3 Signs Your Skin Is Ageing Faster Than You

The only thing worse than growing up is ageing. The two may sound similar but are poles apart on practical grounds. But how do you know your skin is ageing? We don’t have a birthday to remind us of that. But one can look out for these signs to point out skin ageing before it’s too late.

  1. Expression Lines

These usually are the first to noticeable signs appear. The expression lines include super fine wrinkles at the corner of your eyes, near your mouth and on your forehead.article-2288444-1873986C000005DC-774_306x357


  1. Turkey Neck

The skin starts to lose its tautness and becomes less firm resulting in a dull, rough and dry skin. This is visible especially around the neck area.skin-age-mistakes-400x400


  1. Spots

Spots or discolored skin is also a clear giveaway. The loss of collagen results in thinner skin and moreover fine and delicate skin.webmd_rf_photo_of_age_spots_on_face


Raise your hands if you can relate to the signs mentioned above. It’s okay, I’m typing with my toes right now. What’s not okay is identifying the signals and sitting back.

Say hello to your new BFF, ladies! The L’Occitane Immortelle Divine Cream. The anti-ageing potion is enriched with organic microencapsulated immortelle essential oil and organic immortelle cells extract; all of which combine and combat skin ageing.


Why Should You Use It?

The immortelle oils and extracts help stimulate microcirculation, increase collagen synthesis and protects against free radicals break-up, while smoothening out your skin.

Adding to the natural goodness of immortelle, seven naturally derived ingredients – Marsh Clover, Myrtle, Honey, Bellis Perennis, Hyaluronic Acid, Evening Primrose Oil and Camelina oil – help fill up wrinkles, even out complexion, reshape facial contours and intensely nourish the skin among a number of other benefits.LOCCITANE SKINCARE 3253581271957 VIEW1


How Does It Work?

The Divine Cream visibly reverses your skin’s clock to give you younger-looking, gorgeous and healthy skin.

The velvety-smooth cream simply melts magic into your skin to work its magic from within, giving you a super comforting sensation.loccitane-immortelle-divine-creme-divine


About Immortelle

Immortelle is also called the everlasting flower, as it never fades. Even after being plucked. The flower’s organic essential oils are an active source of anti-ageing qualities.

L’Occitane encapsulates the exceptional anti-ageing powers of the everlasting flower in its clinically proven formula, the Divine Cream, to give you irresistible and radiant skin!

5 Khus Infused Products For The Season

KhusBelieve it or not but khus a.k.a. Indian vetiver is soothing not just as a sherbet. The aromatic plant has a number of other benefits like healing, nourishing and cooling the skin. And god knows we need that right now! Here are 5 vetiver-rich products to smear on this season.


  1. L’Occitane Vetyver Eau de Toilette

This fragrance for men is a breath of fresh summer air in a bottle. The concoction is infused with woody and sultry accords of vetiver enhanced by the oh-so sensual cedar wood and nutmeg.33767_B1.tif


  1. Kama Ayurveda Natural Khus Soap

Fortified with the natural goodness of vetiver, extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil, this natural khus soap is the perfect remedy for summer-stricken skin. The oils restore the skin’s pH balance while the khus keeps the skin supple and toned.41EbHJhP0NL._SY355_


  1. Fabindia Khus & Aloe Vera Body Wash

With a soothing blend of vetiver and aloe vera, this organic body wash keeps the skin soft and cool whilst letting it be well hydrated.fabindia khus


  1. Forest Essentials Body Mist

Spray on the cooling virtuousness of vetiver this summer. The potion, which is a fragrant blend of sandal wood and khus, softens and hydrates the skin, leaving behind a pleasant tranquil aroma.forest khus


  1. Ananda Grounding Body Oil

Pamper yourself with the fusion of pure essential oils of Sandalwood, Rose and vetiver. The calming blend of oils, rich in anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals, nourishes your skin deeply while providing a sense of calm.grounding_body_oil_1


Now keep calm and trust vetiver.

