7 Organic Hacks To Get Rid Of That Stubborn Acne

ACNE FEATUREWhat’s your first reaction when you see a sore red spot on your face that holds the potential to take all of people’s attention away from the rest of you? Pop it, right? Here’s a fact, that’s the worst option. Quick but horrible. Not only is it utterly painful and messy, it can ruin your skin in the long run.

So instead of popping try out these few simply tricks to shoo away that pimple and keep acne at bay.


  1. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera shoots down three problems with just one fire. The plant gel in addition to reducing redness and inflammation also cools down your skin and reduces oiliness. Look for a good gel in the market or simply scrape some off a plant, mix it with a little water and apply.Aloe Vera


  1. Honey & Cinnamon

A tad sticky, yes but it works wonders. Infact the stickiness comes in handy as it takes away with all the oil and dirt from your skin. Apply a mask made of two tablespoons of honey with a teaspoon of ground cinnamon and leave on for 10 minutes before rinsing off.


  1. Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil is rich in anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties making it ideal for acne removal and treatment. Just apply the oil over the affected area using a Q-tip or wool ball.tea tree


  1. Basil

Grab some fresh basil leaves – even a bottle of dried basil will do – and soak it in 2-3 tablespoons of warm water. Apply the paste on your face for about 10 minutes, 4-5 times a week and you’ll see a marked difference!basil


  1. Lemon & Honey

Lemon and honey are the Batman & Robin of acne treatment. Stir in a tablespoon of honey with a tablespoon of lemon juice and apply on affected area and over acne marks. Do this for 5-6 times a week and there will be visible reduction in your acne woes. Although be careful and refrain from applying over aggravated pimples as it may result in a burning sensation.


  1. Cucumber & Lemon

Cool as a cucumber is for a reason such a famous metaphor. The vegetable turns down the redness and heals cools the inflamed area. Make a paste of grated cucumber and three teaspoons of lemon juice. Apply it to your skin and rinse off with cool water after 10-15 minutes.


  1. Mint

Goes without saying that mint is an excellent cooling agent. The leaves not only calm down the skin but also work as an astringent. A paste made of overnight soaked mint leaves will combat the angry redness of the pimple and reduce its size as well. If used regularly, this ayurvedic treatment rids your skin of stubborn acne marks as well.mint

Other natural treatments include easily accessible ingredients like garlic, cloves, raw papaya, neem, nutmeg and lots more. There’s nothing Mama Nature cannot solve! 🙂



5 Mud Masks You Need To Try Right Now!

mud packThe benefits of mud therapy are manifold. For starters, did you know that the simple application of mud can help in treating acne, skin afflictions like eczema and also calms down and relaxes your skin? And this isn’t even the tip of the iceberg. Here are 5 mud packs that you need to add to your skin care regime right away!


  1. H20+ Plus Sea Mineral Mud Mask

Enhanced with rich sea minerals and the goodness of natural mud, this mask is a boon for oily skin. The potion rejuvenates the skin by balancing and purifying the oily pores to give a smooth and clean finish.276484_250x0


  1. Richfeel Mud Pack

Suitable for all skin types, Richfeel’s mud pack is fortified with nourishing sea minerals that protect and nurture the skin by tightening the pores, removing dead cells and toning the skin.Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 3.33.51 AM


  1. Forest Essentials Facial Ubtan Multani Mitti

Fortified with natural ingredients like turmeric, fenugreek and neem along with multani mitti, this ubtan rids your top layer of blemishes and cares for it from within. The pack gives you a radiant glow and helps decrease pigmentation as well.1245063_250x0


  1. Biotique Bio Mud

Revitalize your skin with the power of magnesium, calcium and iodine mineral salts, and essential oils of basil, geranium, lavender and peppermint that uplift and tighten your skin for a firmer and younger look.biotique-bio-mud-ageless-firming-revitalizing-face-pack-235g-medium_6cc33ab0c8c90fc8d40c2cb9b2e12985


  1. Fabindia Haldi Chandan Mud Pack

This mud pack is enhanced with the goodness of turmeric and sandalwood to give your skin thrice the benefits. The mix clears the skin and regular usage leaves it a few tones lighter.Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 3.33.41 AM


So which one’s your pick?


5 Amazing Benefits Of Treating Your Skin With Turmeric

ayurveda ingredients turmericTurmeric or haldi is a multi-tasking Ayurvedic Indian spice. It is widely used for culinary purposes across the Indian sub-continent as well as in innumerable ways to nurture the skin and hair. The ingredient is rich in a number of antioxidants and hence makes for an excellent skincare component.

Here are 5 major benefits of using this wonder spice on your skin.


