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Style that statement jewelry like a pro

They say ‘Jewerly is the sculpture for the body’ and there is no such thing as dressing  ‘age appropriately’ when it comes to jewelry. The next edition of Designer Jewelry Box – DHORA speaks volumes when it comes to statement jewelry. Dhora, conceptualised in Milan by designer Aavriti R Jain, integrates classically Indian designs with contemporary silhouettes, for an aesthetic that is modern, yet rooted in tradition. Here’s what you can expect from Dhora edition and how you can style these statement pieces.

Jhumki :

Price : INR 3500/-

Inspired by the traditional jewelry of India which we have all grown up seeing. Dhora has given it their own little twist and made it cleaner and minimal, handcrafted and finished with gold. So now you no longer have to wait for a big wedding or occasion to put on a pair!


Amber Pendant :

Price : INR 3000/-

Continuing to celebrate the state of Rajasthan, Dhora releases its Amber pendant dedicated to city of Jaipur. This pendant draws its inspiration from the Amber Fort built in 1726 and its ‘jharokas’. Made in entirely by hand in Jaipur, this piece is finished with gold.


Style your Jewelry 

Wear it like you mean business! Pair your summer dress with the statement neckpiece around the collar and match the earrings with the top knot bun hairstyle for that chic look.


A little shimmer is the perfect way to add a sophisticated dimension to your swimwear. A delicate pendant & gold earrings are preferred because they inspire thoughts of the golden sun. Earrings with a little bit of movement and flexibility will look great when you turn your head or walk along the beach.


To rock that Little Black Dress,  pick a necklace that adds a bit of sophisticated spark on your chest and as earrings go, make sure they highlight your facial feature & flatter your skin tone.


For someone who likes to keep it traditional yet want to give their outfit a modern edge, just simply don the statement pendant & jhumkis with an Anarkali and complete the look with a side braid hairstyle for that royal feel.


Hop over to My Envy Box to order your Jewelry Box now and get jewelry worth INR 6,500 just for INR 2,450.


Last week witnessed the country’s most celebrated event with A-list fashion designers coming together and enchanting us with their brilliant craftsmanship. The India Couture Week 2016 gave us major wedding outfit goals!


Manish Malhotra

Ace fashion designer showcased his collection ‘The Persian Story’ with a beautiful display of intricate motif embroidery on aged velvet creating an old world charm.


Anita Dongre

A bride with the cornrows! Anita Dongre’s ‘Epic Love’ inspired by Mughal Gardens totally got us hooked with the entire boho princess look.


Tarun Tahiliani

Taking us back to the roots, the designer displayed his collection ‘The Last Dance of the Courtesans’ paying ode to the royal courtesans. Keeping his collection super glamorous yet contemporary, the designer nailed the theme.



Reynu Taandon

Inspired by the Rajasthani Heritage with a touch of traditional craftsmanship, Reynu Taandon awed us with her collection ‘Kamangari’. The collection was dominated by Rajasthani art motifs and traditional colors worn by the Rajastani brides.


Rimple & Hapreet Narula

Who said Indian bride can’t wear white?! Drawing the inspiration from late Khalil Gibran, the duo-designer rolled out their collection ‘Hiraeth’. The collection highlighted with work ranging from thread embroidery to sequences in sizes big and small is ideal for the brides who aren’t afraid of experimenting.



Varun Bahl

Master couturier Varun Bahl’s ‘Vintage Garden’ collection was high on structure and petals. Inspired by the range of colourful flowers, the collection talks about exactly what 21st century brides would like to don on their D-Day.


Manav Gangwani

Titled Begum-e-Jannat, the designer turned heads with his collection inspired by Mughal Era. A stunner, as what we like to call, the collection embraced the true essence of royal age with intricate details and bold colours.


Rohit Bal

Bringing the curtain down at India Couture Week 2016, Rohit Bal slayed the runway with his magical collection ‘Kehkashaan’ inspired from the  grandeur of the Czars Russia. Heavily embroidered and bejewelled silhouettes featuring floor-sweeping anarkalis, majestic lehengas, ravishing gowns were nothing less than a masterpiece.


Don’t tell us these didn’t have you dreaming about your wedding outfit!

For your wedding beauty ensemble, head over to My Envy Box.