6 Products To Pamper Your Body With Lavender


Lavender is probably one of the most versatile plants. The extracts – apart from being enchantingly fragrant – are a boon for the mind, body and skin. The flower can work as an analgesic, disinfectant, antiseptic and at the same time have a wonderfully calming effect. Here are 6 products to enchant yourself with this beautiful plant.


  1. Kronokare Provencal Lavender Smoothening Operator Body Lotion

Perk up your skin with the healing power of lavender. The cream repairs and regenerates newer skin cells leaving behind hydrated skin that smells like a bunch of fresh-plucked lavenders.142416256198377521-kronokare-provencal-lavender-smoothening-operator-body


  1. L’Occitane Lavender Hand Cream

This soft and non-greasy lavender hand cream, enriched with ultra hydrating shea butter, softens up your palms and gets rid of all the dryness, while imparting an excellent lavender scent.P


  1. Eminence Organics Lavender Age Corrective Night Concentrate

Smoothen out fine lines with this boosting serum concentrate with Argan Stem Cell Complex and lavender. Apply a thin layer on your skin regularly before hopping into bed to turn back your age clock a few years.Eminence-Organic-Lavender-Age-Corrective-Night-Concentrate-2723-3434561-1-pdp_slider_m_lr


  1. Forest Essentials Diffuser Oil Lavender

A drop or two is all you need to turn your daily routine into a quick calming spa session. Lavender essential oil is known to have an amazingly relaxing effect on the body and can even lull you to sleep! Simply sprinkle a few drops on your pillow before your beauty snooze.forest essentials lavender


  1. Kama Ayurveda Lavender Patchouli Hair Cleanser

This mild hair cleanser is fortified with hibiscus extracts and pure essential oils of lavender and patchouli. The lavender soothes your scalp while the patchouli cleanses it, protecting your hair naturally sans any harmful chemicals.lavender-patchouli-hair-cleanser_2


  1. L’Occitane Lavender Shower Gel

L’Occitane’s natural and organic potion is internationally certified by Ecocert Greenlife. The shower gel gently cleanses the skin while lavender’s anti-inflammatory and antibacterial qualities heal the skin to ;eave it pleasantly perfumed.P (1)


Lavender cupcake, anyone?

5 Wellness Products To Douse Your Skin With Honey


Honey. The word instantly swirls in this sweet and viscous golden liquid into our mind and vision. Did you know that this naturally obtained substance is the only ingredient that can survive sans preservatives for over 3000 years? Says a lot of its natural prowess, doesn’t it?

In the beauty, health and wellness sphere, honey is an excellent sleep aid, it can cure cough, alleviate allergies, brighten complexion, battle acne and the list goes on. Here are 5 skin care products rich in honey that you need to add to your vanity kit.


  1. Innisfree Canola Honey Hand Butter

It’s good to not have your hand look like you lift stones for a living. Innisfree’s hand butter enriched with Jeju Canola Honey will nourish your palms, leaving them moisturized.4685_l_1024x1024


  1. The Body Shop Honeymania™ Body Scrub

Body Shop’s exfoliating honey body scrub contains honey made from the nectar of thousands of wildflowers that wipes your skin clean of dead skin and unclogs pores to give you flawless softer skin.body shop honey


  1. Forest Essentials Facial Treatment Masque Madhulika Nourishing Honey Lep

This honey lep (or masque) from Forest Essentials is derived from ancient Ayurvedic learnings. The blend consists of fermented raw sugar cane, fresh orange juice, organic Honey, herbs and oils to give your skin a glow like never before.forest ess honey


  1. Kiehl’s Creme De Corps Soy Milk & Honey Whipped Body Butter

This fragrant body butter from the house of Kiehl’s restores protects and softens your skin with 24-hour hydration. The blend absorbs quickly for 24-hour hydration leaving behind a soft scent.CremedeCorps_SoyMilkHoney_WhippedBodyButter.png


  1. L’Occitane

Turn your bath into a tête-à-tête with Mother Nature with this foaming gel concocted with honey extracts and shea butter. The wash cleanses your body leaving the skin soft and nourished.l'occitane honey


Honey, is that you?

