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A Beauty Tête-à-tête With The Gorgeous Bipasha Basu

6819778-bipasha-basuUnless you live under a rock, you’d have seen a beaming, radiant and prettier than ever Bipasha Basu splashed across your social media feed. Ever wondered what (apart from a certain Mr. Grover) gets her looking as radiant? Well, we got chatting with the actress and dug out all her beauty and skin care secrets. Have a look!


  1. What is the first thing you do in the morning?

I absolutely need to have to start my day by drinking at least four to six glasses of water, followed by eating a handful of almonds that have been soaked overnight. It’s like a powerful cleansing ritual!


  1. What is Bipasha Basu’s everyday skin care routine?

No surprises here. I just believe in the four golden rules of skin care – cleansing, scrubbing, toning and moisturising. I never leave my house without a sunscreen to constantly protect my skin against any harmful UV exposure. I end my day by dabbing almond oil on the delicate under-eye skin to keep it from looking tired.


  1. How do you manage your skin’s health despite all the makeup and tiresome work?

My face is always covered with so many products during work that I completely swear off it when I’m not working. I always keep my skin hydrated by drinking lots of water throughout the day. I also make it a point to maintain a consistent healthy diet and exercise regularly for radiant skin. All of this combined with a beauty sleep keeps me glowing at all times.


  1. Which is the one skin care product you can’t live without?

I think it would be my sunscreen since it’s crucial for protecting my skin. With crazy back-to-back shoots, I barely know where I am going to be and for how long.


  1. Which is your go-to make up product?

I will have to say Jasmine oil, without a doubt. Not exactly a make-up product but I love it since it keeps my skin nourished at all times.Vine-Vera-Best-Essential-Oils-for-Women-Jasmine


  1. How important is food in maintaining beautiful body and skin?

Extremely! I think the food you eat makes up for 50% of how healthy you or your skin is. I try to maintain a balanced diet full of leafy greens, fish, nuts, fruit and carbs. It’s all about proportions and your body needs a little bit of everything. I don’t believe in completely refraining myself from eating anything, that’s just impractical. So I escape the guilt by eating my favourite desserts in small portions.


  1. A natural/homemade remedy that you swear by?

My home remedy to beautiful skin and healthy living is simply drinking multiple glasses of water throughout the day. It’s the most organic and effective way that works for everyone!


  1. What is the one skin care blunder everyone should avoid?

Stepping out without sunblock! There’s no quicker way to ruin your skin.


  1. Which is your ideal make up shopping destination?

Paris – it has all my favourite products from almost every brand in the world and there is practically nothing you can’t find in the city. Plus let’s not forget, you can always find a great place for the crepes and coffee.paris


  1. A quick word of beauty advice to our readers…

Invest in a good conditioner and don’t skip the weekly hair oil massage – it’ll protect your hair against all those harmful chemicals and heat from styling products. Finally, nothing works better than getting a good night’s rest so make sure you get at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night.


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April Beauty Box: Why Bipasha Basu’s Choice Should Be Yours Too

Hello beauties! As you all might know, The Label Life style editor, Bipasha Basu has handpicked this month’s Beauty Box. The Bong beauty cannot be doubted when it comes to beauty and wellness and that is exactly why we stand by her picks, no questions asked. The actress talks to us about her selection and tells us why the 5 products in the April Beauty Box must be in your vanity kit.about-img-5.jpg


  1. Rene Furterer Paris – Hair Care

The hair care range by Rene Furterer Paris is just the tonic your tresses and scalp need this summer. Fortified with a careful selection of nourishing essential oils, the products will nourish all kinds of hair – from dry to oily – hair from the roots all the ways to the tips.

Bipasha Says: “The Rene Furterer hair care range gives my hair a quick refreshing fix when I am forever stuck on sets.”rene_carthame_shampoo_800


  1. BBLUNT Spotlight Hair Polish

The BBLUNT hair polish gives the dullest of strands a glossy salon-like finish instantly. The nourishing formula rich in silk ilk proteins, provitamin B5 and vitamin E gives your hair maximum shine on the outside with supreme care from inside.

Bipasha Says: “This BBLUNT Hair Polish helps me get an impeccably flawless finish.”



