5 Detox Waters For A Healthy Body & Beautiful Skin

Detox waters, also known as spa water or flavored water, are a real health trend. And for good reason. The healthy concoction not only makes the daily intake of water a yummier task but also cranks up the health quotient of the liquid. Here are 5 spa waters to take you through summer with a happy body and flawless skin.


  1. Blueberry & Orange

A delicious and fruity combo, this flavored water is a great source of vitamin C. Just whirl in 2 mandarin oranges cut into wedges and a handful of blueberries in 6 cups f iced water and sip away.blueberry prange

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  1. Cucumber, Mint & Lemon

This cool (literally) and refreshing spa water is your go-to summer relaxant. The classic antioxidant-rich combination of mint, lemon and cucumber cools and rehydrates the body while aiding digestion. Take 2 liters of water and add to it 1 medium sliced cucumber, 10-15 mint leaves and 1 sliced lemon. You could even put in a 2” piece of ginger for better digestion.cucumber lemon mint

Image: Rikki Snyder


  1. Raspberry, Kiwi & Peach

As it is evident, the spa water tastes deliciously tropical. The mix is rich in antioxidants, fibers and vitamin C to keep you healthy inside and gorgeous outside. Throw in a handful of raspberries, a sliced peach and a kiwi into 1 liter of iced water and make your system happy and healthy.detox7

Image: Get Glammed Up


  1. Blackberry & Mint

This combination of nutrient and antioxidant rich blackberries and mint make for excellent flavored water that not only cranks up your health, but also cools down your body. Mash a handful of blackberries into a lumpy texture and add it to 2 liters of iced water along with a handful of mint. Let the fruits infuse for a few hours or overnight for best results.blackberry mint

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  1. Lemon, Strawberry, Apple, Mint & Cinnamon

A rainbow of flavors, this detox water has a number of benefits. The lemon and mint aid digestion, strawberry fights carcinogens, apple plumps up skin and cinnamon improves blood circulation. Add of one sliced lemon, 5 sliced strawberries, 1 sliced apple, few mint leaves and a teaspoon of cinnamon powder to around 1-2 liters of iced water for the perfect health cocktail.lemon straw apple mint cinnamon

Image: Cassey Ho


Drink up!

Health Benefits Of Your Favorite Spirits

More often than not we come across the unhealthy cons of indulging in alcohol that isn’t wine. But allow us to be the boozy devil’s advocate here and introduce you to some of the eyebrow raising health benefits of your favourite bottled djinns (when taken in moderation, of course).


  1. Vodka

A proven fact about vodka states that if applied on the forehead, chest and legs of a patient suffering from high fever, the body temperature shows a marked difference!Shot-of-vodka


  1. Beer

This golden brewed liquid has more than one health advantage. The high fiber content not only makes digestion smoother but also its silicone content strengthens the bones by increasing the density. Studies reveal that people who consume beer in moderate amounts are less prone to fractures.beer_10


  1. Gin

Apart from the antioxidants, gin is also rich in juniper berries that help maintain smooth wrinkle-free skin by boosting cell regeneration. A lot of people also swear by consuming raisins soaked in gin to prevent inflammation.



  1. Rum

Taking numbers into account, rum contains about 230 calories per 100 grams which means that the spirit contains zero carbs or fats. Consuming rum in moderate amounts can also increase an average human being’s lifespan by 2-5 years.




  1. Whisky

Whisky consists of ‘ellagic acid’, an antioxidant known to prevent DNA from coming in contact with cancer causing compounds like nitrosamines and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. The alcohol also protects the body against damage during chemotherapy.bourbon-better-than-vodka-ftr

6 Eats To Give You Healthier Tresses

Oiling, massaging, therapy sessions, shampoo, conditioner, blah blah blah. We’ve all been that desperate please-fix-my-hair before I go bald woman in the parlor chair at some point. But did you know you could fix your disarrayed and dead mop yourself at home? And the solution is as simple as eating! Here are 6 hair friendly foods you should feed your hair for happier lustrous locks.

  1. Iron & Zinc

the two elements promote the growth of hair follicles. Eating lean red meat twice a week can work wonders. Also, pairing non-meat sources like soybeans/lentils with Vitamin C rich food boosts iron absorption.Nutrition-from-a-lean-meat

  1. Proteins

Also known as the building blocks of life, Proteins promote cell growth and repair. It also boosts hair strength. It is advisable for women to consumer at least 46 grams of proteins a day.lean-meats-for-energy

  1. Carbohydrates

health freaks might ward you off of consuming too many carb-rich foods. But these foods are a good source of Vitamin B Complex and therefore vital for enviable healthy hair.Carbohydrates-in-Your-Diet

  1. Vitamin A

Vitamin A enriched foodstuff are also an excellent source of Beta-carotene. These essentials are important for a healthy scalp and to improve hair growth.dreamstime_11416649

  1. Essential Fats

Fatty Acids such as Omega 3, which is present in fatty fish like salmon or vegetable oils helps, keep the hair hydrate. The nutrient aids dry and brittle hair and improves its texture.salmon

  1. Biotin

There is a reason ladies beat this elliptical entity and pour over their heads. Apart from protein, choline and Vitamin D, eggs are rich in Vitamin B, which is also essential for healthy hair growth.eggs