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7 Make Up Removers To Try Out This Summer

Gorgeous as we look with all the beautifying pancake on our face, it is also important to get rid of it before our beauty snooze. Why? Because, your skin needs to breathe too and moreover, sleeping with your make up on ruins the natural glow of your face. So put your skin care hat on and indulge in our selection of make-up removers.


  1. MAC Cleanse Off Oil

An oil-based concoction (well, duh-uh), the Cleanse Off Oil is not a “breakout siren”. It is in fact suited for all skin types (even really oil skin types). Owing to its strong oil base, you can be rest assured that this one’s not going to leave even a slight trace of make up on your skin.mac-cleanse-off-oil


  1. NARS Gentle Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover

This mild formula enriched with cucumber and chamomile gently wipes away even the slightest traces of waterproof eye make up to leave your skin clean and refreshed.nars-eye-makeup-remover


  1. Dr. Jart+ Dermaclear Micro Water

The immensely effective all-in-one formula by Dr, Jart+, the Dermaclear Micro Water cleans and conditions your skin in one go. The make-up remover dabs away the make-up, while simultaneously ridding your skin of impurities and brightening it.dr-jart-dermaclear


  1. Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes – Hydrating

These Neutrogena Towelettes are easy to carry, hassle-free to use and super effective. With one gentle swipe, the cleansing sheets condition, soothe and cleanse the skin. The hydrating formula is effective even on waterproof make up (yup, even waterproof mascara).neutrogena towelettes


  1. Clinique Take The Day Off (For Lid, Lashed & Lips)

The lids, lashes and lip make up remover by Clinique wipes away even the most stubborn of waterproof mascara in a jiffy. The formula is super gentle on the lashes and causes about zero irritation.clinique-take-the-day-off-remover


  1. Dior Instant Cleansing Water

A make up removing grail for all skin types, the Instant Cleansing Water tones and cleans the skin in one easy step. Fortified with powerful micelles, the formula traps all impurities and traces of makeup for soft and clean skin.dior instant cleansing water


  1. Lancôme Bi-Facil Double-Action Eye Makeup Remover

A highly lauded make up remover, this product by Lancôme mildly cleanses your skin to reveal squeaky-clean skin. The bi-facial formula features a lipid phase that whisks away eye make up; and the water phase, which conditions the skin without a greasy residue.gallery-1462204415-lancome-bi-facial-makeup-remover


Feeling fresh and clean already, are we?

7 Common Beauty Myths Busted

How many times have you put away a particular product because someone told you it causes acne; emptied your wallet because expensive make up is obviously better than inexpensive ones? Or even guzzled down gallons thinking it’ll heal dry skin? Lost count, right?

Sorry (not really) to burst your bubble but more often than not, what you think is a beauty “tip” is really a myth. We’ve debunked 7 most common ones for you!


  1. Oily Skin Needs Little Moisturizing

Nope, not rue. Oily skin needs proper hydration as well. In fact, oil and creams can actually result in the skin producing lesser oil in the long run. Also, if you leave your skin sans any moisturizer, it will overcompensate by producing more oil.Oily-skin


  1. Make Up Causes Acne

Only if you cake your face with it and refuse to remove it properly before going to bed everyday. Foundations and concealers are formatted in a way so as to not clog your pores. That said, not taking it off at the end of the day using a proper cleanser or make up remover will cause acne.woman applying dry cosmetic tonal foundation on the face


  1. Skin Gets Used To The Skin Care Products

… And they eventually stop working. Okay, that’s like saying, “your body will stop reacting to healthy diet and carrots will no longer give you a good eyesight”. Your skin does show more improvement to certain products initially because in the longer run it will already have improved, Einstein! Just like continued carrot consumption will not give you a 10/6 eyesight.

Though this does stand true in the case of shampoos. Your hair, unlike the skin, builds a resistance to the same concoction over time. So it is okay to switch your hair care product every once in six months.hair-skin-care-products-1411691


  1. Water Heals Dry Skin

Here’s the thing, beauty ain’t math. If skin minus hydration is dry skin then dry skin plus lots of water won’t make it healthy and plump. Dry skin means a damaged skin cells (or as the folks in lab coats call it – intercellular matrix). So a lot more than good ol’ H2O goes into restoring the moisture of your skin. Think creams, hydrating balms and the works.skin-are


  1. Shaving Results In Thicker Hair

Seriously, who even started this? Half my life has been a bout of guilt post the shaving. Fact is, shaving has zero effect on hair thickness or growth. The prickly spokes that grow back are actually the thicker part of the hair shaft because the razor cuts the hair straight across the shaft which is why stubble feels harder.

