When Barbie Set Fire To Paris During The Fashion Week

Ever since 1959, there has been a fashionista constantly who has neither put on age nor a single wrinkle. And who’s glam quotient has always managed to go up with every passing year. As kids, before there were fashion shows, ramps and supermodels, there was Barbie. The iconic doll inspired us in more ways than one, be it our crazy fetish for the color pink or the absolute need to have hair and clothes on point like the idol herself.


Keeping track of new trends, Barbie now has an Instagram account of her own the feed of which was recently adorned with snaps of the lassie strutting the street sof Paris during the Paris Fashion Week. The @BarbieStyle feed flaunted pictures of the doll rocking impeccable make up and breathtaking outfits, that featured miniature replicas of exact runway pieces.

It wasn’t just the designers that had the honor of being featured by the doll. Barbie went high on make up dramatic make up as well. The Mattel mademoiselle featured in a shoot donning make up by famed artist Pat McGrath. Barbie will flaunt four runway-worthy looks.

The first half of the series has already made its debut: one featuring golden Swarovski crystal embellishment, the second an edgy cat eye and sultry shimmer red lips.

Stay tuned to Barbie’s feed for the remaining looks will be unveiled over the next two days as she continues her posh tour de France.