12 Things You Should Always Have In Your Purse

At times we are short on time to make a quick pit stop or are simply too porous to work with the same blush, kohl and foundation from morning to evening to night. Which is why a chica should always be armed with these essentials in her kitty.


  1. Compact Powder

With a mirror of course. Not only is this one a handy tool to check out your make up and face real quickly but to fix it as well!compact


  1. Lipstick or Gloss

A nifty touch up is incomplete without a nice smack from your favorite shade on the lips. Also, carrying a lip balm is a smart move. It’s good to regularly hydrate that pout.


  1. Eye Liner

If you’ve ever rubbed your eye only to realize you have liner or kohl on, you’ll definitely need this one!mac_sku_M1G601_640x600_0


  1. Lotion

If nothing else, load up on a tube of hand cream for flawless and pretty hands whenever you want.strawberry-hand-cream_l


  1. Clips & Bands

It is a smart move to arm your bag with a few pins and an extra hair tie, especially during the summers.bobby pins


  1. Hand Sanitizer

Not trying to be Adrian Monk, but you press lift buttons touched by you don’t know whom, grab railings grabbed by hundreds, and you obviously weren’t the first to ‘pull’ or ‘push’ that door. Still need more reasons?hand sanitizer


  1. Wipes or Tissues

While wipes are great at covering up oily spots and refreshing your face, a small pack of tissues can go a long way in wiping off spilled food, smudged make up and what not.wet-wipes-tip-5


  1. Comb

Avoid looking like Medusa after an auto-rickshaw ride or to simply untangle your knots.wooden-comb1


  1. Mint

Not saying you have Funyun breath; and these mints will make sure that you never do. Let’s not have people guessing our previous meal. *shudders*mint box


  1. Sunglasses

No, not an extra one of course! Just a pair of comfortable, matching or your favorite ones should do. Unless you want a tanned cornea.img_art_DIOR_TECHNOLOGIC_RHL_83 sunglasses


  1. Notepad & Pen

Yes, I know about your smartphone’s notes/memo feature, but batteries die and sometimes it’s easier to scribble than tap.Notepad-and_pen_sets_orange


  1. Perfume

Freshening up your face is great but all those tiring hours throughout the day are bound to give you the sweats. So carry a small bottle of your favorite perfume or attar always to instantly to refresh your aura.3_perf_large


And some cash, of course.

April Beauty Box: Why Bipasha Basu’s Choice Should Be Yours Too

Hello beauties! As you all might know, The Label Life style editor, Bipasha Basu has handpicked this month’s Beauty Box. The Bong beauty cannot be doubted when it comes to beauty and wellness and that is exactly why we stand by her picks, no questions asked. The actress talks to us about her selection and tells us why the 5 products in the April Beauty Box must be in your vanity kit.about-img-5.jpg


  1. Rene Furterer Paris – Hair Care

The hair care range by Rene Furterer Paris is just the tonic your tresses and scalp need this summer. Fortified with a careful selection of nourishing essential oils, the products will nourish all kinds of hair – from dry to oily – hair from the roots all the ways to the tips.

Bipasha Says: “The Rene Furterer hair care range gives my hair a quick refreshing fix when I am forever stuck on sets.”rene_carthame_shampoo_800


  1. BBLUNT Spotlight Hair Polish

The BBLUNT hair polish gives the dullest of strands a glossy salon-like finish instantly. The nourishing formula rich in silk ilk proteins, provitamin B5 and vitamin E gives your hair maximum shine on the outside with supreme care from inside.

Bipasha Says: “This BBLUNT Hair Polish helps me get an impeccably flawless finish.”



  1. O3+ Milk Scrub

Fortified with real milk, the O3+ Milk Scrub exfoliates, cleanses and brightens your skin, while getting rid of white heads and black heads. Regular usage will leave your skin healthier, cleaner and lighter.

Bipasha Says: “(It) nourishes and exfoliates my skin without drying it out.”o3+ milk scrub


  1. Roberto Cavalli Paradiso Azzurro

A stimulating spring/summer fragrance, Paradiso Azzuro plays on the essence of the Mediterranean Coast. With a crisp breezy note followed by soft floral tones coupled with a woody base note of cypress and musk, the perfume is sultry hypnosis in a bottle.

