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5 Lipsticks That Will Up Your Pout Game

Before you give this read a pass, let me tell you that I am not enlisting this season’s hottest lipstick shades. This list is in fact a compilation of the craziest R&Ds in the lip care and make up arena. From color-changing sticks to annoyingly perfect lip tattoos, here are 5 lip products that are anything but ordinary.


  1. Fran Wilson Mood Matcher

The sticks are available in a bunch of regular and some not-so-regular shades. Here’s the catch though, once you wear the lipstick, it changes color. Now, I don’t mean like a traffic signal but more like different shades pink, russet, maroon, et al, depending on your “body chemistry”. Also, the stubborn 12-hour formula enriched with Aloe and vitamin E is not going to fade whether you eat, drink or scoff down an entire human.moodmatcher


  1. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Crème Colour Concentrate

The 100% vegan and cruelty free make up cake by OCC can be used as an eye shadow, blush and lip stain. Enriched with emollients and humectants including aloe leaf extract, cocoa extract, and vitamin E, the smooth and super velvety texture coupled with gorgeous shades like golden, silver and bronze give a perfect matte metallic finish.obsessive compulsive


  1. Berrisom Peel Off Lip Tint

A Korean trend (of course), the peel-off lip colours are brilliant, actually. The three-step apply, peel and pout process is slightly time consuming but the results are mind blowing! And though this one might not be advisable for the impatient but if you can live through the tad lengthy application process, it’s worth the lip exfoliation.berrisom_mt_001_light-500x500


  1. MAC Lipstick Halsey

Grey is subtle – it’s neither endearing like black nor overly tranquil like white. It’s gorgeous and it’s on a stick inside a MAC case! The offbeat yet gorgeous slate grey lipstick by MAC is not much, still everything. The sultry grey is bold and when it’s on that pout, it’s nothing short of unique and strong.Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 5.24.14 AM


  1. KA’OIR Glitzstick

The Glizstick Collection by KA’OIR is the perfect reason to step out of your matte-fied comfort zone and indulge in some crazy glitter. The Glitzstick comes as a box of shimmery lip glitters that can be patted onto your favorite lip stain or you could go ahead and buy yourself an entire Glitzstick package wherein you get the base color, the glitz and a complimentary applicator stick. The shades range from a brilliant white to a bold black. If you’re one for a little less OTT, try their Sparkle from the Lip Pop collection. Less shimmer and shine but tantamount chic!


Your best selfie is just a pout away!

The Biggest Beauty Trends To Flaunt In 2016

2015 saw a lot of contouring, nudes and glitter in places that were, well, unorthodox. With celebs sporting flawlessly illuminated faces to us simpletons blending food and beauty, the year adventurous to say the least. Keeping up with the spirit of experiment and splendor, here is what 2016 will be filling your social media feeds with.


  1. Glitter Roots

Following the ombre look, this year hair stylists and fashionistas will be vouching for adding some dazzling shine to your hair roots.glitter roots


  1. Big Lips

The lip colors will get a lot of attention this year, as the bold lips will make a re-appearance. From flawlessly tattooed to impeccably lined, 2016 will be all about that puckering pout.dark-lips-trend


  1. Stiletto Nails

Ditch those neatly manicured round and rectangular nails for a sharper look. The almond or stiletto nails will be the ‘it’ ting this year.almond nails


  1. The ‘X’ Neck Line

This neckline will be frequenting the womenswear section in 2016. So a strappy X-shaped neck is what you should be eyeing at the shops for your next party.x neck


  1. The Gender Bend

Androgyny will make a comeback this year in terms of make-up. Sport a clean dewy face with heavy brows and a natural lip stain.androgyny


  1. Statement Bag

Go heavy on totes and handbags that speak your mind. Graphic, shaped and bags with quotes will be big this season.statement1


  1. Laser Facials

Although an existing regime, the laser skin treatment will see a lot more buyers this year. Thanks to he fast moving lifestyle, laser skin clinics will be making money off our faces. Literally.laser


  1. Palm Bracelet

Similar to the rings that refused to sit at the base of our fingers (yes, midi rings, we’re looking at you), the bracelet too will see a slight shift from the wrist towards the palm.palm bracelet


  1. Flatforms

Another trend making a re-appearance in 2016 will be chunky flatforms, making our heel game a little less painful.flatforms


  1. Color – Rose Quartz & Serenity

The color palette will see a breath of cool and soft shades like the rost quarts and a happy tranquil blue.pantone-color-of-the-year-2016-rose-quartz-serenity-designboom

Are You Up To Date With These Confectionary Hair Trends?

