6 Fruity Products For An Exotic Summer Kit

The one thing associated with Summer is all the refreshing and vibrant produce flocking fruit baskets, markets and picnic tables. And if our palate is getting the season’s freshest fruits, can our skin be far behind? Here are 6 fruit-infused products for a little summer in your vanity kit.


  1. The Body Shop Banana Conditioner

This one’s for all the minions out there (all you banana lovers listen up!). A thick and creamy banana-rich formula, this nourishing conditioner leaves your hair conditioned, soft and tangle-free with a fruity banana trail.banana conditioner body shop


  1. L’Occitane Shea Zesty Lime Hand Cream

Pamper your palms with the goodness shea butter for softer hands. The cream protects and invigorates the skin, leaving behind a zesty and lasting lime essence.43023_A1.psd


  1. Burt’s Bees Super Shiny Mango Shampoo

Bid adieu to dry frizzy hair with Burt’ Bees mango-infused potion. The Super Shiny Mango Shampoo is enhanced with Mango Seed Oil, which leaves your hair looking shiny and feeling super soft and healthy.Burt_s_Bees_Super_Shiny_Mango_Shampoo_295ml_1367508350


  1. Kama Ayurveda Bhairavi Revital Massage Oil

Fortified with the hydrating and nourishing prowess of Jojoba, Orange, Rosemary and Bergamot oils, this 100% natural massage oil calms your body and senses, relieving it of all stress and pain.Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 11.17.13 PM


  1. Forest Essentials Body Lotion Ice Pomegranate With Kerala Lime

A fragrant blend of ice pomegranate, refreshing Kerala lime and caramelized sugar crystals, this fragrant body lotion moisturizes the skin to leave it soft and supple. The formula is enhanced with kokum butter and organic beeswax, it provides natural hydration for smoother skin.Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 11.17.29 PM


  1. Innisfree Whitening Pore Mask (Tangerine)

Get ride of dark spots, uneven complexion and patchy skin with Innisfree’s Vitamin C rich whitening mask. The super fine mask caresses your skin, imparting all its goodness over to give you nourished, clearer and brighter skin.Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 11.16.34 PM

5 Khus Infused Products For The Season

KhusBelieve it or not but khus a.k.a. Indian vetiver is soothing not just as a sherbet. The aromatic plant has a number of other benefits like healing, nourishing and cooling the skin. And god knows we need that right now! Here are 5 vetiver-rich products to smear on this season.


  1. L’Occitane Vetyver Eau de Toilette

This fragrance for men is a breath of fresh summer air in a bottle. The concoction is infused with woody and sultry accords of vetiver enhanced by the oh-so sensual cedar wood and nutmeg.33767_B1.tif


  1. Kama Ayurveda Natural Khus Soap

Fortified with the natural goodness of vetiver, extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil, this natural khus soap is the perfect remedy for summer-stricken skin. The oils restore the skin’s pH balance while the khus keeps the skin supple and toned.41EbHJhP0NL._SY355_


  1. Fabindia Khus & Aloe Vera Body Wash

With a soothing blend of vetiver and aloe vera, this organic body wash keeps the skin soft and cool whilst letting it be well hydrated.fabindia khus


  1. Forest Essentials Body Mist

Spray on the cooling virtuousness of vetiver this summer. The potion, which is a fragrant blend of sandal wood and khus, softens and hydrates the skin, leaving behind a pleasant tranquil aroma.forest khus


  1. Ananda Grounding Body Oil

Pamper yourself with the fusion of pure essential oils of Sandalwood, Rose and vetiver. The calming blend of oils, rich in anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals, nourishes your skin deeply while providing a sense of calm.grounding_body_oil_1


Now keep calm and trust vetiver.

5 Summer Hair Trends For 2016 To Get Onboard With

The best part about seasons is the inevitable wardrobe switch from fuzzy woolens to airy cottons. And it ain’t just the clothes. Anything that can – and must – be stylish goes through a rigorous trend mapping. Everything right from your toenails to your tresses. Speaking of which, let’s have a look at the hottest summer hair trends for 2016, shall we?


