5 Contouring Kits For Spot On Cheekbones

A bit of bronze, a stroke of peach, some radiant highlights and eventually a solid jawline. We’re talking about contouring kits and the best there is in the market. Here are 5 contouring kits that have got us rooting for a perfectly sculpted face with a jawline that can cut ice.


  1. Lancome Le Duo Contour & Highlighter Stick

Handy to use and easy to carry around in your purse, the two-sided Lancome contouring stick is as effortless as using a crayon. The creamy formula gives you the desired contour without looking caked or


  1. Dr Jart+ BB Make Up Contouring Kit

Dr. Jart+ packs three cream based shades in a kit to sculpt out that perfect jawline. The lightweight liquid formula provides excellent coverage whilst hydrating the skin at the same time.dr-jart-bb-mate-contouring-123


  1. Tarte Park Ave Princess Contour Palette

The Tarte contouring palette comes packed with a highlighter, a sweltering bronzer and a blush to top off your contour with a nice peach tinge.tarte-park-ave-princess-contour-palette


  1. Clinique Chubby Sticks

Clinique blends contouring into your daily make up routine effortlessly. The easy to handle and use chubby sticks blend in easily, making you a pro at bringing out those


  1. Kat Von D Shade + Light Contour Palette

The Kat Von D palette comes equipped with six solid matte shades – three highlighter and three contouring – to give a professional photo ready contour every time.kat-von-d-shade-and-light-contour-palette

Fast Food Is All You Need For Perfect Contouring!

At least that’s what Instagram user skelotim has led us to believe! Providing followers with a refreshing change after all the “regular” contouring regimes and tricks, Tim O has taken social media by storm, courtesy his food-inspired looks. Right from Skittles to Cheetos, he has drawn inspiration from pretty much everything in the confectionary aisle


His latest video takes the food and make-up blend a notch higher as the artist uses various fast food items to contour his face. The best part – apart from the impeccable sync with Rihanna in the background – is that the results are amazing! The food contouring actually works! Or maybe you just need exceptional make up skills to make everything ‘work work work work work work’!

Watch the whole video and you’ll never feel guilty about purchasing a burrito or burger ever again.

Fat bitch problem number 347,🍔🌯🍟 when you’re such a fatty the only objects you have in front of you to contour with is a beefy crunch burrito, and a Mcdouble with Mac sauce. Let me tell y’all my McFivehead contour has never looked better! And when you don’t have a shovel to help guide you with your winged liner just use a French fry! I’m pretty sure using a French fry for winged liner will be the top trend of 2016, do you see how fierce my wing is?! Also peep the gorgeous new shade of Taco Bell lipgloss is! It’s called Diablo! The best burgundy gloss ever! And yes I know you’re all asking did you eat that food after contouring with it? I sure the fuck did! A fat bitch never lets any food go to waste. I hope my guide to contouring has helped you all successfully contour that perfect little chubby face of yours 😘 #makeuptutorial #makeupvideoss #justmakeupvids #brian_champagne #slave2beauty #hudabeauty #wakeupandmakeup #cakefacevanity #peachyqueenblog #makeupvideosdailyx #allmodernmakeup #makeupcoach #melformakeup #makeuplolz #styletv #makeup #makeupvideosonly #makeupvids #skelotim

A video posted by Tim O (@skelotim) on May 30, 2016 at 6:20pm PDT


5 Contouring Regimes That Are So Bizarre They Are Good!

How peculiar is bizarre and how bizarre is brilliant? Muddled? That’s exactly how the mere idea of these contouring regimes made us feel. And you know, things are about to get interesting when a make up tutorial includes terminologies like joker and skull. Have a look at these make up tutorials that are so weird; we might actually try them out!

  1. Joker Contour

Can painting your face like a joker make you look good? Apparently it can. Joker contouring is an actual thing and the end results have had us questioning the meaning of ‘joker’. The idea of this make up regime is to paint your face with make up like a joker and then blend it all in. Check out this video by Belladelune to find out what we’re going gaga over.

  1. Yoda Contour

Remember Star Wars? Remember Yoda? Turns out he was more than just a fictional pawn. The makers put him in there to inspire future beauty vloggers and make up enthusiasts. Watch this tutorial and get highlighting your face like Yoda. Because universal, beauty is. Every word of that, we mean.


  1. Starry Contour

Loved drawing as a kid? Well here’s your chance to draw again. The starry contour involves drawing stars on areas of your face that need highlighting and blending them in to create dazzling magic. Watch the drawing/make up tutorial to get the look.

  1. Darthvader Contour

Who knew that an iconic (and oh so masculine) character like Darthvader could transform into a make up regime? Oh the power of beauty! Here’s how you turn cosmetic play into a scene out of Star Wars!

  1. Sugar Skull Highlight & Contour

If you know what a sugar skull is, then you probably went over the heading ten times. No, it’s not an error. It so happens that even sugar skull contouring is a thing! And you know what? The final look is breathtaking. Watch the tutorial video by the ‘grav3yardgirl’ to give your contouring regime a Halloween feel.

Frame Your Face Flawlessly With The New Hair Contouring Trend

We’re unsure of whether to thank the Kardashians or to blame them for drawing so much attention to contouring. Man! Those ladies sure know how to define their cheekbones. So they put contouring on the make up timeline and the world gave a huge nod the trend. And now the contouring has seeped in all the way to our hair. That’s right, hair contouring is a thing.

What is hair contouring?

It’s not much different from contouring your face with make up. Just that in this case you use hair color (duh-uh!).

The technique positions highlights and lowlights in different parts of your hair to give the illusion of a certain shape. If you have a longer face, for example, you could put some strategically positioned highlights that frame your face and therefore give it a wider appearance.

Like with make up, darker colors are for shadowing while lighter colors highlight the areas you want focused on.

Balayage Twin

In a way, this new technique is basically a variation of balayage. It’s a process that leaves our tresses with a sun-kissed natural looking color – similar to what we are born with – with softer, less visible regrowth lines.

What do you think? Is hair contouring a good idea, or should we just play along with our natural locks? Let us know in the comments below.