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Experience Paradise With Roberto Cavalli’s Paradiso Azzurro

The golden lights of the rising sun caress the Mediterranean Sea, stirring golden sparks on its deep blue waters. Bathed in a halo of light, she walks through her azure paradise above the cliff. Here, where time stands still, she has found a new Paradiso.

Following the success of its holiday fragrance, Paradiso, renowned fashion house Roberto Cavalli gives you spring in a bottle this season. Cavalli brings to you a sensational new fragrance ‘Paradiso Azzurro’. cav-paa

The fragrance was introduced earlier this year by perfumer Louise Turner. For this Mediterranean floral aromatic fragrance, she drew inspiration from a vivid mental image: a radiant flower blooming by the sea.

The refreshing aroma comprises soft blends and delicate notes of dewy flowers with a bright aromatic counterpoint, evoking the caressing sea breeze. Between charm and sensuousness, this evocative fragrance weaves a unique tale of seduction.

‘Paradiso Azzurro’ literally means a blue paradise and the gorgeous glass bottle is an exact representation of the same.Presented in a bejeweled bottle that gives us a peek into the brilliant blue, the perfume is the perfect accessory for the free-spirited woman, moving through her life with grace and elegance.roberto-cavalli-paradiso-azzurro-fragranza-L-oB7h5f

“She is a bold and utterly feminine creature who irradiates a sophisticated glamour without being afraid to assert her natural seductiveness.” These were the exact words used by designer Roberto Cavalli to describe supermodel Edita Vilkeviviute, the gorgeous face of Paradiso Azzurro.

The mesmerising perfume stands for a woman with exquisite charm.She’s radiant, she’s fierce and she’s got the world rooting for her. Photographer Mario Sorrenti beautifully captures the essence of the Paradiso Azzurro woman. Have a look!Roberto-Cavalli-Paradiso-Azzurro_cover

Get your bottle of this heavenly perfume now to turn heads and give your aura a hint of the luxurious and refreshing Mediterranean.

P.S. Even Bipasha Basu agrees!

Tips from the BEST in the business



ELLE: What’s the key to looking red-carpet ready?
Eva Mendes: Exercising helps me look and feel great on the red carpet. When I’m in shape, I feel more confident and people really notice that. It also keeps your body and skin looking healthy.

ELLE: How do you stay fit?
EM: I try to do something every day. I love walking and hiking (in my Reebok EasyTones). I also love running, I ran track in high school and I’m still pretty good at it. And I do some light weights to complement my cardio work.

ELLE: What keeps you motivated?
EM: I keep switching my exercise routine and that helps me stay motivated. I love trying new activities and being outdoors. I also enjoy good food – pasta, Cuban food, chocolate – and that’s another great motivation to get out and exercise.

ELLE: Your diet includes…
EM: A lot of fruit and vegetables – I try to always have some around for a snack, in case I get hungry. I also love grilled fish – especially salmon.

ELLE: And your indulgences?
EM: I don’t believe in denying myself anything and it’s no secret that I love chocolate. But for the most part, I have a healthy balanced diet, so if I indulge, I don’t punish myself.

ELLE: How do you de-stress?
EM: I do yoga. I try to find time to meditate every morning to make sure I’m centred and focused. Exercising not only helps me stay fit mentally and physically, but is also a great stress buster.

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