It often happens that colour schemes relate themselves to an edible item simply because nothing else makes a trend – or more specifically colour – more attractive than an association with food (say bubble gum pink , cherry red or chocolate brown).

Following in step with the food-colour association, hair colourists have painted their palettes with hues fresh out from the oven – the chocolate chip cookie hair and the macaron hair.



The Chocolate Chip Cookie

The chocolate chip cookie made its way to the hair stylists’ palette in an attempt to give a naturally highlighted effect. Created by Ryan Pearl of Cutler Salon, the look, much like its edible namesake/inspiration, is a blend of brunette and blonde. “It’s a much more interesting, fun, and relatable way to name a color than simply referring to it as ‘warm or cold,'” Pearl explained to Mane Addicts.

Creating the blend of the two browns involves colouring the hair by dividing it into ribbon-like segments. “Then I paint a section of hair and blend in the ends of another section of hair as a way to accentuate POP,” he added.ht_hair_trend_02_lb_151203_4x3_992



Similar to the chocolate chip, one other drool-worthy hair colour trend recently is the macaron hair colour devised by Shelley Gregory, colourist for Atelier Salon in Las Vegas.

The hair colour involves dyeing one’s hair in soft pastel shades that are generally associated with macarons. “I wanted the hair to look and feel like walking into Laduree, the French macaron shop,” Gregory explained to Popsugar.

To achieve the macaron hair, Gregory expertly painted the different shades onto the client’s hair in layers. The end result is soft shades playing on the client’s mane making it look dreamy and surreal.”The colour stands out and looks trendy, but it’s still chic and approachable,” Gregory explained.Macaron-Hair-Color-Trend-1



10 Fashion Documentaries To Catch Up With This Winter

Winters are a time of snuggling up under the comforter with your fuzzy PJ and sweatshirt on. The season calls for maximum hot chocolate and spiced latte guzzling with a glass of bourbon here and there. This winter ditch your books for a while and get your movie library updated with these fashion documentaries we’ve picked out for you!


  1. Unzipped – Douglas Keeve (1995)

Follow Isaac Mizarahi as he plans and puts together his fall 1994 collection. You can almost feel the excitement and anxiety rub off of Mizarahi through the lens.20-best-fashion-documentaries-to-watch-19UNZIPPED-1995


  1. Style Wars – Tony Silver (1983)

The documentary captures the growing hip-hop scene of the 80s in 70 short minutes. Silver takes you along the NYC of the late 70s with an emphasized focus on graffiti and street dancing.Stylewars_cover


  1. The September Issue – RJ Cutler (2009)

This one doesn’t need an introduction. If you’re even remotely aware of the fashion industry, you’ll know who Anna Vintour is and why Meryl Streep was such a tough cookie in The Devil Wears Prada.Issue


  1. The Secret World of Haute Couture – Margy Kimmonth (2007)

Experience haute couture through the eyes of millionaire customers and top-notch designers as Kimmonth gives you a sneak peek into their dramatic but fashionable universe.20-best-fashion-documentaries-to-watch-18THE-SECRET-WORLD-OF-HAUTE-COUTURE


  1. Annie Leibovitz: Life Through A Lens – Barbara Leibovitz (2007)

Barbara Leibovitz pilots us through the creative mind of iconic photographer Annie Leibovitz, who is most findly remembered for her times with the Rolling Stones is acknowledged as a living milestone of the international photography scene.Annie-Leibovitz_Life-Through-a-Lens


  1. McQueen And I – Louise Osmond (2011)

Mcqueen is often remembered as the person who painted the fashion scene with his eccentric and innovative fashion palette. Take a walk through the personal life and eccentric works of the fashion genius that was Alexander McQueen.20-best-fashion-documentaries-to-watch-16MCQUEEN-AND-I


