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5 Beauty Treatments That’ll Cost You An Arm & A Leg

We’ve seen how high people can go on the crazy scale to achieve a desirable look but what about treatments that come at an exorbitant price? How much is too much when it comes to paying for beauty? Apparently a lot, and these 5 most expensive beauty regimes of the world stand proof to it.

  1. L. Raphael Oxy Star Anti-Pigmentation Facial

Price: $1,590 (~INR 1,06,000)

A super luxurious treatment offered only at the Palace Spa in Gstaad, Switzerland, it involves almost an hour-long process. The procedure involves treating body and skin with L. Raphael products rich in oxygen like the L. Raphael Oxy Peel Perfection Elixir.Ligne-Beyond-Spa-L.RAPHAEL

  1. Evian Bath

Price: $5,000 (~INR 3,30,000)

A majority of us simpletons will think thrice even before buying it for quenching our thirst. But as it turns out, Hotel Victor in Miami offers a full-fledged bath to selected guests in 1,000 liters of this expensive spring water. The package, which costs USD 5,000, also includes a bottle of champagne (because you have to be drunk to shed that amount on a bath!), spa treatments and a dessert.ID4_visuel_gamme_501ce4

  1. Diamond & Ruby Peel

Price: $ 7,000 (~INR 4,63,000)

This ridiculously expensive treatment involves having your face scrubbed with a mix of crushed diamonds and rubies. The scrubbing is followed up with a layer of lactic acid to reveal fresh and glowing skin.dM-440x267

  1. Bee Venom Facial

Price: $ 55,200 (~INR 36,50,000)

Before you cringe and run away, let us tell you that the treatment involves a formula that has very little amount of the venom to make the procedure less painful. The extravagant mask comprises shea butter, lavender oil and manuka honey that give you young and radiant skin.BEE-VENOM_BLACK1

  1. Cellupulse Wave Therapy

Price: $75,000 (~INR 50,00,000)

This one’s actually a machine. It’s a Cellupulse anti-cellulite acoustic wave therapy machine, which is used by celebrities like Madonna to keep their body free from any visible cellulite. This in turn results in a body that might be 50 but won’t look a day over 30!madonna-feat-songs

5 Beauty Treatments That Spell Out Crazy

Tell a woman that a treatment can knock a decade off her skin and she’ll climb mountains for it. These facial treatments stand proof to it. Now with all due respect to salons, therapists, beauticians and the lot, we have nothing against beauty. Hell we can’t go a fortnight with our routine trip to the parlor. But you know people have started taking beauty a tad to seriously when placenta facial, snail slime moisturizer, vampire facial and the likes hit the market.

Here are some of the wackiest – but apparently super efficient – facials and treatments that even Cleopatra would raise eyebrows at!

  1. Bird Poop Geisha Facial

Few facts state that Geishas used to apply powdered nightingale droppings to take off their make up and restore their cheeks; natural shine. As of today, a similar regime is followed for beautification. Just that the poop is “sanitized” with UV rays before application. What is sanitized poop? Food?308f5de5920f426ea88ebda29b0da26b_answer_5_xlarge

  1. Sheep Placenta Facial

Ok we’ll give your goose bumps a moment to settle down. So after a sheep goves birth, a serum id made from the “ish” around the lamb chop and smothered on to one’s face to reverse signs of ageing. Umm, ew?sheep-redorbit

  1. Kitty Litter Face Mask

What’s with all the animal excreta (and related stuff)?! Turns out the stuff your kitty has been using to cover up its litter is rich in benotine clay which happens to be an excellent element to remove unwanted toxins from your face.

  1. Vampire Facial

Yes Einstein, this treatment involved blood. So the blood is drawn from your body and reinjected into your face to instigate production of elastin and collagen in order to give a youthful radiance. A certain Kardashian sister happens to be a huge fan of this treatment.54a75eae3a2ab_-_elle-kim-k-vampire-facial-h-lgn

  1. Sperm Facial

Ok, the last time these two words were placed together, I had my Incognito window open. But jokes aside, sperm facials do exist. Apparently a certain element called spermine that exists in sperm is superb for eliminating acne issues and making you look younger. Use an acne-clearing gel then! Paying someone to slather you-know-what all over your face is not the only solution!Sperm-Facial



The one aspect that unites all skin types — whether combination, oily or dry — is the need for hydration. And for people who have oily T-zones, hydration doesn’t automatically translate into more oil. It just means plumper skin that’s healthier, more resilient and less prone to wrinkles. Skin that’s not hydrated means it loses its elasticity, which makes it less supple. We definitely don’t want that. So, why not start a regime today, at the start of the week, to focus on this very important facet of skincare? Make a commitment to putting on a hydrating face mask every week so your skin stays on top form. Whatever age you are, this will extremely super beneficial for you. Let’s break down the top 5 face masks we have in store for you, to get you started. We have already!

Eminence Organics: Chocolate Mousse Hydration Masque eminence

A particularly delicious sounding mask, this product is bursting forth with deeply nourishing and hydrating cocoa (it’s also a super antioxidant). Add macadamia, almond and jojoba oils to the mix and you’ve got yourself an all-star. Emulsify a small amount of the mask with lukewarm water and leave it on for 10 minutes and you’re set. You can get this mask on MY ENVY BOX here.

Thalgo: Moisture Quenching Mask


The name says it all, doesn’t it? This is called a “skin bath” because it not only nourishes and hydrates (it’s got a lot of barley milk in it, as well as their patent Seve Marine ingredient), but also visibly brightens the face. You simply have to apply it, as an even layer, to your thoroughly cleansed face and neck, leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes, and then blot away excess with a tissue, as opposed to washing it off. You can get this mask on MY ENVY BOX here.

Natio: Ageless Hydrating Mask


Rosehip and sesame oil, papaya and aloe are what truly pack a punch in this goodie from Natio. It’s a deep conditioning face mask that can be employed as a quick skin pick-me-up, just by applying it for 10 minutes weekly, or bi-weekly, whatever your needs may be. You can get this mask on MY ENVY BOX here.

H2O Plus: Hydrating Marine Moisture Mask H20

This intense moisture mask is infused with marine botanicals, including red marine algae, oxygen-rich sea plankton, and wakame, sea fennel and sea lettuce which together combine to saturate the skin with nutrients. Apply a generous amount, weekly, to your face and neck for 10 minutes at a go, and watch yourself glow. You can get this mask on MY ENVY BOX here.

Maskeraide: Detox Hydrating Tissue Face Mask MaskerAide

We thought we’d also give you a sheet mask option — we LOVE sheet masks. This one from Maskeraide packs quite a punch. It’s formulated with natural geranium oil, seaweed, green tea leaf, Chinese plum, strawberry and lemon extracts … as well as Argan oil and honey. Sounds good? It is! Leave it on for 20 minutes and since it’s so full of natural ingredients, you can use it daily. You can get this mask on MY ENVY BOX here.

A new beauty must have

MaskerAide-CollageMaskerAide offers a line of eco-friendly hydrating face sheet masks. A new beauty must-have for every lifestyle… and the most sensitive of skin types. From night treatment, to beauty restore, to detox, to pre-party.. MaskerAide have got you covered.

Easy to use, MaskerAide sheet masks are made with the safest ingredients and packing for your skin and the earth. Drenched in a highly concentrated Aragan Oil based serum and infused with vitamins and nutrients, they are are really effective and affordable products.




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