Bipasha Says: “Just a dash of the Paradiso Azzuro by Roberto Cavalli leaves me with a sweet lingering fragrance.”Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 3.28.39 AM


  1. Fran Wilson MoodMatcher

This revolutionary range of lip stains by Fran Wilson provides 12-hour coverage without so much as a smudge. The fade-proof, smear-proof and most importantly kiss-proof formula is enriched with vitamins keeps your pout colored and moisturized for hours.

Bipasha Says: “The MoodMatcher lipsticks in all their brightness are perfect for a candid selfie, and they are so long lasting, I never have to do a single touch up!”moodmatcher


Now go ahead, order your box now!

Get Your Summer Game On With These Fashion & Lifestyle Essentials

blog_myenvybox_shoppingguide (1)Could it BE any hotter? (Yes, I’m a Chandler girl.) Summer just made it very clear that it ain’t showing no mercy. So why don’t we just give the annoyingly happy sunshine a royal ignore and drown our mind in some summer shopping? Here are 5 essentials that your wardrobe will thank you for this season.


  1. Nicobar Tora Dopp Kit

Time to revamp your make-up kit, ladies! Yes alright, you bought that totally dapper kit off Koovs recently, but your make-up could use some your jazz, right? Available in a lighter ‘oatmeal’ shade, this smart striped kit from Nicobar is not only spacious but also water repellant. Meaning, your spilt toner can’t get out as much as any liquid can’t get in!tora dopp


  1. Purearth Camomila Eye Serum

Give the area around your eyes the kiss of good health with this au naturale serum. Made with Himalayan Rosa Damascena floral water, aloe vera, cucumber and camomila extracts, the potion soothes, firms and rejuvenates the skin. Further, the serum is a one-touch solution to reduce fine lines and puffiness. No more dreading late-nights and hangovers!purearth serum


  1. Wood Geek Store The Journeyman Bamboo Glasses

Take your eye gear game to the beach with these uber chic handcrafted bamboo sunglasses by the Wood Geek. The wayfarer style sunglasses are super lightweight and the polarized lenses keep harmful glares away. The natural woody shade and texture just adds to the swank.journeyman


  1. Ogaan Peachoo

Ogaans new collection boasts of elegant drapes in lightweight fabrics adorned with tonal sequins and embroidery. The ensemble brings forth elegance and minimalism doused in a subtle palette of champagne and ivory make this the perfect outfit this season.ogaan peachoo dress


  1. Eesha Zaveri Dual Fox Earring

Add a dash of refreshing forest green to your attire with these edgy earrings by Eesha Zaveri. Made with green enamel set in matt gold, this accessory will definitely up your style game this summer.esha zaveri earrings


Seriously, you’re still sitting there?

10 Tips To Clean & Protect Your Jewelry

If diamonds are a girl’s BFF, then the rest of the pieces can easily qualify as close kin too. Therefore it is only fair to protect these fancy folks of yours with utmost care. Follow these 10 tips to keep your jewelry squeaky clean and protect them against damage.


  1. First and foremost, whether fake, real or semi-precious jewelry, every single piece of jewelry deserves a dry place devoid of humidity for storage. Lets not oxidize things on our own.JewelryStorageCabinet.jpg

Image: ecosalon


  1. Avoid taking your jewelry for swims, spas, sports, showers or any other activities that involve direct contact with rough surfaces, water, soap or chemicals.Cleaning-Your-Jewelry

Image: she12


  1. When getting ready, make sure to put on jewelry after your make up is done. Your foundation looks best only on your skin. Also, refrain from getting perfume on your ornaments to avoid tarnishing.backstage-beauty-tips-stylelist-canada-6


  1. Always use warm water to clean your jewelry and try not a clutter-free storage system for minimum abrasion.storage

Image: Jewelry and Daiquiri


  1. Gold doesn’t tarnish but it does get dull overtime owing to lotion, dirt or your body’s natural oils. The best way to restore the sheen is by dipping the piece in a mix of water and a very (VERY) mild detergent for a few minutes and then gently scrubbing it with a very soft – ideally baby – toothbrush. Rinse and wipe with a polishing cloth.gold


  1. Gold-plated items are exposed to wearing away of the coating so store them smartly. Either keep them in a velvet-lined box or wrap in a soft cloth before keeping. To clean up, gently wipe your jewelry with a damp cotton cloth. This will eliminate any dirt or dust on the surface. Alternatively, a non-abrasive polishing cloth too can help restore the shine.diamond-cleaning.png