  1. Bob with Layers & Bangs

Last year was the year of the sharp and asymmetric bob. But as you walk into the new year and your roots grow out that asymmetric perfection, move towards this tussled and carefree bob with long layers and bangs.image (1)fgsd


  1. Sleek & Pointy

If your mantra for the season is “slick hair don’t care”, then you go girl and this look with the poker straight hair styled with some razor sharp layers will compliment your mantra perfectly. Go for a middle-parting and you’re golden!hbz-summer-haircuts-alessandra-ambrosio


  1. Textured Cut with Bangs

Lassies with medium to long tresses, this one’s your calling. Ask you stylist to give you a layered cut with some thorough careless texture. Turn up the sass by coupling the layered locks with some side swept bangs.GettyImages-516997714


  1. Fringed Mop

A cute mop of lightly textured hair reaching just about your jawline with brawled bangs spells out S-U-M-M-E-R. Dye it for some added panache. Shades of maroon or a natural redhead shade should do the trick just right!hbz-summer-haircuts-taylor-swift


  1. Platinum Plated

If you want to let your hair cut be and still be in vogue, dive right into some icy platinum hair color. Spotted on A-list celebs and fashionistas, the colour might be a task to pull off but is totally worth the risk!jourdan-dunn


Go ahead, book you salon appointment!

5 Tips For Summer-Proof Make Up

Summer. The word brings so many good feelings to you – tank tops, flip flops, sundresses, crop tops, et al. But when it comes to pulling off some make up, the same word ignites nightmarish thoughts – bleeding liners, dehydrated lips, patchy foundation. *Shudders* So unless you’re planning to move to the Tundra region, stick to these quick make up tips this summer.


  1. Clay Masks

Summer means a lot of sweat and more oil produced by your skin. To reduce this, indulge in a good clay mask therapy once in a week. Find some great clay masks here.clay mask


  1. Waterproof

Well. Duh-uh, if your skin is going to step up the sweat and oil production, the best option is to turn to waterproof. Water-resistant mascaras also do the job just fine; it’s advisable to do a quick shower test though.waterproof


  1. Pop!

Another way to tackle summer is not by beating the heat but taking it in your stride. Embrace the sunny days with vibrant colors. Here’s how you can work some pop into your make-up.7-ways-to-Rock-that-COLOR-EYELINER-without-looking-GAUDY-cover


  1. Or Not.

On the other hand, if you’re not one for the fuchsias, blues and all that brightness on yourself, going au naturale too is a great way to tackle the season. Highlight the high points of your face with a bit of bronzer for some added glow in the Sun. Here are some products for going (almost) nude.nude makeup


  1. Sheer Relief

Ditch the creamy and heavy formulas and opt for lighter or sheer versions of the same. Not only do these feel lighter, but they also look great. For example, pick a nude or “invisible” lip-liner; and stick to lip stain or lip tint instead of a gloss or lipstick.sheer


Now go beat the heat, pretties!


It’s Wednesday all you lovely people, and this week’s #WISHLISTWEDNESDAY is all about your pretty feet! Because let’s face it, summers are just not sneaker-sock friendly at most time. So like it or not you have to pull out those strappy sandals, which demand pretty and almost squeaky-clean feet. Here are the top 5 products that we are dreaming, wishing, hoping and praying to lay our hands on this week!


  1. Scholl Pink Velvet Smooth Electronic Nail Care

Let’s take it from the top toe. This magical electronic nail care regime takes care of your toes to give it a flawless finish. It comes complete with a 3-step file, buff and shine mechanism to give you a salon-like pedicure at home.10211256


  1. The Body Shop Peppermint Foot Scrub

The Body Shop’s Peppermint Smoothing Pumice Foot Scrub is made with wait-for-it volcanic rock for an explosive treatment. Regular application of the scrub scrapes away any and every trace of dirt and calluses, leaving you with baby-pink feet!gallery-1450364930-the-body-shop-foot-scrub


  1. True Blue Spa Cracked Heel Treatment: Heel Of Approval

No one likes heels that look like drought-land peeping out of pretty shoes. Pamper your sole silly with this healing (no pun intended) treatment enriched with glycolic acid. The ointment is fortified with shea butter, which smoothens and hydrated your heels while the glycolic acid wards off dead and dry skin cells.pBBW1-9453739v275


  1. PediSpa by Look Beauty Gentle Exfoliating Foot Mask

What’s a sock without some induced foot care goodness? This exfoliating foot mask (read, sock), enriched with the goodness of papaya extracts, snuggles up to your feet to scale off calluses for smooth and soft skin.PediSpa-Look-Beauty-Gentle-Exfoliating-Foot-Mask

  1. Archipelago Botanicals Milk Foot Soak

Douse your feet with the goodness of milk. How is milk good for the feet, you ask? Well the foot soak relaxes your feet with its milk solids and protein-rich formula. Simply dissolve some foot soak in water and soak in its goodness to reveal happier and healthier feet sans any roughness.1450365418-archipelago-botanicals-milk-foot-soak


Now flip flop away!


