7 Genius Products To Walk You Through Your Beauty Regime

Unless you are a pro, things like eye shadow on your cheekbones or bleeding lip colours are inevitable. But hey, what do those genius brains in product development at beauty companies get paid for? Here are seven genius inventions that’ll make your make up routine a cakewalk.


  1. Tweezerman Smooth Finish Facial Hair Remover

Avoid the plight having facial hair waxed, threaded or tweezed out with this coil. Simply roll over the coil to get hair-free smooth skin – with minimal torture.tweezerman-smooth-finish-facial-hair-remover


  1. E.L.F. Studio Mascara & Shadow Shield

What looks like an animated moon propped on a stick, is actually a brilliant way of avoiding mascara and eye shadow smeared all over your face. Hold it under your eyes when doing your eyes and you’ll never use a wipe again!elf-studio-mascara-and-shadow-shield


  1. Water Color Hydrating Hair Color Mask

This hair mask while hydrating your tresses, adds fresh pastel and neon shades to them that can last up to five washes.grid-cell-9302-1384290470-12


  1. Make Up For Ever Aqua Seal

Stop investing in expensive waterproof face paint and turn any product (cream, eyeshadow, foundation, cream liner, lipstick) waterproof with just a few drops of this transparent liquid.enhanced-buzz-26954-1384203472-10


  1. Magnifibres Brush-On False Lashes

Who needs false lashes when you can simply apply a stroke of this liquid to get the same effect? The product enhances your lashes by adding tiny fibers which, you can layer with your mascara.grid-cell-26388-1384205087-16


  1. Violent Lips Lip Tattoos

Drink, eat and “make merry” without smearing your lip colour. The lip tattoo stays loyal to our lips and doesn’t come off for eight hours. The company also does eye tattoos so wink and pout away!violent-lips-lip-tattoos


  1. Jane Iredale’s Magic Mitt

Save yourself the tedious job of taking off make up with remover wipes and cleanser with this magic mitt which, simply wipes off all the fancy paint with just water.enhanced-buzz-24558-1384202980-38


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