7 Make Up Removers To Try Out This Summer

Gorgeous as we look with all the beautifying pancake on our face, it is also important to get rid of it before our beauty snooze. Why? Because, your skin needs to breathe too and moreover, sleeping with your make up on ruins the natural glow of your face. So put your skin care hat on and indulge in our selection of make-up removers.


  1. MAC Cleanse Off Oil

An oil-based concoction (well, duh-uh), the Cleanse Off Oil is not a “breakout siren”. It is in fact suited for all skin types (even really oil skin types). Owing to its strong oil base, you can be rest assured that this one’s not going to leave even a slight trace of make up on your skin.mac-cleanse-off-oil


  1. NARS Gentle Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover

This mild formula enriched with cucumber and chamomile gently wipes away even the slightest traces of waterproof eye make up to leave your skin clean and refreshed.nars-eye-makeup-remover


  1. Dr. Jart+ Dermaclear Micro Water

The immensely effective all-in-one formula by Dr, Jart+, the Dermaclear Micro Water cleans and conditions your skin in one go. The make-up remover dabs away the make-up, while simultaneously ridding your skin of impurities and brightening it.dr-jart-dermaclear


  1. Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes – Hydrating

These Neutrogena Towelettes are easy to carry, hassle-free to use and super effective. With one gentle swipe, the cleansing sheets condition, soothe and cleanse the skin. The hydrating formula is effective even on waterproof make up (yup, even waterproof mascara).neutrogena towelettes


  1. Clinique Take The Day Off (For Lid, Lashed & Lips)

The lids, lashes and lip make up remover by Clinique wipes away even the most stubborn of waterproof mascara in a jiffy. The formula is super gentle on the lashes and causes about zero


  1. Dior Instant Cleansing Water

A make up removing grail for all skin types, the Instant Cleansing Water tones and cleans the skin in one easy step. Fortified with powerful micelles, the formula traps all impurities and traces of makeup for soft and clean skin.dior instant cleansing water


  1. Lancôme Bi-Facil Double-Action Eye Makeup Remover

A highly lauded make up remover, this product by Lancôme mildly cleanses your skin to reveal squeaky-clean skin. The bi-facial formula features a lipid phase that whisks away eye make up; and the water phase, which conditions the skin without a greasy


Feeling fresh and clean already, are we?


It’s Wednesday all you lovely people and this week’s #WISHLISTWEDNESDAY is a guide to all the new products glistening and gleaming on the shop shelves and trending under #instabeauty. Here are the products that we are dreaming, wishing, hoping and praying to lay our hands on this season!

  1. Lumene Bright Now Vitamin C Hyaluronic Essence

This super magical miracle tonic is not just scientific juju in a pretty bottle. The essence is fortified with wild Arctic Cloudberry, Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C to visible lessen wrinkles, brighten your skin and promote firmer and smoother skin.Lumene-Bright-Now-Vitamin-C-Hyaluronic-Essence

Image: Popsugar


  1. Lancôme Miracle CC Cushions — Color Correcting Primers

These pigmented formulas by Lancôme come in a neat cushion compact to blend away any and every kind of pigmentation. The Miracle CC Cushions come in 4 tints – Green (for redness); Purple (for dullness/yellowness/sallowness); (Pinky Peach (for darkness); and Yellow (for redness/dullness). Your vanity kit is now no less than Photoshop!Lancôme-Miracle-CC-Cushion-Color-Correcting-Primer

Image: Money Can Buy Lipstick


  1. Estée Edit Pore Vanishing Stick

Using Estée Edits Pore Vanishing Stick is nothing short of swishing and flicking a magical wand. A simple glide of the stick over the skin blurs the look of pores, creates an even skin tone, and minimizes the oily shine to give you a perfectly fresh and natural look.pore vanishing stick estee edit

Image: Sephora


  1. MAC All the Right Angles Contour Kits

Snap into the skin of a flawless picture-perfect diva with MAC’s Contour Kit, which is available in four shades – light, medium, medium dark, and dark. The kits feature a smooth Cream Color Base along with a Shaping Powder and a Sculpting Powder. Be your own chiseled goddess now.

Image: MAC Cosmetics


  1. Topshop The Everything Sticks

These Everything Sticks by Topshop are everything you need rolled into one unbelievably nifty stick. Available in six different shades, it’s a handy blush, an mess-free eye shadow and the perfect stain for fresh plump lips. Ok, I think I might cry right now.Top-Shop-2

Image: Pink Melon


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rain and makeup

Bombay ladies … or any ladies stuck in the rain anywhere on the globe — let’s turn that frown upside down. There are times that you’re going to need your make-up to hold up under torrents of water and humidity. Conversely, the same goes for happier climes, for instance, if you’re jumping into the sea on a beach day. These products should keep you in good shape because “waterproof” is the name of the game.

We haven’t explicitly mentioned any lipsticks here, because in these weather conditions, you should most likely stick to lip stains or liquid lipstick. Both of which have been discussed at length, by us, here and here.


urban decay

Available in a dazzling array of hues, and not just your usual black, there are highly saturated colour kohl (or eyeliner, should you choose to) pencils that won’t budge.



Skip the foundation and use an awesome long-wear concealer instead. This particular one works beautifully under the eyes and on blemishes too, and won’t streak under water.