  1. In Vogue: The Editor’s Eye – Fenton Bailey, Randy Barbato (2012)

Released on the occasion of Vogue’s 120th birthday, the documentary gives us a behind the scenes of the world’s most influential fashion magazine.20-best-fashion-documentaries-to-watch-3IN-VOGUE


  1. Material Success – Jesse Mann (2012)

Material Success documents the misfortunes of fashion designer Bruno Ierullo as he gears up for his first runway show after a personal tragedy inspires him to risk his life savings on a career change.MV5BNjY3NDg0MDQzNl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNTY3NjU1Nw@@._V1_UY1200_CR90,0,630,1200_AL_


  1. Chasing Beauty – Brent Huff (2013)

Peek into the entangled world of modeling. The documentary starts off with the intriguing fact, which states that 25 percent of young American women would rather win America’s Next Top Model than the Nobel Peace Prize. We’ll leave the rest for you to watch and find out!ChasingBeauty_comp03_web_V03


  1. Dior And I – Frédéric Tcheng (2014)

Dior & I records the backstage drama of when Raf Simons become the label’s creative director and his fashion-laden journey thereafter. Spoiler alert: Tons of fabrics, color schemes and collections ahead!mmt795-flat-packshot-medium


Fall Trends See More Shimmer With This Latest One, Glitter Pits!

“Be yourself, but always your better self.” ~Karl Maeser

“Be yourself. The world worships the original.” ~ Ingrid Bergman


When these famous personalities – in a long list of many more – preached to the world to be original and not change oneself, they did not mean “boycott the razor and jazz up those pits because, original”. No!

We’re not even kidding!

Instagram and beauty trend followers have been going berserk spending massive amounts on glitter to swank up their underarms. The season did begin with an epidemic worship of shimmer and shine but this is well, bizarre!


It is one thing to slap on glitter on your pits but it is a whole other level of crazy when one does it without taking a quick detour to the salon or the fudgin’ bathroom! Yes, glitter is in and no, fashioning it on your pit hair will never be! Don’t get us wrong! We are all for the shave-free feminism and #FreeYourPits ish but what part of glitter smothered pit hair is in the least empowering or liberating?


A photo posted by Tia Nina (@tianinarocks) on Mar 14, 2014 at 6:13pm PDT

No, just no. This trend is so OTT (in the worst way possible) that we can’t even…*bursts out laughing*

The Golden Leaf Hair Could Be Your Next Statement Look

It’s party season, that time of the year when your social standing depends on the number of Christmas, pre Christmas, New Year and pre New Year bashes that you’re invited to. Even though your PJs look way more enticing than that LBD you can barely breathe in, there are things one needs to do. Because, social acceptance.

Now, being fashion and trend conscious fanatics we are, there has to be a head-turning element that we must carry to these parties. And that is exactly why you need to stock up on hair mousse and golden leaf this year.


Chrome Kissed

Say hello to the gold leaf hair girls! Ever since models sported it at the Dries van Noten Spring 2014 show, this hairdo has been popping up on or social media feeds time and again. The show had sparkling bits placed across the models’ part line. Subtle and sensational.

gold leaf parting at #driesvannoten 🍂🍂

A photo posted by @thecraftinspo on Nov 18, 2015 at 5:06am PST


Economical DIY

Going for real gold leaves and gold leaf products can burn a hole bigger than your Thanksgiving belly in your wallet. But all hail the DIY Lords for coming up with alternatives that are neither time-consuming nor will have you compromising on your party shopping.

All you need is some hair mousse, a make up brush, a gold metallic leaf and a vision (or a beauty blogger’s Instagram account in front of your eyes. If you lack the latter, stick to this awesome tutorial for some chrome kissed tresses.

10 Fashion Trends That Have Symbolized Beauty Over The Years

In the first quarter of the 20th century the world saw a swarm of iconic leading ladies and charm exuberayting faces that took screens and poster by storm. What made these faces so special and so iconic that each represented am entire decade? It’s safe to say that each decade had a signature style and element of its own and these 10 fashion trends bring out the best of each epoch.



Following the War and the Wall Street Crash, the 20s saw an opportunity for introducing new trends to emphasize on renewal and freshness. The age flaunted broody and heavily kohled eyes alongside Coco Chanel’s famed bronze tan.



Taking away the heavy kohl from the 20s, the 30s saw sultry eyes topped with arched and plucked-to-a-thin-line eyebrows with lips that were dark with n almost vamp-like effect.



