A Beauty Tête-à-tête With The Gorgeous Bipasha Basu

6819778-bipasha-basuUnless you live under a rock, you’d have seen a beaming, radiant and prettier than ever Bipasha Basu splashed across your social media feed. Ever wondered what (apart from a certain Mr. Grover) gets her looking as radiant? Well, we got chatting with the actress and dug out all her beauty and skin care secrets. Have a look!


  1. What is the first thing you do in the morning?

I absolutely need to have to start my day by drinking at least four to six glasses of water, followed by eating a handful of almonds that have been soaked overnight. It’s like a powerful cleansing ritual!


  1. What is Bipasha Basu’s everyday skin care routine?

No surprises here. I just believe in the four golden rules of skin care – cleansing, scrubbing, toning and moisturising. I never leave my house without a sunscreen to constantly protect my skin against any harmful UV exposure. I end my day by dabbing almond oil on the delicate under-eye skin to keep it from looking tired.


  1. How do you manage your skin’s health despite all the makeup and tiresome work?

My face is always covered with so many products during work that I completely swear off it when I’m not working. I always keep my skin hydrated by drinking lots of water throughout the day. I also make it a point to maintain a consistent healthy diet and exercise regularly for radiant skin. All of this combined with a beauty sleep keeps me glowing at all times.


  1. Which is the one skin care product you can’t live without?

I think it would be my sunscreen since it’s crucial for protecting my skin. With crazy back-to-back shoots, I barely know where I am going to be and for how long.


  1. Which is your go-to make up product?

I will have to say Jasmine oil, without a doubt. Not exactly a make-up product but I love it since it keeps my skin nourished at all times.Vine-Vera-Best-Essential-Oils-for-Women-Jasmine


  1. How important is food in maintaining beautiful body and skin?

Extremely! I think the food you eat makes up for 50% of how healthy you or your skin is. I try to maintain a balanced diet full of leafy greens, fish, nuts, fruit and carbs. It’s all about proportions and your body needs a little bit of everything. I don’t believe in completely refraining myself from eating anything, that’s just impractical. So I escape the guilt by eating my favourite desserts in small portions.


  1. A natural/homemade remedy that you swear by?

My home remedy to beautiful skin and healthy living is simply drinking multiple glasses of water throughout the day. It’s the most organic and effective way that works for everyone!


  1. What is the one skin care blunder everyone should avoid?

Stepping out without sunblock! There’s no quicker way to ruin your skin.


  1. Which is your ideal make up shopping destination?

Paris – it has all my favourite products from almost every brand in the world and there is practically nothing you can’t find in the city. Plus let’s not forget, you can always find a great place for the crepes and coffee.paris


  1. A quick word of beauty advice to our readers…

Invest in a good conditioner and don’t skip the weekly hair oil massage – it’ll protect your hair against all those harmful chemicals and heat from styling products. Finally, nothing works better than getting a good night’s rest so make sure you get at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night.


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5 Divas And Their Winter Beauty Secrets

As comforting as your fuzzy duvet and hot cocoa might be, the sight of dead flaky skin sucks the beauty out of winter. So we thought we’d turn to some flawless skinned divas for winter skin advice. Here’s what they do to maintain their fabulous glow even in the winter months.


  1. Taylor Swift

The gorgeous vocalist vouches by Argan oil, for her silky tresses and supple skin, even in the driest and coldest weathers. Well the oil definitely gets Swift ‘Back To December’ with a glow every year!


  1. Deepika Padukone

The Bollywood starlet never fails to take away our breath with that perfection. With cleaning, cleansing and moisturizing routine on point, Deepika swears by Hot Coconut Oil for an enviable mane.


  1. Kylie Minogue

You know your skin is flawless when it makes you look atleast a decade younger! Singing sensation Kylie will blow you away with her humble little skin secret. She uses the Pond’s Moisturizing Cold Cream to keep dead skin and wrinkles away.


  1. Priyanka Chopra

Ever wondered how Piggy Chops manages to always be pout perfect while we are clattering away in the frigid months? Her secret lies in all our fridges – fresh milk cream. The actor owes those picture perfect lips to fresh milk cream and Body Shop’s Born Lippy Balm.


  1. Leighton Meester

A Waldorf can never risk being seen with dull and sad skin and neither can a Meester. Leighton keeps her skin young and happy with the healing powers of products by La Roche Posay.


Johnny Depp Dior

So, the House of Dior just released a statement (via their Instagram page) stating that Johnny Depp’s going to be the face of a new men’s fragrance, as of September. Basically, you know it’s going to be smokin’. Since it’s Monday, and you’re probably drowning in coffee trying to assuage the blues, we thought— let’s make you feel a bit better. In a manner that honours this news about his Royal Depp-ness as well. Put down that cappuccino because this is going to perk you up a hell of a lot more.

We, citizens of My Envy Box, present to you, our official “Happy Monday, The Top 5 Hottest Male Fragrance Campaigns.” AKA — gorgeous actors in even more gorgeous fragrance advertisements. Just so you know, this is no particular order of bodaciousness, and there’s no David Beckham, because he isn’t an actor, like our Johnny is.

Carry on, ladies and gentlemen.


Gaspard Ulliel Chanel

Gaspard is French, an actor and looks like that all the time. Good morning.


Kit Harrington Jimmy Choo

WINTER IS COMING. (Let’s just forget about his movie Pompeii, shall we?)


Chris Evans Gucci

CAPTAIN AMERICA … we do declare … *fans self*


Colin Farrell DG

Colin’s an old favourite (even though he isn’t a bad boy anymore). As per this campaign, you can see just why.


Olivier Martinez YSL

Olivier’s quite the homme, oui? OUI.