Goodbye, racoon eyes. Our biggest fear is that our mascara’s going to run — not just in the rain but say, when you’re out going nuts on a dance floor. Not a chance with this mascara that tops all mascaras. Great length and volume and truly waterproof.



Sweat-proof and weatherproof, this silky powder formula glides on and stays on for a few hours, without moving. We love the soft wash of colour which really doesn’t fade until scrubbed off.



Gotta have the right eyeliner, right? We have major dance floor issues, normally, with eyeliner. This particular brand puts us at ease, because no matter how, erm, robust your moves are … it won’t bleed. The same goes when you’re caught unawares in a thunderstorm (again, ladies of Bombay, we’re feeling you).


bobbi brown

You absolutely cannot forget about your brows in any situation, ever. This automatic brow pencil comes in an amazing array of colours, is sweat humidity-resistant and waterproof and has a spoolie on one end to tame and distribute product evenly. It’s like the OG of all brow products.



SUPER long-lasting, beautiful colours: say no more, right? A particular favourite is the shade ‘Golden Taupe’ that has the right hit of metallic. We love the fact that these eye shadows come in a handy pen form.



Hourglass is fast becoming our new favourite brand. We’ll buy anything from the range! This bronzer in particular blends beautifully and therefore works well on paler skins too. The product diffuses in a soft cloud of colour as opposed to an obvious splodge which fair-skinned girls have to, usually, watch out with, with bronzers.  The compact has a 360 degree swivel mirror too, which is pretty baller!


Main image lipstick

Bright lipstick: great on your lips, not so great when it’s wearing off. You know what we’re talking about? You’ve got a super coral on, but then you step into a movie, sip a soda, and all that’s left of your lipstick is a ring rim. I made it my mission to find products that would save me (and womankind) this sort of mortification, having been there myself, far too many times. I happen to think that the answer lies in liquid lipstick … aka, the future. Most liquefied formulas are designed to slick on with all their might, so staying power is the big bonus here. A fair few are matte, and in my opinion, that’s a huge plus point as well because I want the option of gloss. Gloss should be a controlled phenomenon, and you should be the one to decide how much to put on, if at all. This list of 10 liquid lipsticks is in no particular order because you need to find something that works for you and you alone, which leads me to the following point …

NEED TO KNOW: Liquid lipstick is drying. That’s a fact. You’re going to have to figure out whether the product you’re buying is worth the dryness (it most often is.) I use Hourglass Cosmetics’ “Icon” (see the list below) all the time and while it never looks like it’s cracking on my lips, I always have to resist the urge to put some balm on. But that’s four hours into wearing it, mind you, which makes it a true champion. It doesn’t budge! The same goes for OCC Lip Tar. Why use them at all? Because the colour payoff is PHENOMENAL, and as mentioned before, they’ll stay put for hours on end. Lancôme, on the other hand, feels velvety and less dry than the others. And then there are the Guerlain’s and Shiseido’s of the make-up universe to save up for, that are next level in quality and worth every hefty penny. But these are all purely personal observations. Lipsticks work differently on various people, so go on … look online, search duty free when travelling, scour malls, or harass friends who are overseas. Make liquid lipstick your mission!


Hourglass Opaque rouge

The shade “Icon” couldn’t have a more perfect name. A true, classic blue-red, it’s hard for scarlet lipstick lovers to find a better shade. Apply this formula carefully because it takes two-three minutes to dry and then you’ll really have to scrub it off to get rid of it. Exfoliate your lips and put balm on 10 minutes before you’re planning to use this liquid lipstick for best results. “Muse”, on me, is a neon neutral, if that makes sense? You’ll see what I mean when you try it on. Hourglass can dry out your lips after a few hours of wear (which is quite a statement in itself) but you’ll choose to ignore it when you see the shades available, the opacity of colour and the staying power it has.



I’m obsessed with these liquid lipsticks at the moment. They come on super glossy but within three-four minutes, dry to a gloriously matte, satiny finish. Hence the addition of the “velvet” in the name. Currently, “Velours de Caprice” is a favourite (or shade 193, as it’s also called) because of its punchy dose of bright, tomato red. I have a feeling I’m going to purchase each shade.


OCC Lip Tar

I literally showed up at the OCC store in the East Village, in New York, as they were unpacking stock. Why? Because, just take a look at those colours. A tiny, tiny drop of product will suffice for your entire lip and I really do love the little brushes each tube comes equipped with. Be warned though, these Lip Tars aren’t for a dinner party type of long haul. They’re for looking swell at a party, where you won’t be eating. Either way, they’re dinky enough to fit in your minaudière, so you can re-apply.



You heard correctly. The “Brow Queen” as she’s known as, is making liquid lipstick now. And it’s pretty great liquid lipstick to boot. These are highly recommended. They swipe on super wet, but the product dries within minutes to a comfortable, punchy finish that does not budge for a few hours. Still, if your lips are prone to drying, put some primer on, especially for the lighter colours, so the finish is more even and cracks will be less obvious.


Giorgio Armani

This lip “lacquer” is hydrating, luxurious and dense with colour which stays on for a few hours, easily. While they look glossy, your lips won’t be sticky, but will feel like they’ve got balm on. “503” is a particular favourite, being an almost Chinese scarlet. These will transfer to cups and food but it won’t bleed on your lips or vanish, somehow. It packs a lot of product in so while it does wipe off, a lovely stain remains.