The ‘Gone With The Wind’ era stood for a woman’s natural beauty. Icons like Vivien Leigh and Ingrid Bergman flaunted a dainty look. The standout element of this era was the curly waves or pin curls to add style to bob and blunts.



The age of Monroe and her beauty spot saw trendy elements like cat eyes with dollops of caked make up to create a flawless exterior. The impeccable peachy slate was strewn over with thick lashes and bold liners that spelled out drama and glamour.



The faces were bright and the eyes spelled out drama. The 60s saw dramatically long lashes – that were first adorned by supermodel Twiggy – complemented a minimum use of blush and base and that.



Everybody in the 70s was going ‘Mamma Mia’ over the sudden change from demure to disco. The change was rendered into women’s vanity cases in the form of shimmer and shine as they splashed on illuminated powders, shadows and stark liners.



The “Madonnian” era, the 80s defined its style statement with exaggerated bold eyes smothered with brilliant metallic eye shadow and accentuated cheekbones that boasted of rosy blush.



This was the era of the subtle metallic lipstick and the ultra trendy face-framing tendrils. The 90s taught the woman how to look carefully effortless with the precise picking out of the hair strands from their do that hung down on the sides of faces.



Keeping the top-mop in focus, this decade saw heads of chunky bold highlights. From stark contrasts to vibrant experiments, the tresses of 2000 spelled out trendy. Though a hot trend, the chunky highlights calmed down to give us the blended highlights.



A peachy fresh and illuminated face with playful – even graphic – bold eyes has been the trendsetter for this decade so far. With palettes that emphasize on nudes and naturals, the 2010s are all about minimalism.



5 Winter Hairstyles That Spell Out Chic

Fall is here and it’s time to ditch the spring flower tiaras for barrettes and pashminas. So while you’re hopping around town stocking up on the season’s essentials, drop by at the salon to give your mop a kiss of winter. Here are 5 styles that you can refer to.

  1. Textured Pixie

Bid adieu to your spring tresses and go short. The pixie can never go out of fashion and if you know how to play it right, you’re golden. Ask you stylist to give layers on the top. This provides for a sassy unkempt texture that fits like a glove with your winter wardrobe.

Kate Mara

Kate Mara

  1. Sideswept Bob

Opt for an asymmetric blunt bob and sweep it over to one side. The messy one-sided bob gives the look a trendy edge and the style overall has a lot of texture that plays around well with the season’s looks.

Rachel McAdams

Rachel McAdams

  1. Shaped Cut

Ditch the fringes and layers all together and go for this collarbone-length blunt cut that perfectly cups and shapes your face. The style, also known as the contouring cut, highlights your cheekbones for a naturally contoured effect.

Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke

  1. Tousled Layers

A carefully messed up do, the tousled or textured hairstyle requires a fair amount of layers in your hair to play with. The look gives you a relaxed look while making your locks look voluminous and full.

Elizabeth Olsen

Elizabeth Olsen

  1. Sleek Tuckback

Go classy and chick with this clean look. The glossy and sleek style works best with shoulder to medium length hair and lets your face and accessories take the spotlight.

Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon

10 Male Fashion Icons Who’ve Got Their Style Game Going Strong

The unintentional cold war between Mars and Venus is a constant that can never die down. So if women can strut the streets in head turning attire and set statements, can men be far behind? Here are 10 men who have been and will be forever associated with the term ‘style icon’.

  1. Steve McQueen

Before you roll your eyes at this predictable addition, let’s just say McQueen has totally earned it! It has never been about what he wore but how he wore it. Enough said.steve mcqueen

  1. Jean-Michael Basquiat

A celebrated graffiti artist in the 80s, Basquiat managed to create massive waves on the fashion front as well. He modeled for a Japanese label and partnered with Andy Warhol among a number of other achievements. Basquiat had a rather quaint desire of always wearing expensive suits while creating his masterpieces.jean_michel_basquiat_by_minackson-d32kna92

  1. Cristóbal Balenciaga

Really? Do we even need to explain why Balenciaga is one of history’s most celebrated male icons? The flag bearer of the double-breasted, sharp and tailored suit, Balenciage brought monochrome dressing in the spotlight.balenciaga