  1. O3+ Milk Scrub

Fortified with real milk, the O3+ Milk Scrub exfoliates, cleanses and brightens your skin, while getting rid of white heads and black heads. Regular usage will leave your skin healthier, cleaner and lighter.

Bipasha Says: “(It) nourishes and exfoliates my skin without drying it out.”o3+ milk scrub


  1. Roberto Cavalli Paradiso Azzurro

A stimulating spring/summer fragrance, Paradiso Azzuro plays on the essence of the Mediterranean Coast. With a crisp breezy note followed by soft floral tones coupled with a woody base note of cypress and musk, the perfume is sultry hypnosis in a bottle.

Bipasha Says: “Just a dash of the Paradiso Azzuro by Roberto Cavalli leaves me with a sweet lingering fragrance.”Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 3.28.39 AM


  1. Fran Wilson MoodMatcher

This revolutionary range of lip stains by Fran Wilson provides 12-hour coverage without so much as a smudge. The fade-proof, smear-proof and most importantly kiss-proof formula is enriched with vitamins keeps your pout colored and moisturized for hours.

Bipasha Says: “The MoodMatcher lipsticks in all their brightness are perfect for a candid selfie, and they are so long lasting, I never have to do a single touch up!”moodmatcher


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Celebrity Make Up Expert Elton J Fernandez Picks Out The Hottest Beauty Trends for #MyEnvyBox

An award winning make up artist and hair stylist, Elton J Fernandez has made the who’s who of tinsel town look divalicious. With tremendous accolades like Maybelline New York’s Make Up Expert, Elle India’s October ’15 Cover – yes, both of them – and the current Amazon India Fashion Week S/S ’16 to his name, the make up guru made a pit stop to drop off a few tips for us. Here are this season’s top beauty looks that you should be flaunting.

  1. Luminous Skin

Going light on the concealers and highlighting various areas of your face is what the expert swears by this season. A little sheen on the cheekbones, temples and the bridge of your nose and you’re good to go!

  1. Full Brows

“It (full brows) doesn’t mean bushy but those who have it, flaunt it”, says Fernandez. The trick is to keep the brows well groomed and brushed upwards to bring out the fullness of those thick arches.

  1. Graphic Liner

With the focus lying away from the brim of your eyelids, the trick is to play around the lids or even let it stray a bit under the brows to create a graphic and bold effect. Go all out and ditch the black liner for a more animated statement.

  1. Soft Lips

“Almost fruit bitten and on-the-go” is what your pout should be like according to Elton. It’s an effortless and subdued color play so put away the lip liners and lip pencils. Just put on a dash of your favorite lip stain, dab it around a bit with your fingers and you’re done!



Welcome to my happy place, aka, in a vat of Salad Days “Egyptian Orange” cold pressed, raw and unpasteurised juice. We stumbled upon this company — Salad Days — while looking for healthy lunch options in Gurgaon. Within a week, we were on a subscription plan with them, which is the best decision we have ever made. But, while their healthy salads are a great option, what we’d like to focus on here, is, in our option, the real gem of the company — the juices.

Each glass bottle — great packaging, with tabs that say “treat yourself — is 330 millilitres. There’s carrot, Egyptian orange, pineapple, ginger, called Red: R01. Red: R02 has watermelon, chia seeds, mint and Thai basil which is crunchy, chunky and feels ridiculously healthy. Yellow: Y01 is a simple, yet delicious blend of pineapple and kafir lime. Crimson: C01 is a blend of Washington apple, carrot, beetroot and ginger, which personally, was difficult to get down but that’s also because of the beetroot — which isn’t a particular favourite of mine in its raw form. And then, there’s our favourite Orange: O01 — Egyptian Orange — which we’ve tried to drink slowly, to make it last more. 330 ml is just not enough with this one. It’s really that good. Each of these juices has a host of health benefits that range from better teeth, hair, skin, a boosted immune system etc. I personally tested them a month ago. You know that feeling when you’re just about the get a cold? I took one tablet of Vitamin C and ordered two bottles of the orange. It’s basically a strong hit of Vitamin C since the juice is raw and cold pressed. I can vouch for the fact that my system felt a hundred times better and I did keep the cold at bay (for a day or two, but that’s my fault. I should’ve kept up the Vitamin C.)