  1. Skin Firming

Turmeric promotes cell regeneration and growth, keeping the skin’s elasticity intact. This property also prevents the skin from sagging and wrinkling.

Kama Ayurveds Muscle Tone Firming Treatment Oilkama ayurveda turmeric firming oil


  1. Anti-Bacterial Agent

Turmeric works wonders on cuts and burns on the skin and speeds up the healing process. The spice can either be applied externally as a thick paste made with honey, or can be ingested as a tablet or mixed with milk. Apart, from its healing properties, haldi also heals skin disorders like eczema, acne, etc.

Pure Earth Turmeric & Saffron Face & Body Barpure earth turmeric face body bar


  1. Reduces Pigmentation

This Ayurvedic element is great at evening out the skin’s complexion. Not only does regular use polish the skin and brighten it, regular usage also rids your skin of tan and improves skin texture.

Forest Essentials Facial Ubtan Multani Mittiforest essentials mulltani mitti


  1. Anti-Aging

Owing to its high anti-oxidant contents, turmeric reverses your skin’s clock as well. The spice reduces wrinkles and brings back the youthful radiance of your skin, leaving it healthy and young.

Suganda Turmeric Sandalwood Soapsuganda turmeric


  1. Controls Oily Skin

Haldi is a boon for people with oily skin. Masks made with sandalwood, turmeric and orange zest visibly reduces the face’s oiliness and softens up rough patches.

Pure Earth Turmeric Exfoliating Face Sandpure earth turmeric face sand

SkinYoga Fresh Orange Body Scrubskinyoga turmeric



It’s Wednesday all you lovely people and this week’s #WISHLISTWEDNESDAY is an ode to Ayurvedic prophecies. Get ready to heal your skin with the kiss of organics and all things herbal. Here are the products that we are dreaming, wishing, hoping and praying to lay our hands on this season!


  1. Forest Essentials Oudh & Green Tea Body Mist

Infused with fresh aromatic wood and the goodness of green tea, this body mist leaves a long lasting trail on your skin. The natural ingredients impart a warming and refreshing effect whilst hydrating the skin.forest essentials body mist


  1. Khadi Natural™ Herbal Cinnamon Essential Oil

Heal your body with the herbal goodness of cinnamon extracts. The essential oil is an excellent potion to rid your skin and body of bacteria, infections, internal discomforts (like indigestion, flu, etc.) and purify your system from inside out.khadi-natural-15-cinnamon-essential-oil-original-imae2xjcahucqwpg


  1. Fabindia Organic Face Under Eye Cream

Concocted with 100% natural and organic ingredients including aloe vera, glycerine, sugarcane extracts, cucumber extracts, essential oils and natural spring water, the under eye cream soothes and nourishes the extra-sensitive are around the eyes. It also reduces wrinkles, smoothens crow’s feet and clears under eye bags.20120321-fabindia-organic-face-eye-undreyecrm-big


  1. Kama Ayurveda Foot Cream

This nourishing foot cream is just what you need for flawless picturesque feet. Made of 100% pure and natural sweet almond and coconut oils, Shea and coco butter, Vitamin A, E and minerals, it relieves dryness, removes dead skin cells and heals cracked heals, making your heels soft and supple. The essential oils refresh tired feet while the Organic Aloe Vera juice protects the skin.foot-cream-group_1 copy


  1. Biotique BXL Cellular Nourishing Cream

Turn around your skin’s clock with this anti-ageing wizard enriched with au naturale saffron, turmeric, pistachio and almond extracts. The formula restores firmness, reduces wrinkles and regenerates radiance making your skin look younger and feel healthier.50_ml_bxl_jars_saffron_dew_1000x1000_1


Find us on FacebookTwitter or Instagram and share your lists with us, and the next #WISHLISTWEDNESDAY could be dedicated to you and your selection!

5 Ayurvedic Hair Tips For Flawless Tresses

hair remedies featAyurvedic studies and scriptures have the answer to all our health and beauty woes. From heart ailments to hair fall, the study knows how to solve it all. And how. Ayurveda vouches for ingredients that are all organic and natural, giving results that are chemical-free and nothing less than magical.

Follow these simple DIY remedies at home for a natural bounce and shine in your tresses.


  1. Amla (Indian Gooseberry)

Amla, a Vitamin C rich fruit, is commonly eaten to purify blood, improve digestion and even loose weight. The high levels of Vitamin C make it ideal for nourishing your locks from within.


Take powdered or dried amla and make a homogenous paste in warm water. Use it to cover your scalp evenly and wash off after 20 minutes. Not only does this keep your hair healthy but also makes it dense and black.