Product Review: L’Occitane Limited Edition Box

You read that right; we’re giving you a limited eition box loaded with L’Occitane goodies this month. It is our birthday month after all and putting up two boxes on offer is the least we could do in return for all the love and support we’ve got in the past 2 years! Find out what’s in store for you.

  1. L’Occitane Pivoine Sublime CC Cream

Net Content: 30ml

Price: INR 2,390

Enriched with peony extracts and CC pigments, this cream perfects your complexion and gives you even-toned skin. The hydrating blend is enhanced with SPF 20 to give you a luminous sheen and protect your skin against harmful rays.cc cream loccitane


  1. L’Occitane Imortelle Precious Cleansing Foam

Net Content: 50ml

Price: INR 770

Containing Immortelle floral water, the cleanser lathers up gently to rid your skin of any impurities and dust particles to leave it soft and smooth with an enchanting floral trail.P (1)


  1. L’Occitane Acacia Eau De Toilette

Net Content: 7.5 ml

Price: INR 550

Prepared with a mesmerizing mélange of mimosa absolute from Grasse and Mediterranean, the fragrance is refreshing and invigorating. With strong scintillating floral notes, the potion spells out sensuous.eau de toilette loccitane

  1. L’Occitane Perfecting Cream

Net Content: 8ml

Price: INR 490

A 24-hour moisturizing balm prepared with peony extracts and miner-based corrector, the cream rehydrates and enhances your skin’s natural radiance. Bid adieu to visible pores, unwanted fine lines and blemishes with the Pivoine Sublime Perfecting Cream.

Creme Perfectrice

Get in line to grab this limited edition L’Occitane Box. Buy now!


It’s Wednesday all you lovely people and this week’s #WISHLISTWEDNESDAY is an ode to your tresses. Let your locks do the talking and tell the world what it really means to let your hair down. Here are the products that we are dreaming, wishing, hoping and praying to lay our hands on this week!

  1. Kérastase Elixir Ultime Oils

Nourish your hair with the goodness of argan, camellia, maize and pracaxi oils for tresses that are soft, nourished and with a dreamlike shine. With active anti-oxidants and scented oils, the potion gives your locks that exuberate luster and whisper of wistful aromas.Kerastase-Elixir-Ultime-Oil

  1. Hedonista Hair Perfume

Your hair might be super thick, long and almost everyone’s envy, unless they come closer. Don’t let bad hair odor drive away people to lands far far away. A gush of Hedonista’s hair perfume is all you need to leave trails of an enchanting aroma that boasts of natural oils.Hedonista_Hair_Perfume_1024x1024

  1. Bottega Di Lungavita Linfa Age Shampoo

So you think washing your hair everyday can purge it of all its life and strength? Think again because with this frequent use shampoo not only can you bather your locks frequently but also be assured to get a mop that will turn heads.Bottega-Di-Lungavita-Linfa-Age-Shampoo-For-Frequent-Use-9094-079777-1-product

  1. Sebastian Professional Potion 9

A styling cream infused with natural extracts and botanical goodness, Potion 9 helps restore your hair’s moisture and leave it looking healthier than ever. Bid adieu to dry and damaged hair and let your blow dryer do the talking without leaving behind roug and brittle locks.sebastian-potion9_600x600

  1. L’occitane Volumizing Mist

Give your hair that extra volume and bump up its volume with this volumizing mist. Loaded with five essential oils – Artemisia, mint, sweet orange, pine and rosemary – the mist is a leave-in formula that puffs up your pelt. Say hello to voluminous hair!


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#WISHLISTWEDNESDAY: The Week’s Top 5 Picks for a sparkly Raksha-bandhan!

Gear up to be showered by love (read, gifts) this weekend. Don’t forget to get yourself sparkly clean this Rakshabandhan with these beauty potions. Why? One word, selfie. How else are your followers and friends to know about your “saree state of affairs”?

