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This Valentine’s Say It With Roses That Last

The thriving flower shops, bakeries and chocolatiers can mean only one thing – Valentine’s Day is round the corner. As much as singles may despise the day, couples can’t wait for it. Either way, here are bottled roses that you can either gift yourself or buy for that special someone!




  1. Skinyoga Oats & Rose Face Wash

Rose petals with their nutrients are considered to be excellent natural toners. On the other hand, oats act as cleansers and rid the skin of any impurities. The goodness of oats and roses come together in this face wash to enliven your skin.rosevertical


  1. Roses De Chloé by Chloé

A gentle and fresh fragrance, Roses de Chloé captures the spirit of Chloé woman. Derived from top-notch bergamot the extracts are blended with the heart of Damascena rose essence further amped with a magnolia accord. The perfume leaves behind a dainty trail of Chloé’s signature amber and white musk._8133704


  1. Natio Aromatherapy Eye Make-Up Remover

Wipe off all the day’s paint with this gentle eye make-up remover from Natio. Enriched with nourishing rose water and cornflour, the potion is light on the skin and leaves it feeling fresh and moisturized.natio-aromatherapy-eye-make-up-remover-original


  1. Daisy Fresh EDT by Marc Jacobs

Let this floral fragrance by Marc Jacobs bring back spring to your aura. Enhanced with fragrant extracts of ruby red grapefruit, raspberry, pear, wild rose, jasmine and violet petals, this eau de toilette leaves behind invigorating traces of sultry musk, cedar wood and plum.mark jacobs daisy fresh


  1. Ananda Calming Wild Rose Shower Gel & Salt Scrub

Give your daily bath regime a healthy twist with the wild rose range from Ananda. Rich in wild rose extracts the shower gel cleans your top layer leaving it soothed and well-hydrated. Additionally, the bath scrub battles away any onset of dead skin and cleans your skin from deep within.ananda


  1. Thalgo Extreme Comfort Cream

Give your skin a moisturizing peck with the wild rose enriched cram from Thalgo. Augmented with borage oils, algae, corn, soya and wild rose extracts, the extreme comfort cream brings back dull and parched skin to life.thalgo extreme comfort


Explore our exclusive rose collection at My Envy Box and pamper yourself with the goodness of this aromatic flower.