4 Ways To Funk Up Your Brow Game

Eyebrows may not seem like much but they do play a colossal part in the way you look. And you don’t have to shave them realize the same, just try and skip your next threading or tweezing appointment and you’ll know what we mean. Its not just about the grooming, your eyebrow make up too can make or break your look. Here are four ways you can tame that bush.


  1. Good Bush

Not saying or doing anything also says a lot (Ronan Keating agrees). Just keeping your eyebrows groomed and gelled can make you face look uber slick and neat.SOLUTION-PERFECT-BROW_MAIN


  1. Go Bold

Yes, we are totally thinking about Cara Delevingne right at this moment. Letting your brows grab all the spotlight is a great way of making a statement. Simply comb, volumize and fill in with your favorite eyebrow pencil.embedded_cara_delevingne_eyebrows


  1. Arch Typical

GO all the way with a dramatic arch. If your eyebrows would rather stray, simply grab a stencil and get coloring with an eyebrow pencil!Woman brown eye


  1. Shape Shifter

Speaking of stencils, why just go for an arch? Experiment with other shapes like a straight brow (enough to look trendy and not like an Angry Bird) or gorgeously arched brows with sharp edges. The possibilities are many!plastic-reusable-Eyeliner-Stencils-Grooming-Shaping-Eyebrow-Stencils-Mold-Drawing-Guide-Template-Kit-DIY-Makeup-Tools


Now you know the brow code so experiment away!

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