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Style that statement jewelry like a pro

They say ‘Jewerly is the sculpture for the body’ and there is no such thing as dressing  ‘age appropriately’ when it comes to jewelry. The next edition of Designer Jewelry Box – DHORA speaks volumes when it comes to statement jewelry. Dhora, conceptualised in Milan by designer Aavriti R Jain, integrates classically Indian designs with contemporary silhouettes, for an aesthetic that is modern, yet rooted in tradition. Here’s what you can expect from Dhora edition and how you can style these statement pieces.

Jhumki :

Price : INR 3500/-

Inspired by the traditional jewelry of India which we have all grown up seeing. Dhora has given it their own little twist and made it cleaner and minimal, handcrafted and finished with gold. So now you no longer have to wait for a big wedding or occasion to put on a pair!


Amber Pendant :

Price : INR 3000/-

Continuing to celebrate the state of Rajasthan, Dhora releases its Amber pendant dedicated to city of Jaipur. This pendant draws its inspiration from the Amber Fort built in 1726 and its ‘jharokas’. Made in entirely by hand in Jaipur, this piece is finished with gold.


Style your Jewelry 

Wear it like you mean business! Pair your summer dress with the statement neckpiece around the collar and match the earrings with the top knot bun hairstyle for that chic look.


A little shimmer is the perfect way to add a sophisticated dimension to your swimwear. A delicate pendant & gold earrings are preferred because they inspire thoughts of the golden sun. Earrings with a little bit of movement and flexibility will look great when you turn your head or walk along the beach.


To rock that Little Black Dress,  pick a necklace that adds a bit of sophisticated spark on your chest and as earrings go, make sure they highlight your facial feature & flatter your skin tone.


For someone who likes to keep it traditional yet want to give their outfit a modern edge, just simply don the statement pendant & jhumkis with an Anarkali and complete the look with a side braid hairstyle for that royal feel.


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Quirk Up Your Accessory Game With The Jewelry Box’s Olivia Dar Edition

vBeads come to life with this month’s Designer Jewelry Box, which comes packed with designs by Olivia Dar. Dar puts together a romantic color palette with neat handwork to craft jewelry that spells out chic on a bright summer day. Think crisp linens doused in soft pastels and you’ve got the perfect setting for an Olivia Dar creation.

With a dash of Paris and hints of India, Olivia’s designs are just what you need to turn up your style quotient this season! Wait up for the cherry on the icing though. The delicate jewelry comes in a crisp white pompadour to store your pretty little tidbits better. Excited much? Here’s what you can expect from your Olivia Dar Edition.


  1. Earrings

Price: INR 2,600

This adorable AF pair of powder pink, white and ivory beaded hearts is going to become your go-to accessory for days to come. Lined with soft leather, the earrings come with a comfy plastic back; making it as comfortable to wear as it is beautiful.dfs


  1. Bracelet

Price: INR 3,900

Team your summer manicure with Dar’s beaded heart bracelet that comes with an easy to wear adjustable strap. Finished with a soft satin lining, this bracelet is not going to come off of your wrist anytime soon!fdsfd


Hop over to My Envy Box to order you Jewelry Box now and jewelry worth INR 6,500 just for INR 2,450. Gorgeous and economical!

Get Vacation Ready With The Travel Essential Jewelry Box

Is it just me or is your Facebook feed too becoming a world map with all those holiday check-ins? But that’s okay, because there is still plenty of summer left for the rest of us to vacation or getaway for a weekend even. And in style, if I may say so. So pack your bags and add a dollop of swank with the Designer Jewelry Box.Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 2.15.07 pm


  1. Classic Minimal – Neckpiece by Olio

The clean and oh-so-trendy balance chain by Olio is crafted in German silver. The piece draws inspiration from a balanced life comprised of equal parts work, love & play. Sport this neckpiece to a beach or wear it over your cashmeres, there’s no one season for it.Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 1.34.26 pm


  1. Summer Soothing – Earrings by Silvense

Silvense turns up the accessory game with these golden brass earrings. The black pearl inside the golden brass encasing is as gorgeous as it is unique. These contemporary adornments are just what you need on your next vacation.Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 1.34.41 pm


  1. Electric Boho – Bracelet by House of Tuhina

Play around with colors as you add a dash of bohemian glam to your attire. The eclectic hand bracelet uses casting metal and handmoulded beads and brings together all that is gorgeous about Indian design aesthetics in one beautifully crafted accessory.Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 1.34.50 pm


Next stop, vacation land.