  1. Methi (Fenugreek)

A widely used and famous household name, which is definitely sitting in your kitchen right now, methi too has amazing qualities to boost hair growth.


Depending on your hair length, grind the appropriate amount of slightly roasted methi and make a paste of it in warm water. Apply it evenly over your scalp, keep it on for 20 minutes and rinse off.


  1. Aloe Vera

This known skin foster is also a source of nutrients to give your hair a chemical-free shine and bounce. The plant extracts clean, protect and prevent your tresses against external impurities.


Mix aloe vera latex from the plant and some water in a bowl. Transfer this mix into a spray bottle and add your choice of essential oil (coconut and almond give best results) and shake well. Simply spray this light leave-in mix on to your hair for unbelievable manageable hair.


  1. Bhringraj (False Daisy)

Also known as the ‘king of herbs’, Bhringraj owes this title to its excellent hair growth-boosting qualities. A regular dose of this herb can result in beautiful long hair.


Make a paste of the leaves and apply it on your scalp for some time before washing it off. Alternatively, you can use dried Bhringraj as well. Mix 5-6 tablespoons of the powder in warm water and apply the paste for 20 minutes before washing off.


  1. Jatamansi (Muskroot)

The muskroot or Indian Spikenard is great for waning blood impurities and also giving your complexion a healthy glow.


You can use this herb in two ways – consuming and applying. The quicker way is to consume it in the form of a tablet, which should not be more than 6mg; or you could even make a paste out of the dried herb (or powder) and water and apply it to your scalp before washing your hair.

Nourish Your Body With The Goodness Of Sandalwood

Often romanticized with brilliant fragrance, sandalwood is also a key ingredient in organic and Ayurvedic skin care potions. Obtained from the Santalum trees, the component is also known for its importance in a number of religious rituals and its antiseptic and medical qualities.

Sandalwood can be used in the form of powder, paste and oil that, can further be modifies into creams, packs and soaps fortified with other elements. Treat your skin to the nourishing qualities of sandalwood with these products.Sandal


  1. Forest Essentials Extra Rich Body Massage Oil

An aromatic oil enhanced with cold pressed organic sweet almond oil with bala, ashwagantha, Mysore sandalwood and vetiver essential oils, the massage oil tones, relaxes and nourishes the skin leaving it healthy and supple.fec0214039


  1. Khadi Sandalwood Face Pack

The all-natural face pack by Khadi Natural™ is enriched with the goodness of sandalwood and almond. The pack is suitable for dry skin and helps cleanse the skin by unclogging the pore and removing dead skin.khadi-sandalwood-face-pack-50-g_1_display_1448013909_8ce8efbc_350x350


  1. Ananda Nourishing Sandalwood Lotion

Rid your skin of patchy dryness and dehydration with this nourishing lotion by Ananda. Fortified with generous amounts of sandalwood, the cream heals the skin completely by battling away inflammation and wryness.14293_1


  1. SkinYoga Sandalwood Saffron Face Mask

This saffron and sandalwood face mask has manifold effects on your skin. The sandalwood eases out wrinkles and dryness, while the saffron makes the skin softer, lighter and brighter.793104_1000x0


  1. Ananda Light Moisturiser

Infused with balancing rose and hydrating sandalwood, this moisturizer is a tonic for all skin types. The rose extracts stimulate cell renewal and the sandalwood replenishes and reverses visible signs of ageing, leaving your face supple and younger-looking.d8563061df79303a15a7c1ece341dde3


  1. Suganda Turmeric Sandalwood Soap

Capture your youth with this soap by Suganda. Bathed in turmeric, sandalwood and natural essential oils like curcumin, your skin will younger and healthier than ever. The soap works wonders on oily skin, scars, acne and eczema and leaves a tantalizing sandalwood trail on your skin.71vDe7wva-L._SY355_


Let your skin know what it feels to be young and healthy all over again!

5 Ayurvedic Face Packs With Love From India


FACE MASKS FEATThe Indian subcontinent is known for a number of things spicy, erotic (ahem) and healthy. Ayurveda (or life knowledge) is one that falls in the last category, which has taken the health and beauty industry by storm. And for good reason. It boasts of beauty and health secrets with all things natural, and who doesn’t love a wholesome dose of that?

Here are five organic face packs that you can concoct at home for flawlessly healthy and glowing skin.

  1. Pumpkin & Fig Face Pack




2 figs

2 pumpkin slices

1 tsp almond oil


Make a smooth paste of all the ingredients and apply it evenly on clean skin and rinse off after 10-15 minutes. Don’t cringe, because the fig and pumpkin mix is going to leave your skin hydrated, cleansed and bright like never before.