They also grow most of their vegetables which controls the quality you can really taste (you’ll find all the sweet basil, celery, parsley, rocket leaves, baby spinach, red radish, cilantro, mint, shallots and leeks all coming from their gardens.) The “they” we’re talking about are the two co-founders: Varun Madan and Kunal Gangwani. Fun fact: they were from two adjacent batches from XLRI Jamshedpur and became good friends while playing for the XLRI music band, Bodhi Tree.

Says Varun, “… It was felt learning from food endeavours in Europe and US that freshly sourced raw ingredients have a great taste of their own and qualify as awesome meal options. But here in India, we couldn’t identify that one name which comes to everyone’s mind when one thinks of eating healthy food. Lack of both demand and supply have been the most basic reasons for this void. While we embraced these challenges as opportunities, Salad Days was born to address the big white space of serving healthy, filling and tasty food in a quick format and at reasonable prices.”

We have a short interview with Varun right below talking about the juices, and their combinations. The next time you’re in Gurgaon, give them a shout and see what all the fuss is about!

my salad days 1

My Envy Box: Juice cleanses are all the range, so was there a conscious reason to bring raw, unpasteurised juices into peoples lives for regular health purposes as opposed to one monthly cleanse?

Varun Madan: Juice cleanses are the rage across the globe — Agreed. But we don’t want to make healthy eating a complex decision. As a fact, our juice blends are similar and better in quality than the ones featuring in various popular cleanse programs. But, clearly, we don’t want to position our juices as cleanse packages. We believe that instead of going for a week/month long, one-off juice cleanse, it’s better to include a juice or two in your daily diet. It’s a more sustainable lifestyle change and hence, in line with our mission at Salad Days. No promises of detoxification or weight loss, no selling of hope in a bottle … just pure goodness.

My Envy Box: What are the processes behind the fruit and vegetable pairings. For instance, the pineapple and kaffir lime or the Egyptian orange with carrot, pineapple and ginger.

Varun Madan: Our core offering is food and that’s where our primary focus resides. Everything else is secondary. At Salad Days, our mission is to contribute in making Indian mainstream diet healthier, which essentially means that we must provide with food that speaks for its goodness. Only then will it make its place in regular diet! Thus, for all our products, the underlying philosophy is to bring out the best in terms of health, quality, taste and filling factor. The philosophy is no different for our recent addition of fresh, raw and unpasteurized cold pressed juices with no sugar, no preservatives and no colours, etc. Basically, the juices are pure to the core. From the pairing perspective, the best juices are the ones which have a balanced concoction of both fruits and veggies, because only then do they ensure rewards with regards to nutrition, taste and energy needs. The so called juice cleanses are more inclined towards greens and vegetables to limit the sugar intake, but ideally, one needs good carbohydrates too. The fruits not only provide you with energy needs, but also make the juices more palatable and enjoyable. We believe that health, taste and fullness all can exist in tandem and we try to replicate this belief through everything in our menu.

My Envy Box: Talk us through the juices and give us some insights on their benefits?

Varun Madan: Cold pressed Juices are, in general, far more healthier than other fresh juices made using the omnipresent centrifugal food processors and blenders. In the latter process, fast spinning blades generate heat and oxidise the juice, thus degrading the vitamins and phytochemicals (which are the “healthy things” intended to be consumed in the juice) resulting in nutrient loss, and a less palatable end product. On the other hand, the pressed juice process, as the name suggests, “presses” the fruits and vegetables. This minimises oxidation of nutrients and live enzymes, resulting in the highest concentration of nutrients possible. We have introduced five cold pressed juices with an extremely simple and meaningful nomenclature. We believe that when there is a mix bag of ingredients, the easiest recall is by the colour of the juice. Also, scientifically, different colours are a direct cue of different nutrients. Backed with this reasoning, we have named our juices based on their colours. So we have G 01 (Green), R 01 (Red), Y 01 (Yellow), C 01 (Crimson) and O 01 (Orange). Collectively, these juices behold the benefits of detoxification, digestive aid, anti oxidation, immune support, weight loss, skin cell growth, circulation improvement, kidney cleansing, metabolism boosting, anti acne, strengthening of teeth and gums, anti inflammation, reduction of fat absorption and hydration. In the near future, we plan to introduce our 02 series for all the colours.

Visit Salad Days at http://www.saladdays.co or give them a call at +91 9643 800 901/02/03 to try out the juices (and salads!)