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Style that statement jewelry like a pro

They say ‘Jewerly is the sculpture for the body’ and there is no such thing as dressing  ‘age appropriately’ when it comes to jewelry. The next edition of Designer Jewelry Box – DHORA speaks volumes when it comes to statement jewelry. Dhora, conceptualised in Milan by designer Aavriti R Jain, integrates classically Indian designs with contemporary silhouettes, for an aesthetic that is modern, yet rooted in tradition. Here’s what you can expect from Dhora edition and how you can style these statement pieces.

Jhumki :

Price : INR 3500/-

Inspired by the traditional jewelry of India which we have all grown up seeing. Dhora has given it their own little twist and made it cleaner and minimal, handcrafted and finished with gold. So now you no longer have to wait for a big wedding or occasion to put on a pair!


Amber Pendant :

Price : INR 3000/-

Continuing to celebrate the state of Rajasthan, Dhora releases its Amber pendant dedicated to city of Jaipur. This pendant draws its inspiration from the Amber Fort built in 1726 and its ‘jharokas’. Made in entirely by hand in Jaipur, this piece is finished with gold.


Style your Jewelry 

Wear it like you mean business! Pair your summer dress with the statement neckpiece around the collar and match the earrings with the top knot bun hairstyle for that chic look.


A little shimmer is the perfect way to add a sophisticated dimension to your swimwear. A delicate pendant & gold earrings are preferred because they inspire thoughts of the golden sun. Earrings with a little bit of movement and flexibility will look great when you turn your head or walk along the beach.


To rock that Little Black Dress,  pick a necklace that adds a bit of sophisticated spark on your chest and as earrings go, make sure they highlight your facial feature & flatter your skin tone.


For someone who likes to keep it traditional yet want to give their outfit a modern edge, just simply don the statement pendant & jhumkis with an Anarkali and complete the look with a side braid hairstyle for that royal feel.


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travel beauty

We’re not talking, in your suitcase while packing for a vacation. We’re talking about, in your bag, on the flight. Which means, multitasking beauty heavyweights that tick all the security rules. Nothing more than a 100 ml. We are going to focus on the bare minimum in terms of make-up and one particular hair saviour and not going to include combs and such, because, people … that’s a given.

Should we even have to type why? Very high on the list of all-time cult products, Eight Hour Cream is the ultimate balm — the classic citronella version we so love — and can be used for SO. MANY. THINGS. Use it sparingly on you cheekbones as a luminiser, on your lips, your cuticles, on sunburns, as a frizz tamer, or to shape your eyebrows like a makeshift brow gel. I personally dab it onto my eyelids for the perfect dewy look, which you should as well, when getting off your plane! And it’s just 50 ml so, carry it everywhere.


clea de peu

THIS IS THE BEST CONCEALER IN THE WORLD. It’s really the Holy Grail. It’s particularly hard to find a concealer that covers spots and dark circles perfectly, in equal measure, and blends beautifully. This does both. So when you’re getting off that long-haul flight, you’ll be kissing it in gratitude. Great concealer is a life saver.


They’re 96% natural and paraben free, and they mean it. These award-winning wipes will keep grime off. You can also take your make-up off with these when you’ve settled into your flight. Your skin needs to breathe. Always, always carry wipes!


blow pro

Long flight, longer layover, and by the time you reach your destination, your hair looks a bit … funky. This dry shampoo is the answer to your woes. Don’t be fooled by its 50 ml dinky size. It restores volume, soaks up excess oil and makes your hair look heaps shinier and a lot less weary. Just pouf some onto your scalp and massage it in. The massage will do you good too (blood circulation, obvs.)


Mirrored flip-top compact, creamy colour, multitasking for lips and cheeks… what more could you want. A quick dab here and there at the airport, or when you arrive and voila! Instant flush. We particular love the shade “Rose” because it looks glowingly natural on both the cheeks and lips.


So, I’m a bit wary of mascara on a long journey. I don’t want to wake up with flakes on my face or rub my eyes accidentally and smear. More importantly, I don’t really want to bring out the big make-up guns while travelling, but I still want to look good. And looking good for me has a lot to do with my lashes. So, Catch 22, much? Not really. E.L.F has been popping up on my radar hugely, and this product’s one reason why. It’s dual ended — one clear side for your lashes, and one side for your brows. So basically, your lashes get a mega boost without being coloured in. And your brows are on on-point too, also because of the next product which is …



SO MUCH EXCITEMENT WITH THIS. Firstly, the colour. Soft and matte enough to be a nice little wash of brown. Smokey enough to add some drama when needed. Secondly, the product. One side has an awesome pencil liner, so use it as an eyeliner or as kohl. One side is a smudger. And the middle screws open to a heaver eyeshadow pen. Sure, you can use it on your lid. But I like to use it on my eyebrows. And because it’s shaped like an applicator, you don’t need a brush. Just brush some of the powder on and use the smudger to instantly define your brows. GENIUS.


I started with Elizabeth Arden, so ending with her felt like a nice little flourish. Of course, one of the most integral elements of your on-flight makeup haul is moisturiser. But, that could be bulky. You’ve already got one tube in the Eight Hour Cream, so why carry another? The solution lies in these nifty little capsules. Don’t carry the whole case, just take a couple and put them in an empty Altoids tin, or a little ziplock bag. This serum is pure gold. It just restores everything — moisture, brightness, the works. Simply clean your face with the wipes mentioned above, pop a capsule open and massage the contents all over your face and under your eyes. It’s thick and super moisturising and takes its time emulsifying into your skin. But you’re on a flight … you aren’t going anywhere. And considering cabins are super dehydrating for your skin, this is exactly what it needs.

Eminence Organics – Highest quality products

Eminence Selection

Eminence Organics skin care offers a complete line of the highest quality products in natural skin care, using only natual compost and natural plant preservation. We love each of their products made from fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables, they smell divine and give a
wonderful natural well-being feeling.

Check out My Envy Box picks from Eminence Organics:

Cinnamon Kiss Lip Plumper: Instantly plump the lips with an active tase of cinnamon.
Stone Crop Hydrating Mist: A revitalizing and healing tonic for all skin types, particularly for uneven skin types.
– Strawberry Rhubarb Dermafoliant: A daily use rice-based exfoliant for all skin types.
Lemon Cleanser: With a refreshing lemon scent, this cream cleanser preserves moisture balance while gently cleansing skin.

Soothing Chamomile Tonique


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Envy Selection of the week

selec 1

OPI – Gargantuan Green Grape
This super pigmented nail polish is wonderful, perfect color for Summer time

Eminence Organic – Tropical Vanilla Day Cream-SPF-32 
This moisturizer protects skin from UVA/UVB/UVC leaving the texture silky and smooth. The complexion is softened and smoothened… A precious beauty ally for these hot days!

SkinYoga – Coconut Sea Salt Foot Scrub
The sea-salt exfoliates dead skin cells and hence paves way for fresh new cells to regenerate. It encourages the natural circulation of bodily fluids within. The combination of gentle coconut flakes and pure virgin coconut oil reveals softer, well-nourished and glowing feet.

L’Occitane – Aromachologie Revitalizing Fresh Shampoo
A daily silicone-free shampoo to help to revitalize for a long-lasting refreshing sensation, helping hair to stay clean longer. Its formula combines 5 essential oils and a purifying plant-based vinegar to free hair from everyday buildup. Its gentle foaming base is energizing and leaves hair lightweight and full of energy.

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