreskin! What kind of monstrous beauty regime is this! *Facepalms through skull*foreskin-cream


  1. F Cup Cookies

Bid adieu to expensive breast enlargements and push-up garments. The F Cup Cookies claim to be rich in nutrients that will naturally make you “well endowed” when you eat them.article-2634978-1E0B490700000578-849_642x484


  1. Whale Puke Perfume

Ambergris (commonly known as whale puke) is supposedly an excellent ingredient to up your perfume game. But before you pass out, know that today most perfumeries have started using synthetic whale puke rather than the real thing. Phew!shutterstock_91.ff84f121014.original


Hungry for more eccentricity? Check out Japan’s contribution to this “innovative” section.


5 Vintage Beauty Ads That Redefine Ridiculous

If you’ve been keeping up with the (beauty) news, you’d know by now of this highly controversial Thai ad about a fairness pill. The alleged racist ad claims and I quote “being white is the key to success”.

*Moment of silence*

The ad happens to be one of many other ridiculously baseless and un-thought of commercials we have seen in the past. Here are some vintage commercials that were so offensive that they were ridiculous.


  1. Hygiene or Divorce

Lysol released this ad back in the days and promoted the product by showing broken marriages where the man was unhappy over his wife’s poor hygiene habits. Err, sure!offending_lysol1


  1. The Skinny Dame

“You’re gorgeous since you’ve gained weight”. That’s what every consecutive slice of pizza I scoff tells me.offending_skinny1-2


  1. A Man’s World

So that’s why we call it a man’s world. Just a silly tie. Damn, thanks for cleaing the doubt Van Heusen!lifebuzz-9a275d937605258db39c9c71234fcfa8-limit_2000


  1. Shape Shifting

An ad for a so-called ‘Little Fibber bra’ claimed in big bold letters that a pear was no shape for a girl. And women with “too much bottom and too little top” should use the aforementioned product the reshape. J Lo and her million fans would like to disagree.offending_pear

  1. Constant Contest

In one of their really really old print ads, Camay Soaps stated that women were in a beauty contest every hour of the day, that is, everyone was judging their looks throughout. Treading on wafer thin ice there Camay!offending_beautycontest-e1389382520376