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Style that statement jewelry like a pro

They say ‘Jewerly is the sculpture for the body’ and there is no such thing as dressing  ‘age appropriately’ when it comes to jewelry. The next edition of Designer Jewelry Box – DHORA speaks volumes when it comes to statement jewelry. Dhora, conceptualised in Milan by designer Aavriti R Jain, integrates classically Indian designs with contemporary silhouettes, for an aesthetic that is modern, yet rooted in tradition. Here’s what you can expect from Dhora edition and how you can style these statement pieces.

Jhumki :

Price : INR 3500/-

Inspired by the traditional jewelry of India which we have all grown up seeing. Dhora has given it their own little twist and made it cleaner and minimal, handcrafted and finished with gold. So now you no longer have to wait for a big wedding or occasion to put on a pair!


Amber Pendant :

Price : INR 3000/-

Continuing to celebrate the state of Rajasthan, Dhora releases its Amber pendant dedicated to city of Jaipur. This pendant draws its inspiration from the Amber Fort built in 1726 and its ‘jharokas’. Made in entirely by hand in Jaipur, this piece is finished with gold.


Style your Jewelry 

Wear it like you mean business! Pair your summer dress with the statement neckpiece around the collar and match the earrings with the top knot bun hairstyle for that chic look.


A little shimmer is the perfect way to add a sophisticated dimension to your swimwear. A delicate pendant & gold earrings are preferred because they inspire thoughts of the golden sun. Earrings with a little bit of movement and flexibility will look great when you turn your head or walk along the beach.


To rock that Little Black Dress,  pick a necklace that adds a bit of sophisticated spark on your chest and as earrings go, make sure they highlight your facial feature & flatter your skin tone.


For someone who likes to keep it traditional yet want to give their outfit a modern edge, just simply don the statement pendant & jhumkis with an Anarkali and complete the look with a side braid hairstyle for that royal feel.


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5 Hacks To Prolong Your Make Up’s Shelf Life

Just how much make up can one possibly slap on in a span of three months – which is how much a cosmetic lasts on an average. Given that you should toss it out to prevent yourself from coming in contact with microscopic germs that may have mushroomed on it, what do you do with make up products you use once or twice in months? Here’s what.


  1. Refrigerate

Similar to food items, our make up too stays fresh and usable longer when stored in cold and dry places. And what is a better cold and dry place than a fridge?398-natio-cosmetic-range


  1. Renew

Applicators are the only portion of a product that comes in direct contact with our skin, which increases their chances of gathering germs. Hence it is a good practice to replace applicators such as brushes, blenders, etc. regularly.tools


  1. Breaking Good

If you use a powder base foundation or eye shadow or cakes of the same, you’ll know the pain of crumbling pellets. But here’s what you can do. Crush the cake completely into a powder and set it again. Add a few drops of alcohol, let it dry and voila!227635381


  1. Tone Up

Oil based foundation can separate from the pigment, but simply shaking them well mixes the ingredients back again making it good to use. But in the case of water-based foundations, the water evaporates leaving behind a thick formula. Simply add a few drops of toner to it and you’re good to go!0199d0dd66a36b562ff55f7ba14ee613


  1. Cleanse

Healthy as it is to renew make up applicators and products, it also practical to regularly wipe your brushes and tube/bottle openings with some alcohol. This rids your cosmetics of any possible bacterial accumulation.Chanel

5 Ways Your Lip Gloss Can Be A Life Saver

An absolute must have in every make up kit, school bag and purse, the clear gloss can masquerade as much than just a lip plumper. Here are 5 lip gloss hacks that you should have at your fingertips to make for an easy fix at all times.

  1. Brighter Eyes

Ditch your eye shadow and dab some clear gloss over your lids your instant dewy eyes that make you look younger and fresher.grooming-eyebrows


  1. Brow Tip

As much as bushy brows are in, messy and unkempt shrubs are not. Apply a quick slick over your eyebrows to manage the wild tangles.herrera-bbt-f13-0102

  1. Cuticle Cure

Give yourself a 2-minute cuticle restoration therapy. Dab a smidgen of gloss on your dry and fraying cuticles to keep them together until your next manicure.

Female hand with a cosmetic stick for cleaning cuticle - macro shot

Female hand with a cosmetic stick for cleaning cuticle – macro shot

  1. Instant Eyeliner

Ran out of eyeliner right before a party? It’s ok you don’t have to go berserk and ruin the rest of your makeup. Just mix a smidgen of your favorite eye shadow with some clear gloss and voila! You have a DIY eyeliner ready!Stylish-eye-liner-styles

  1. Dry Skin Revival

Peeling heels that can scare away the prettiest of sling backs, dry and rough elbows capable of tearing their way through even sandpaper or dry nose flaky as flaky could be, all can be put to rest with a magical daub of lip gloss!DRY-SKIN

Celebrity Make Up Expert Elton J Fernandez Picks Out The Hottest Beauty Trends for #MyEnvyBox

An award winning make up artist and hair stylist, Elton J Fernandez has made the who’s who of tinsel town look divalicious. With tremendous accolades like Maybelline New York’s Make Up Expert, Elle India’s October ’15 Cover – yes, both of them – and the current Amazon India Fashion Week S/S ’16 to his name, the make up guru made a pit stop to drop off a few tips for us. Here are this season’s top beauty looks that you should be flaunting.