And while we are at it, know this too: waxing more often will not reduce hair growth or make it thinner. There may be short-term thinning but in the long run the hairy nature of your limbs remain unimpeded.shaving-legs_2718931b


  1. Organic Beats Chemical

There is hardly a soul that isn’t harping about the pros of au naturale beauty regime. Hell, even I’m a sucker for all things organic and ayurvedic but that doesn’t make the products available in the market any less effective or good. For example, many antioxidants are naturally derived, but by the time they are extracted, purified and processed, they are far from their natural beginnings. So unless you completely trust the source of your organic paraphernalia, don’t dive into it.natural-makeup-may-not-be-safe-537x402


  1. Plucking Grey Hair Will Cause Two More To Grow In Its Place

Ladies, it’s a grey hair, not your enemy’s revenge. Irony is that the myth-starting grey hair is also associated with having wisdom. Anywho, getting rid of the silver strands will not result in two more sprouting in its place, but it also won’t stop your hair from greying. Because, genetics.Everything-You-Need-to-Know-About-Gray-Hair_1


Also, Rachael Ray is not the “Becky with the good hair”. Just saying.

7 Organic Hacks To Get Rid Of That Stubborn Acne

ACNE FEATUREWhat’s your first reaction when you see a sore red spot on your face that holds the potential to take all of people’s attention away from the rest of you? Pop it, right? Here’s a fact, that’s the worst option. Quick but horrible. Not only is it utterly painful and messy, it can ruin your skin in the long run.

So instead of popping try out these few simply tricks to shoo away that pimple and keep acne at bay.


  1. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera shoots down three problems with just one fire. The plant gel in addition to reducing redness and inflammation also cools down your skin and reduces oiliness. Look for a good gel in the market or simply scrape some off a plant, mix it with a little water and apply.Aloe Vera


  1. Honey & Cinnamon

A tad sticky, yes but it works wonders. Infact the stickiness comes in handy as it takes away with all the oil and dirt from your skin. Apply a mask made of two tablespoons of honey with a teaspoon of ground cinnamon and leave on for 10 minutes before rinsing off.


  1. Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil is rich in anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties making it ideal for acne removal and treatment. Just apply the oil over the affected area using a Q-tip or wool ball.tea tree


  1. Basil

Grab some fresh basil leaves – even a bottle of dried basil will do – and soak it in 2-3 tablespoons of warm water. Apply the paste on your face for about 10 minutes, 4-5 times a week and you’ll see a marked difference!basil


  1. Lemon & Honey

Lemon and honey are the Batman & Robin of acne treatment. Stir in a tablespoon of honey with a tablespoon of lemon juice and apply on affected area and over acne marks. Do this for 5-6 times a week and there will be visible reduction in your acne woes. Although be careful and refrain from applying over aggravated pimples as it may result in a burning sensation.


  1. Cucumber & Lemon

Cool as a cucumber is for a reason such a famous metaphor. The vegetable turns down the redness and heals cools the inflamed area. Make a paste of grated cucumber and three teaspoons of lemon juice. Apply it to your skin and rinse off with cool water after 10-15 minutes.


  1. Mint

Goes without saying that mint is an excellent cooling agent. The leaves not only calm down the skin but also work as an astringent. A paste made of overnight soaked mint leaves will combat the angry redness of the pimple and reduce its size as well. If used regularly, this ayurvedic treatment rids your skin of stubborn acne marks as well.mint

Other natural treatments include easily accessible ingredients like garlic, cloves, raw papaya, neem, nutmeg and lots more. There’s nothing Mama Nature cannot solve! 🙂



7 Swanky Indian Labels To Quirk Up Your Dining Space


blog_myenvybox_shoppingguide (1) copyIndia is often romanticized with all things colorful, rustic and, well, spicy. The country is home to a number of vibrant art forms and techniques. Keeping up with that very vibrant Indian spirit, here are 7 Indian brands to help you give your dining space a kiss of quirk!