Image: jemsjewelsandgold


  1. Silver – if not oxidized – is a delicate and soft metal and unless you’re aiming for a grunge look, you’ll want it scratch-free and shiny. Use either proper silver cleaning cloth or 100% cotton to wipe it up gently. Other materials like polyester, paper or coarse fabrics often contain wood fibers or synthetics that can cause tiny scratches in the surface of your fine sterling silver jewelry.silver

Image: montica


  1. Store stone-encrusted pieces, diamonds or gemstones separately. For example, before putting away stone earrings in a box, seal them both in different pouches to avoid scratches from rubbing together. Quick Tip: Never hold on to the stone while taking off diamond or stone encrusted pieces as this may cause the gem stone wriggle free.take-off-engagement-ring-0.jpg


  1. Diamonds – the BFF – require regular cleaning. soak the diamond in an ammonia-based household cleaner (such as window cleaner) overnight, once or twice weekly. In the morning, remove the diamond from the cleaner and brush it with a soft, clean toothbrush to remove any leftover dirt. Make sure you clean the back of the diamond well as this is the area that gathers most of the oil and dirt.Safely-Clean-Diamond-Ring-Step-3-Version-2

Image: wikihow


  1. Your pearls are extra sensitive so refrain from storing them with other articles. It is best to keep them in satin-lined boxes to keep scratches and nicks at bay. Cleaning up pearls is a delicate job and therefore make sure your cleaner is marked safe for the same and additionally, use a drop of olive oil to wipe your pearl pieces to retain the luster.pearl

Image: jjshouse


Time to care for your bling things!

5 Super Easy DIY Neem Treatments

You may have had an encounter this leafy wonder if you’ve ever had measles or pox or even acne prone skin. Neem is an excellent natural source of numerous medicinal benefits and although it’s a bit harsh on the palate, it is the best. Here are 5 neem concoctions you can brew at home.neem


  1. Face Pack

Neem leaves battle away acne, skin pigmentation, dry skin, acne, black heads and other skin infection. Regular usage of a good neem pack keeps your skin clear, healthy and glowing.


  1. Oil

The leaves are a great way of getting rid of scalp issues like dandruff, lice and also boosts hair growth. Massaging this potion into your roots regularly will leave you with long healthy locks to flaunt.


  1. Hair Rinse

An easy to make hair rinse, this one too treats all hair issues for thicker, longer and shinier hair like never before. P.s.! Be careful to not let it anywhere near your mouth.


  1. Soap

This neem soap is a great way of relieving your body of impurities. Neem also acts as a natural skin toner and its anti-bacterial properties make it a your skin’s natural doctor.


  1. Mosquito Repellant

It’s summer and the mosquitoes know it! Stir up this super economical and effective neem mosquito repellant in your own kitchen. Not only is it absolutely chemical free and gentle on the skin but also super-economical.


Get up and make friends with that neighbor with the neem tree in their garden!

7 Swanky Indian Labels To Quirk Up Your Dining Space


blog_myenvybox_shoppingguide (1) copyIndia is often romanticized with all things colorful, rustic and, well, spicy. The country is home to a number of vibrant art forms and techniques. Keeping up with that very vibrant Indian spirit, here are 7 Indian brands to help you give your dining space a kiss of quirk!


  1. Chumbak

The company was started out of the love for all things typically Indian, which were rendered on to key chains, magnets, etc. The offers a plethora of home décor and lifestyle of products like quirky crockery, printed coffee mugs, serve ware, eclectic pitchers – you name it.chumbak

Image: Chumbak


  1. Happily Unmarried

Probably one of India’s first widely popular brands to have rolled out cheeky products with cheekier quotes slapped across them. Happily Unmarried will be more than happy to dot your dining space with products screaming out ‘Daarubaaj Balma’ and ‘Tata Bye Bye’.happily unmarried

Image: Happily Unmarried


  1. LetterNote

LetterNote is commonly known for its range of refreshing and inspirational stationery that are meant to ‘spread good vibes’. But the brand also does a lot of dining products as well like teacups, coffee mugs and coasters doused in the same feel good vibe.letternote mug

Image: LetterNote


  1. The Elephant Company

TEC aims at making your ‘everyday life interesting’ and does an excellent job at it. The label offers products drenched in the essence of India complete with quirky motifs. Bring home their beautiful range of table linen, crockery, trays and lots more to brighten up your eating spot.tec plate