  1. Luminous Skin

Going light on the concealers and highlighting various areas of your face is what the expert swears by this season. A little sheen on the cheekbones, temples and the bridge of your nose and you’re good to go!

  1. Full Brows

“It (full brows) doesn’t mean bushy but those who have it, flaunt it”, says Fernandez. The trick is to keep the brows well groomed and brushed upwards to bring out the fullness of those thick arches.

  1. Graphic Liner

With the focus lying away from the brim of your eyelids, the trick is to play around the lids or even let it stray a bit under the brows to create a graphic and bold effect. Go all out and ditch the black liner for a more animated statement.

  1. Soft Lips

“Almost fruit bitten and on-the-go” is what your pout should be like according to Elton. It’s an effortless and subdued color play so put away the lip liners and lip pencils. Just put on a dash of your favorite lip stain, dab it around a bit with your fingers and you’re done!

10 Make Up Hacks To Get The Perfect Lashes!

It’s a funny thing, mascara. If done right it can make you look like a million buck but one slip and you’re doomed to look like you’ve been taking tips from the Joker. Here are 10 tricks to master this art of lashing out flawlessly.1377788492_heath-ledger-the-joker

  1. Mascara Maneuver

Make the mascara drills easier by gently bending the tip of your brush so that it’s perpendicular to the handle. This way the brush is easier to control and reaches those tiny remote lashes as well.53a078f0c64ee_-_cos-04-mascara-de

  1. Wiggle wiggle wiggle!

Keep your lashes curled longer by wiggling the brush back and forth at the base of your lashes, and then swiping to the tips. If you coat your lashes evenly, it will weigh down the tips of the hairs, causing your lashes to straighten out after a few minutes. The best way to hold a curl is to apply a thicker coat of mascara at the root of your lashes and a lighter one toward the ends.$_32

  1. Layering the formulas

Have mercy on those lashes and layer waterproof mascara on top of your regular formula to make it easier to remove at the end of the day. The mascara also lasts longer this way.Lash-Application-Mascara

  1. Thick Trick

Thicken the lashes by coating them on both sides. This trick is ideal if you have really thin or light colored lashes.37e444e68544d16d3a3819da483e251c

  1. Hold It Right

The way you hold the brush when applying your mascara can make a huge difference. Holding the brush vertically gives a natural finish whereas using it horizontally gives a heavier and thicker finish.53a078f34921f_-_cos-01-mascara-de

  1. Un-Clump

Tired of dry mascara clumps? Just dip the tube in a cup of hot water to make the fluid liquid-y! Unless these are post-three-month clumps (you should always toss your mascara out after three months to prevent any eye infections).dsc_3164

  1. Brush Over

Coating the lower lashes can be tricky business. Try dipping a thin flat brush (ideally a lip brush) in the mascara and paint it on to your lashes, concentrating on the roots. Thank us later!53a078ec3004a_-_cos-05-mascara-de

  1. Saline makes it all right

Revive dead flaky mascara by adding a few drops of saline solution to it. Again, use this trick only if the make up hasn’t reached its 3-month mark.53a078f96c502_-_cos-02-makeup-hacks-de

  1. Curl & Smear

If your lashes tend to drop dead without curling up, apply your mascara while using the eyelash curler.53a078eac361a_-_cos-12-mascara-de

  1. Angle Play

Intensify the curl by changing the angle of your eyelash curler. For bigger dramatic batting-your-lid curls, clamp the lashes at base and hold up for a few minutes. Release the curler and move up the length of the lashes at an angle parallel to the ground and hold again. Finally, give the tips one final press holding the curler almost upright. Bat away!53a078ee5a131_-_cos-02-mascara-de

The benefits of raspberries


Did you know the beauty properties of raspberries?

The anthocyanins found in raspberries are a powerful ally for youthful & glowing skin, helping with collagen production for maintaining that beautiful complexion. In addition, the leaves of red raspberries are well-known for toning the skin.
The antioxidants also help protect your hair & skin by making it age slowly!

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Envy tips for healthy hair

healthy hair journey

Who would have thought that hair’s the first thing to start ageing, right from when you’re 12?
And consequent hormonal, nutritional and health changes don’t really slow down the process either. Invest time and energy into your hair – right from the early days – and you’ll have little to worry about.

We give you some tips for a healthy hair journey…

  • Moisturised hair equals healthy hair. So, don’t overdo the styling, heating or drying as it dehydrates your locks.
  • Watch what you eat: A protein-rich diet is essential for strong, healthy hair. Don’t worry though, it’s not like you need to avoid carbohydrates and fats. The key is to eat in moderation.
  • Spend two minutes a day kneading the scalp. It increases circulation to boost the health and thickness of your hair.
  • Get yourself a head massage every other week. It’ll do wonders to maintain hair health and also help relax your mind.

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