  1. Chumbak

The company was started out of the love for all things typically Indian, which were rendered on to key chains, magnets, etc. The offers a plethora of home décor and lifestyle of products like quirky crockery, printed coffee mugs, serve ware, eclectic pitchers – you name it.chumbak

Image: Chumbak


  1. Happily Unmarried

Probably one of India’s first widely popular brands to have rolled out cheeky products with cheekier quotes slapped across them. Happily Unmarried will be more than happy to dot your dining space with products screaming out ‘Daarubaaj Balma’ and ‘Tata Bye Bye’.happily unmarried

Image: Happily Unmarried


  1. LetterNote

LetterNote is commonly known for its range of refreshing and inspirational stationery that are meant to ‘spread good vibes’. But the brand also does a lot of dining products as well like teacups, coffee mugs and coasters doused in the same feel good vibe.letternote mug

Image: LetterNote


  1. The Elephant Company

TEC aims at making your ‘everyday life interesting’ and does an excellent job at it. The label offers products drenched in the essence of India complete with quirky motifs. Bring home their beautiful range of table linen, crockery, trays and lots more to brighten up your eating spot.tec plate

Image: The Elephant Company


  1. India Circus by Krsnaa Mehta

India Circus is a harmonious blend of quirky and composed. The label brings together the traditional arts and crafts of India and weaves them into beautiful stories. A gamut of stunning products like table runners, platters and Moroccan glasses make this one a sure shot keeper!india circus

Image: India Circus


  1. Kili

The Kili Shop is loaded with products like vibrant teapots, mugs, coasters, tray tables and place mats waiting to bring your dining space to life. Basically, the brand lets you bring home cows, auto rickshaws, scooters, taxis (kaali peeli) and even the Red Fort.the-arabic-city-kettle copy

Image: Kili Shop


  1. Play Clan

Play Clan gives the best of pop, Indian and quirk with products that are designed and painted with all that one identifies with the Indian subcontinent. Gift yourself some eclectic Purani Dilli tea coasters or start your day with the Nar-Nari Chai Mug Set.play clan

Image: Play Clan


Stop drooling, get re-decorating!

7 Genius Products To Walk You Through Your Beauty Regime

Unless you are a pro, things like eye shadow on your cheekbones or bleeding lip colours are inevitable. But hey, what do those genius brains in product development at beauty companies get paid for? Here are seven genius inventions that’ll make your make up routine a cakewalk.


  1. Tweezerman Smooth Finish Facial Hair Remover

Avoid the plight having facial hair waxed, threaded or tweezed out with this coil. Simply roll over the coil to get hair-free smooth skin – with minimal torture.tweezerman-smooth-finish-facial-hair-remover


  1. E.L.F. Studio Mascara & Shadow Shield

What looks like an animated moon propped on a stick, is actually a brilliant way of avoiding mascara and eye shadow smeared all over your face. Hold it under your eyes when doing your eyes and you’ll never use a wipe again!elf-studio-mascara-and-shadow-shield


  1. Water Color Hydrating Hair Color Mask

This hair mask while hydrating your tresses, adds fresh pastel and neon shades to them that can last up to five washes.grid-cell-9302-1384290470-12


  1. Make Up For Ever Aqua Seal

Stop investing in expensive waterproof face paint and turn any product (cream, eyeshadow, foundation, cream liner, lipstick) waterproof with just a few drops of this transparent liquid.enhanced-buzz-26954-1384203472-10


  1. Magnifibres Brush-On False Lashes

Who needs false lashes when you can simply apply a stroke of this liquid to get the same effect? The product enhances your lashes by adding tiny fibers which, you can layer with your mascara.grid-cell-26388-1384205087-16


  1. Violent Lips Lip Tattoos

Drink, eat and “make merry” without smearing your lip colour. The lip tattoo stays loyal to our lips and doesn’t come off for eight hours. The company also does eye tattoos so wink and pout away!violent-lips-lip-tattoos


  1. Jane Iredale’s Magic Mitt

Save yourself the tedious job of taking off make up with remover wipes and cleanser with this magic mitt which, simply wipes off all the fancy paint with just water.enhanced-buzz-24558-1384202980-38