Image: The Elephant Company


  1. India Circus by Krsnaa Mehta

India Circus is a harmonious blend of quirky and composed. The label brings together the traditional arts and crafts of India and weaves them into beautiful stories. A gamut of stunning products like table runners, platters and Moroccan glasses make this one a sure shot keeper!india circus

Image: India Circus


  1. Kili

The Kili Shop is loaded with products like vibrant teapots, mugs, coasters, tray tables and place mats waiting to bring your dining space to life. Basically, the brand lets you bring home cows, auto rickshaws, scooters, taxis (kaali peeli) and even the Red Fort.the-arabic-city-kettle copy

Image: Kili Shop


  1. Play Clan

Play Clan gives the best of pop, Indian and quirk with products that are designed and painted with all that one identifies with the Indian subcontinent. Gift yourself some eclectic Purani Dilli tea coasters or start your day with the Nar-Nari Chai Mug Set.play clan

Image: Play Clan


Stop drooling, get re-decorating!

Beauty Meets Art In These Beautiful Illustration By Eric Canes

Design, art and beauty are all some of the many feathers of the same flock. And these ‘feathers’ are bound together by one common factor – aesthetics.

Trishla Chadha puts together five beautiful illustrations created by Eric Canes in one breathtaking compilation – ‘Face Off’. Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 5.45.56 AM

Each of these five masterpieces captures the essence of different forms of painting in a unique way, that is, through make-up. Have a look and know why is it that we can’t stop gushing about it.


  1. Abstract

An artistic oxymoron, abstract paintings are planned random placements. The elements individually are arbitrary but as a whole balance out the canvas beautifully.


  1. Doodle

Random musings and wanderings of the idle mind build the foundation for doodling, which is transferred in ink on to paper. Or in this case, the face.


  1. Dots

Scattering the main element – dots – yet maintaining balance is what this one’s all about. The illustration manages to drive the message home with the specks around the eyes balanced brilliantly with a solid. All in, of course, monochrome.


  1. Mixed Media

With a combination of three-dimensional embellishments, glitter dust and strokes of make up, the artist brings the spirit of this art form to reality.


  1. Surrealism

The characteristic quality of this form is the surprise and odd placement of elements, which Canes captures perfectly with the scattered stars.

blog: Artworks & Concept from L’officiel India


#MAKEININDIA: Your Shopping Guide To All Things Indian & Fabulous

blog_myenvybox_shoppingguideCliché as it may sound, there is no denying India’s rich aesthetic culture. The country is rich in its organics (yes Ayurveda, we’re looking at you) and scores high on the art and lifestyle charts as well.

So it is about time you pamper yourself with the gifts of this rich cultural hub. Shop these four Indian labels to add a dash of India to your vanity kit and home.


  1. Zariin

Zariin with its symphonic blend of neo-chic and traditional surprises you with each piece that it crafts. The brand thrives to create a magical experience with brilliant designs and breathtaking elements. Get ready to make a statement and turn heads with Zariin now available in a monthly designer jewelry box from yours trulynps151cst-necklace-frantview-875x1000


  1. Nappa Dori

Nappa Dori is one of the best examples of ‘East meets West’. The lifestyle label is an ode India, which it conveys beautifully through impeccably crafted leather goods. The brand has struck the perfect balance between the Indian soil and Western élan. Step up your style game with the finely handcrafted pieces at Nappa Dori. You know you want to…ikat-messenger---grey-_-white_-_copy


  1. Forest Essentials

Get in touch with Ayurveda in the most luxurious way possible. Forest Essentials stands for authentic and pure body care. The luxury Indian brand prides itself with products that narrate tales of ancient beauty rituals. Give your skin a kiss of Ayurveda as Envy Box celebrates 15 years of Forest Essentials with its February Boxradiance-cream


  1. Good Earth

If your body is getting a dash of India, can the living room be far behind? Indulge in some serious home re-decorating with Good Earth’s lavish and cosmic range of products. Loose yourself amidst the enchanting ballads these products sing to you. Yes, you’ll be going home with a truckload of bags and no, you won’t regret it. It’s about time you gave your home that makeover you’ve been postponing since forever.Bird-watch-cushion-from-the-Farah-Baksh-collection-at-Good-Earth copy