  1. Sandalwood Mask



2 tbsp sandalwood powder

2-3 tsp rose water (or water)


Make a smooth paste of the sandalwood powder and rose water and spread it evenly over your face. Let it stay until dry, about 10 minutes, and wash off with cold water. The treatment will leave you with a visible glow.

  1. Rice Scrub



1 tbsp fine rice

1 tbsp sandalwood powder

½ tbsp. raw milk

1 tbsp besan (gram flour)

2-3 tsp rose water

½ tbsp. conch shell powder (optional)


Mix all the ingredients well and apply it over washed skin. The au naturale scrub cleanses the pores while hydrating and brightening the skin. The added conch shell powder acts as a wonderful weapon against acne. For best results, use the scrub atleast once a week.

  1. Honey & Lemon Mask



1 tbsp organic honey

1 tsp lime juice


Wash your face clean and apply the mix on your face (avoiding areas around the eyes). Rinse off with cold water after 10-15 minutes. This natural – and tad sticky – pack is an excellent antioxidant and moisturizes your skin for a lighter face and clean pores.

  1. Marigold Face Pack



A handful of marigold flowers (genda)

2-3 tbsp raw milk

1 tbsp organic honey


Making a pack out of decoration may sound a tad off, but it works. Mix the flower petals with the honey and milk and make a paste (it’s okay to have bits of petals). Apply this paste to your face and leave it on for 10-15 minutes before you wash it with lukewarm water. Apart from a mesmerizing aroma, the pack also has amazing antibacterial and antiseptic properties that battle away stubborn acne.

Going greener: Natural & organic skincare

go green

It can sometimes be difficult to make the distinction between the main categories of organic, natural and Ayurvedic. “All three kinds of beauty are based on ingredients that are derived from plants, minerals and clays,” says Anita Lal, creative director of GOODEARTH, who launched Amritam, a natural range of skincare products. Here’s a lowdown by the experts.


“Products that use plant extracts are considered natural,” says Guillaume Geslin, general manager of the Indian branch L’Occitane En Provence, which has remained an all-natural company since its conception in France in 1976. Plant-based dyes, herbs, mineral powders and essential oils also make appearances in natural products. Keep an eye out when reading the labels though. Says Mira Kulkarni of Forest Essentials, “The FDA defines natural products as processed without preservatives or additives, and requires a list of ingredients on all products. However, there is no regulation other than that. So even if a product has only one ingredient that is natural, the label can state that it is ‘All Natural’ and there is nothing that can prevent it.”loccitane-fw12-new-940x360

 Check out natural products from L’Occitane En Provence


“Organic cosmetics include only natural, vegetable-origin, raw materials, which were grown without chemical additives or pesticides. The active ingredients are produced using natural and environment-friendly procedures (cold processing methods),” says Kulkarni. Organic cosmetics and skincare use no petrochemicals, sulphates, hydrogenated or artificial preservatives. In much the same way as with food, for a product to qualify as organic, it must have had very little to no interaction with chemicals at all. There are government bodies that regulate organic beauty products, which go through similar tests and quality controls to organic food. “Both natural and Ayurvedic skincare can be organic,” says Lal, “as long as the plants have been grown without pesticides and petrochemical fertilizers.”berry-refined-group-lr

Check out MY ENVY BOX organic range from EMINENCE ORGANICS


Rahul Kale, founder of Iraya, says, “There are no side effects to the ingredients used in Ayurvedic beauty products. In addition to this, they have medicinal properties and hence therapeutic effects.” Dry, flaky skin falls under the vata category; sensitive skin is often classified as pitta; oily skin, prone to large pores and acne breakouts, tends to fall under the kapha skin type. Ayurveda uses medicinal herbs to address skin issues in addition to prescribing several natural recipes for beauty, the ingredients of which can often be found in the kitchen.


Green Labels

Sans titre 1

There are several bodies that regulate beauty brands’ organic or natural claims. Each has different criteria for inclusion, but they all operate with the consumer’s best interest in mind.

1. The US Department of Agriculture regulates food ingredients found in cosmetics through the National Organic Program. This is the most stringent of all the certifications as only products which contain over 95 per cent organic ingredients can bear the label.
2. Established in France in 1991 by agronomists, Ecocert is an inspection and certification body for natural and organic cosmetics.
3. Ayurvedic certification is done by AYUSH, a department of the Indian government. It provides Ayurvedic manufacturing licenses for authentic Ayurvedic product formulations.
4. The National Programme for Organic Production, or NPOP, regulates the production of all organic products in India and also provides training on various aspects of organic production.
5. “In addition to these the government is set to launch the Quality Council of India, or QCI, that will introduce a more recognised certification for Ayurvedic products,” says Shannon Gomes of Comfort Zone.