Get Your Summer Game On With These Fashion & Lifestyle Essentials

blog_myenvybox_shoppingguide (1)Could it BE any hotter? (Yes, I’m a Chandler girl.) Summer just made it very clear that it ain’t showing no mercy. So why don’t we just give the annoyingly happy sunshine a royal ignore and drown our mind in some summer shopping? Here are 5 essentials that your wardrobe will thank you for this season.


  1. Nicobar Tora Dopp Kit

Time to revamp your make-up kit, ladies! Yes alright, you bought that totally dapper kit off Koovs recently, but your make-up could use some your jazz, right? Available in a lighter ‘oatmeal’ shade, this smart striped kit from Nicobar is not only spacious but also water repellant. Meaning, your spilt toner can’t get out as much as any liquid can’t get in!tora dopp


  1. Purearth Camomila Eye Serum

Give the area around your eyes the kiss of good health with this au naturale serum. Made with Himalayan Rosa Damascena floral water, aloe vera, cucumber and camomila extracts, the potion soothes, firms and rejuvenates the skin. Further, the serum is a one-touch solution to reduce fine lines and puffiness. No more dreading late-nights and hangovers!purearth serum


  1. Wood Geek Store The Journeyman Bamboo Glasses

Take your eye gear game to the beach with these uber chic handcrafted bamboo sunglasses by the Wood Geek. The wayfarer style sunglasses are super lightweight and the polarized lenses keep harmful glares away. The natural woody shade and texture just adds to the swank.journeyman


  1. Ogaan Peachoo

Ogaans new collection boasts of elegant drapes in lightweight fabrics adorned with tonal sequins and embroidery. The ensemble brings forth elegance and minimalism doused in a subtle palette of champagne and ivory make this the perfect outfit this season.ogaan peachoo dress


  1. Eesha Zaveri Dual Fox Earring

Add a dash of refreshing forest green to your attire with these edgy earrings by Eesha Zaveri. Made with green enamel set in matt gold, this accessory will definitely up your style game this summer.esha zaveri earrings


Seriously, you’re still sitting there?

5 DIY Jewelry Organizer Ideas

You enter this gorgeously well-lit accessory shop selling all kinds of tear-inducingly beautiful trinkets. You walk over to one of the stands daintily holding up a necklace and you’re like “Hmm, this doesn’t look like something I’d wear more than once but look how gorgeous it is. Hell, I must purchase this!”

Yes, that happens to all of us. But what happens a month later? The poor little necklace will be lying around in one of your purses or drawers. Because jewelry box? What’s that? Refer to these 5 tutorials to give your jewelry better lodging space.


  1. Ring Box

About time you stopped collecting your rings in bowls and cans and what nots. This tutorial tells you how to put together an amazingly organized ring box to store and flaunt your finger accessories.


  1. Traveler’s Kit

Accommodating a full-fledged jewelry box in your bag or suitcase may not be all that easy. And God forbid, what if the clasp comes undone and you have to go all metal detector on your clothes? *Shudders* This ultra smart roll up jewelry box puts an end to your vanity travel woes. The Velcro closure is strong AF and the box will snugly fit between your clothes!


  1. Multi Level Box

Now keep your earring, anklets and bracelets all in one place and make it look pretty. Follow this simple tutorial and custom-make for yourself as many sections, drawers and compartments. Adios, clutter!


  1. See Through Jewelry Box

It’s nice to sometimes just gaze over your trinket collection. Moreover, it saves you the time and energy for opening each box to look what’s inside. This super neat jewelry box with the see through lid allows you to do just that. All you need is some foam board and an old photo frame!


  1. Chain Organizer

Is it just I or do you all think there’s someone sitting inside the drawer waiting for me to put my chains in so that they can tangle it up real nice? Anywho, that “someone” might as start looking for something else to tangle (my earphone, for example) because this utterly adorable and super efficient mountable jewelry organizer is a the answer to all your prayers.


Not only will a jewelry box organize your dressing table and drawer, but once in a while you might just find whatever you’re looking for!

6 Top Jewelry Trends For S/S 16

We chalked out the top beauty and fashion trends for this year at the brink of 2016, but here’s a quick look at the statement jewelry pieces that will be trending on your social media feed this season.


  1. Headgears

Yes, we saw a plethora of tribal, boho and grunge headbands and wraps last season but guess what, the accessory is making a comeback. Only this time it’s more of a crown jewel. S/S 16 will be all about elegant and dainty hair accessories like this leaf barrette by Rodarte.




