Style that statement jewelry like a pro

They say ‘Jewerly is the sculpture for the body’ and there is no such thing as dressing  ‘age appropriately’ when it comes to jewelry. The next edition of Designer Jewelry Box – DHORA speaks volumes when it comes to statement jewelry. Dhora, conceptualised in Milan by designer Aavriti R Jain, integrates classically Indian designs with contemporary silhouettes, for an aesthetic that is modern, yet rooted in tradition. Here’s what you can expect from Dhora edition and how you can style these statement pieces.

Jhumki :

Price : INR 3500/-

Inspired by the traditional jewelry of India which we have all grown up seeing. Dhora has given it their own little twist and made it cleaner and minimal, handcrafted and finished with gold. So now you no longer have to wait for a big wedding or occasion to put on a pair!


Amber Pendant :

Price : INR 3000/-

Continuing to celebrate the state of Rajasthan, Dhora releases its Amber pendant dedicated to city of Jaipur. This pendant draws its inspiration from the Amber Fort built in 1726 and its ‘jharokas’. Made in entirely by hand in Jaipur, this piece is finished with gold.


Style your Jewelry 

Wear it like you mean business! Pair your summer dress with the statement neckpiece around the collar and match the earrings with the top knot bun hairstyle for that chic look.


A little shimmer is the perfect way to add a sophisticated dimension to your swimwear. A delicate pendant & gold earrings are preferred because they inspire thoughts of the golden sun. Earrings with a little bit of movement and flexibility will look great when you turn your head or walk along the beach.


To rock that Little Black Dress,  pick a necklace that adds a bit of sophisticated spark on your chest and as earrings go, make sure they highlight your facial feature & flatter your skin tone.


For someone who likes to keep it traditional yet want to give their outfit a modern edge, just simply don the statement pendant & jhumkis with an Anarkali and complete the look with a side braid hairstyle for that royal feel.


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5 VMA-tastic Ways To Let Your Hair Down

So we just finished watching the MTV Video Music Awards (VMA) 2015 for the millionth time and are unable to decide what was more shriek provoking? Young Ms. Cyrus’ attire (both, on stage and off it), Kanye’s President ship announcement, Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj’s duet or the ever so sizzling red hot carpet!

We’ve decided that the red carpet extravaganza takes the cake (like always). And here are 5 hair dos from the VMA 2015 red carpet that you have to try out this party season! Because bad hair days? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

  1. Undercut Arc – KELLY OSBORNE

Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 12.40.07 AMOh Kelly! With what oomph you carried those badass locks! This carefully done carefree look shouts out rebellion with an echo that whispers diva. An androgynous hairstyle, it work wonders with short hair. The Beliebers agree with us.

How To:

Get a razor and shave off a third of your tresses. We’re not even kidding. Next up, follow this tutorial.

  1. Classic Sweep – LIZ HERNANDEZ

Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 12.40.18 AMIt’s simple, it’s elegant and it’s on the red carpet. This hairstyle draws mammoth attention to the volume of your hair and those highlights you got over the summer.

How To:

Wash and blow dry your hair partly. Follow it up by creating a side parting and blow dry your tufts again, in sections this time. And voila! A tad time consuming if you have straight hair but if done right can give all elaborate hair dos a run for their money.

  1. Capacious Waves – TORI KELLY

Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 12.41.55 AMThat lioness mane, tho! An out an out party look, this hair do reinstates our faith in ditching the up dos! Not only does it accentuate the facial features but it also creates a rather raw look.

How To:

For some it comes naturally (like Tori Kelly) and the rest of us mortals, we refer to this tutorial.

  1. Power Pixie – DEMI LOVATO

Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 12.43.28 AMSleek and slick is what this hair is. Next time you have second thoughts about chopping off your hair, remember what Demi Lovato carried off at the VMAs.

How To:

It’s as unbelievably easy as combing back wet hair. Watch and learn.

  1. Roman Weaves – VANESSA HUDGENS

Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 12.46.30 AMThis effortlessly wavy and breathtakingly gorgeous hair mirrors the tresses of the Roman era. Also, known as the front row braids or the half up braids, this do is uber feminine and tantalizing.

How To:

As effortless as it may look, it is not. We don’t mean to scare you away, but this one either needs patience or lots of helping hands. The results are worth the patience, though!