5 Apps That Should Be On Every Fashionista’s Phone

“We live in a world where phones are getting smarter and people are getting dumber”

With no offence to any soul, this quote is somewhat true. Our phones are getting smarter with every passing day (and we’d rather stay mum about the latter). Right from mails, to grocery lists to our social life, our phones have been handling ‘em all! And thanks to the gazillion apps, the gadget has somewhat become like our PA! It’s time you made it your stylist and beauty consultant too with these apps!


  1. L’Oreal Makeup Genius

The app lets users access a virtual mirror’, helping them try on looks, products and different shades by the brand. You can also browse through a variety of product ranges to see what’s best suited for you.loreal makeup


  1. Perfect365

This is an excellent 2-in-1 app that acts as a selfie filter hub to make you look flawless in every click and also doubles up as an expert to guide you with make up and fashion tips.perfect365


  1. Beautylish

Get all your make up, beauty and shopping needs fulfilled at one place. The app is an online beauty community that allows you to browse through reviews, tip and tutorials. If you like a certain products, there is also an in-app purchase option!beautyappbeautylish


  1. Visada

Visada is the closest you can get to a virtual skincare and beauty expert. Once you upload a selfie, the app analyses your click and comes up with a personalized beauty profile complete with suggestions on how to improve your beauty regimen with detailed inputs on the exact tint and shade.visada-app-1


  1. Sephora To Go

Sephora To Go lets you in on thousands of tutorials, products reviews and pictures to inspire your for your next look. The app lets you browse through others’ content and even upload your own. In a nutshell, this app is a beauty only social platform.sephora-to-go

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