Image: Vogue


  1. Stones

When shopping for your summer accessories, look for stones. Raw and kinked is what we are aiming for here. It could be a small one set in metal around your index finger, a rock set in brass wrapping your wrist, or a large statement boulder hanging by a chain.


Max Mara

Image: Pinterest


  1. Shoulder Dusting Earrings

As the mercury rises and you dress down to just the essential cottons and linens, crank up your earring game. Shoulder dusters will be big this season so don’t hold your boho self back and just go crazy with those ear things!



Image: Vogue


  1. Chokers

Choke on statement chokers this season as the classic jewelry returns to the fashion scene with a bang. From studded, to minimal, to super elaborate, the choker will be your choice of neck adornment this summer.


J.W. Anderson

Image: Vogue


  1. Body Chains

Chunky link chains to steel grey chic fetters to dainty metallic threads, the body chain was spotted once too often on the ramp. Wrapped around the wrist, arm and the torso, this piece of jewelry can take your look from somber to statement instantly.


Alexander McQueen

Image: Molicia Dickinson


  1. Brooch

The classic European fixture gets a modern-day neo twist with graphic bends and curves. Worn on the collar or on the lapel this accessory is getting bolder this season.



Image: Harlequin Market


Get up and get shopping, ladies!


10 Tips To Clean & Protect Your Jewelry

If diamonds are a girl’s BFF, then the rest of the pieces can easily qualify as close kin too. Therefore it is only fair to protect these fancy folks of yours with utmost care. Follow these 10 tips to keep your jewelry squeaky clean and protect them against damage.


  1. First and foremost, whether fake, real or semi-precious jewelry, every single piece of jewelry deserves a dry place devoid of humidity for storage. Lets not oxidize things on our own.JewelryStorageCabinet.jpg

Image: ecosalon


  1. Avoid taking your jewelry for swims, spas, sports, showers or any other activities that involve direct contact with rough surfaces, water, soap or chemicals.Cleaning-Your-Jewelry

Image: she12


  1. When getting ready, make sure to put on jewelry after your make up is done. Your foundation looks best only on your skin. Also, refrain from getting perfume on your ornaments to avoid tarnishing.backstage-beauty-tips-stylelist-canada-6


  1. Always use warm water to clean your jewelry and try not a clutter-free storage system for minimum abrasion.storage

Image: Jewelry and Daiquiri


  1. Gold doesn’t tarnish but it does get dull overtime owing to lotion, dirt or your body’s natural oils. The best way to restore the sheen is by dipping the piece in a mix of water and a very (VERY) mild detergent for a few minutes and then gently scrubbing it with a very soft – ideally baby – toothbrush. Rinse and wipe with a polishing cloth.gold


  1. Gold-plated items are exposed to wearing away of the coating so store them smartly. Either keep them in a velvet-lined box or wrap in a soft cloth before keeping. To clean up, gently wipe your jewelry with a damp cotton cloth. This will eliminate any dirt or dust on the surface. Alternatively, a non-abrasive polishing cloth too can help restore the shine.diamond-cleaning.png

Image: jemsjewelsandgold


  1. Silver – if not oxidized – is a delicate and soft metal and unless you’re aiming for a grunge look, you’ll want it scratch-free and shiny. Use either proper silver cleaning cloth or 100% cotton to wipe it up gently. Other materials like polyester, paper or coarse fabrics often contain wood fibers or synthetics that can cause tiny scratches in the surface of your fine sterling silver jewelry.silver

Image: montica


  1. Store stone-encrusted pieces, diamonds or gemstones separately. For example, before putting away stone earrings in a box, seal them both in different pouches to avoid scratches from rubbing together. Quick Tip: Never hold on to the stone while taking off diamond or stone encrusted pieces as this may cause the gem stone wriggle free.take-off-engagement-ring-0.jpg


  1. Diamonds – the BFF – require regular cleaning. soak the diamond in an ammonia-based household cleaner (such as window cleaner) overnight, once or twice weekly. In the morning, remove the diamond from the cleaner and brush it with a soft, clean toothbrush to remove any leftover dirt. Make sure you clean the back of the diamond well as this is the area that gathers most of the oil and dirt.Safely-Clean-Diamond-Ring-Step-3-Version-2

Image: wikihow


  1. Your pearls are extra sensitive so refrain from storing them with other articles. It is best to keep them in satin-lined boxes to keep scratches and nicks at bay. Cleaning up pearls is a delicate job and therefore make sure your cleaner is marked safe for the same and additionally, use a drop of olive oil to wipe your pearl pieces to retain the luster.pearl

Image: jjshouse


Time to care for your bling things!