  1. Eminence Citrus Lip Balm

A smile is the best accessory a girl can wear. Yeah, but not when my lips look like a jujube! But it’s time we bid adieu to chapped dead lips. This lip balm by Eminence is all you need for a desirable picturesque pout. Enriched with citrus extracts, Shea butter and sunflower oil, this tot belongs in your kitty.em0618

  1. L’OCCITANE Cherry Blossom Bath & Shower Gel

Show your skin some shower louvin’! Pamper yourself with L’occitane’s Cherry Blossom Bath & Shower Gel to rekindle the life in it. Spoil your skin silly with the goodness of cherry extracts from Southern France in this magical bath gel that leaves a sweet enchanting fragrance of cherry blossoms. Foam your way to healthy skin.P

  1. Natio Wellness Body Lotion

We’ve all lived through days when our skin felt so rough and arid, it could pass as sandpaper at a carpenter’s! Not anymore. The lovechild of Vitamin E and natural extracts – aloe vera, jojoba and pomegranate – Natio’s Wellness Body Lotion will leave your skin looking radiant, soft and exultant! So go ahead and sport those sleeveless tanks like never before!130438_1

  1. Natio Wellness Body Butter

If simply moisturized doesn’t make the cut for you, Natio’s Wellness Body Butter is just what you’ve been looking for! Body Butter is to skin what 0.1 is to 99.9. Transforming excellent into exceptional. Gift your skin that extra glow. For all those times you’ve stepped out sunblock-less and ditched that lotion, you owe it this much. Get your hands on this baby here.10562434-1320836559-667668

  1. Roses De Chloé

We love the smell of fresh earth after it rains. But alas! You are not earth and unlike Jean-Baptiste Grenouille, not everyone can smell and appreciate your natural attar. Enter Roses De Chloé. Leave an enticing trail of white musk, amber and fresh cut roses as you seduce the olfactory senses in the room. With an essence so floral and a feel so summery, it’s the closest one gets to spring in a bottle._8133704

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Envy tips for healthy hair

healthy hair journey

Who would have thought that hair’s the first thing to start ageing, right from when you’re 12?
And consequent hormonal, nutritional and health changes don’t really slow down the process either. Invest time and energy into your hair – right from the early days – and you’ll have little to worry about.

We give you some tips for a healthy hair journey…

  • Moisturised hair equals healthy hair. So, don’t overdo the styling, heating or drying as it dehydrates your locks.
  • Watch what you eat: A protein-rich diet is essential for strong, healthy hair. Don’t worry though, it’s not like you need to avoid carbohydrates and fats. The key is to eat in moderation.
  • Spend two minutes a day kneading the scalp. It increases circulation to boost the health and thickness of your hair.
  • Get yourself a head massage every other week. It’ll do wonders to maintain hair health and also help relax your mind.

Check out My Envy Box Hair Care collection here

Our best sellers:
– Potion 9 Styling Cream from Sebastian
– Volumizing Shampoo from L’Occitane
Repairing Conditioner from L’Occitane



New Year’s selection


The countdown to New Year’s Eve has begun..! Get ready with our beauty selection:
– Lip Colour Rose from Natio
Signature Eau de Parfum from Chloé
Cherry Blossom Solid Perfume from L’Occitane
Designer Lacquer Bold from OPI

We can’t wait to discover more beauty with you in 2015!

L’Occitane Ultra Rich Body Cream

10850312_741621689257096_5648081089951714288_nL’OCCITANE en Provence Shea Butter Ultra Rich Body Cream is sampled in the December ENVY BOX. A pampering, whipped cream enriched with linseed, mallow, sweet almond and honey extracts, apricot oil and vitamin E with a light fragrance of jasmine.

One of our favorite body cream! It is just the right consistency with a pleasant smell. It soaks rapidly onto the skin leaving it so soft.

Buy the full size product here: Ultra Rich Body Cream