  1. Ryan Gosling

Did you just go “What?! This guy?” We had our doubts as well but Google Images was more than happy to correct our misconception. And no we’re not just biased because The Notebook made us feel things we didn’t even know existed but simply because the man knows how to dress up.Ryan-Gosling-Hot-Tea1

  1. James Dean

not just a pretty face, James Dean was a known rebel of his time who impacted minds in more ways than one. Not just was he a superbly convincing actor but also an outright trend setter.jd1

  1. Nickelson Wooster

There is nothing on the face of his planet that is coller than salt and pepper hair and an impeccable sense of dressing. Nickelson Wooster is living proof of just that. Those bold tattoos (at all the right places) add just about enough oomph to the entire package.wooster

  1. Johnny Depp

Can you come with even one name that could’ve walked off as Jack Sparrow, Willy Wonka, Edward Scissorhands or The Mad Hatter and look half as comfortable in his skin and convincible? That is simply because Johnny Depp carries off all his looks with the utmost panache be it unkempt dreadlocks, pale white skin or even a simple jeans and T!Johnny-Depp-D-johnny-depp-32536585-520-600

  1. Giovanni ‘Gianni’ Agnelli

A business tycoon who ruled the Italian subcontinent’s economy for almost 3 decades, Agnelli was admired as much for his style as he was for his business sense. A few of his signature styles included deliberately leaving his tie crooked and tucking his sleeve below the watch.8edc43fb1a93ac091033c7bb46473b8d

  1. Colin Tennant

The 3rd Baron Glenconner, Lord Glenconner was a Scottish aristocrat known for his ways of ‘having fun’. These included buying islands and turning them into a “multimillionaires’ playground”. Glenconner dressed up in fresh and bright hues and often accessorized with wide-brimmed hats. The fact that his off-beat style statements totally worked (even in the 80s!) – earns him a spot as a fashion icon.lord

  1. Terence Stamp

You know a person knows his wardrobe when he refuses to be styled even for a photoshoot and instead go by his own taste. Say hello to Terence Stamp, one of the best dressed in London who also happens to be renowned Mayfair tailor Doug Hayward’s earliest clients.terence stamp

5 Beauty Treatments That Spell Out Crazy

Tell a woman that a treatment can knock a decade off her skin and she’ll climb mountains for it. These facial treatments stand proof to it. Now with all due respect to salons, therapists, beauticians and the lot, we have nothing against beauty. Hell we can’t go a fortnight with our routine trip to the parlor. But you know people have started taking beauty a tad to seriously when placenta facial, snail slime moisturizer, vampire facial and the likes hit the market.

Here are some of the wackiest – but apparently super efficient – facials and treatments that even Cleopatra would raise eyebrows at!

  1. Bird Poop Geisha Facial

Few facts state that Geishas used to apply powdered nightingale droppings to take off their make up and restore their cheeks; natural shine. As of today, a similar regime is followed for beautification. Just that the poop is “sanitized” with UV rays before application. What is sanitized poop? Food?308f5de5920f426ea88ebda29b0da26b_answer_5_xlarge

  1. Sheep Placenta Facial

Ok we’ll give your goose bumps a moment to settle down. So after a sheep goves birth, a serum id made from the “ish” around the lamb chop and smothered on to one’s face to reverse signs of ageing. Umm, ew?sheep-redorbit

  1. Kitty Litter Face Mask

What’s with all the animal excreta (and related stuff)?! Turns out the stuff your kitty has been using to cover up its litter is rich in benotine clay which happens to be an excellent element to remove unwanted toxins from your face.

  1. Vampire Facial

Yes Einstein, this treatment involved blood. So the blood is drawn from your body and reinjected into your face to instigate production of elastin and collagen in order to give a youthful radiance. A certain Kardashian sister happens to be a huge fan of this treatment.54a75eae3a2ab_-_elle-kim-k-vampire-facial-h-lgn

  1. Sperm Facial

Ok, the last time these two words were placed together, I had my Incognito window open. But jokes aside, sperm facials do exist. Apparently a certain element called spermine that exists in sperm is superb for eliminating acne issues and making you look younger. Use an acne-clearing gel then! Paying someone to slather you-know-what all over your face is not the only solution!Sperm-Facial