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Get Your Summer Game On With These Fashion & Lifestyle Essentials

blog_myenvybox_shoppingguide (1)Could it BE any hotter? (Yes, I’m a Chandler girl.) Summer just made it very clear that it ain’t showing no mercy. So why don’t we just give the annoyingly happy sunshine a royal ignore and drown our mind in some summer shopping? Here are 5 essentials that your wardrobe will thank you for this season.


  1. Nicobar Tora Dopp Kit

Time to revamp your make-up kit, ladies! Yes alright, you bought that totally dapper kit off Koovs recently, but your make-up could use some your jazz, right? Available in a lighter ‘oatmeal’ shade, this smart striped kit from Nicobar is not only spacious but also water repellant. Meaning, your spilt toner can’t get out as much as any liquid can’t get in!tora dopp


  1. Purearth Camomila Eye Serum

Give the area around your eyes the kiss of good health with this au naturale serum. Made with Himalayan Rosa Damascena floral water, aloe vera, cucumber and camomila extracts, the potion soothes, firms and rejuvenates the skin. Further, the serum is a one-touch solution to reduce fine lines and puffiness. No more dreading late-nights and hangovers!purearth serum


  1. Wood Geek Store The Journeyman Bamboo Glasses

Take your eye gear game to the beach with these uber chic handcrafted bamboo sunglasses by the Wood Geek. The wayfarer style sunglasses are super lightweight and the polarized lenses keep harmful glares away. The natural woody shade and texture just adds to the swank.journeyman


  1. Ogaan Peachoo

Ogaans new collection boasts of elegant drapes in lightweight fabrics adorned with tonal sequins and embroidery. The ensemble brings forth elegance and minimalism doused in a subtle palette of champagne and ivory make this the perfect outfit this season.ogaan peachoo dress


  1. Eesha Zaveri Dual Fox Earring

Add a dash of refreshing forest green to your attire with these edgy earrings by Eesha Zaveri. Made with green enamel set in matt gold, this accessory will definitely up your style game this summer.esha zaveri earrings


Seriously, you’re still sitting there?


It’s Wednesday all you lovely people and this week’s #WISHLISTWEDNESDAY is a guide to giving your senses a kiss of jasmine, an aroma deep-rooted in the Indian subcontinent. With the onset of a new season, there couldn’t be a better attar to usher in the pleasant spring gales. Here are the products that we are dreaming, wishing, hoping and praying to lay our hands on this season!wishlist jasmine


  1. Fabindia Jasmine Perfume Oil

Concocted with aromatic essential oils, this perfume oil is super easy to apply. Enhanced with sweet almond, grape seed and sesame oil, it rejuvenates your upper layer whilst imparting a sweet aroma of Arabic jasmine.Fabindia-Unisex-Body-Care_1_c68ab83a429c4835fedc422f6679873b


  1. Kama Ayurveda Pure Mogra Water

Made with exquisite handpicked jasmine (Indian Mogra), this pure mogra water is a tonic for dull and dry skin. The potion rehydrates your skin, cleanses it from within and helps in the reduction of fine lines. A light spray on your face and body leaves behind a lasting trail of scintillating mogra.Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 3.26.16 AM


  1. Hedonista Fleur Frozen Ittar

This new hassle-free solid attar will leave a brilliant floral trail on your skin. The fragrance captures the essence of the Indian rainforests and wild flowers in one compact and easy to carry container.827639_250x0


  1. Forest Essentials Cologne Madurai Jasmine

Forest Essential’s delicate and subtly floral scent is sweet yet intense. Infused with dainty jasmine extracts and fortified with organic aloe vera, the cologne moisturizes your skin while leaving it smell like summer on your wrists.Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 3.26.06 AM


  1. The Body Shop Indian Night Jasmine Eau De Toilette

The Body Shop bottles up the quintessential aroma of the Indian night jasmine. The eau de toilette is an enchanting blend of summery floral and captivating Oriental accords that reveal natural elegance and grace.indian night jasmine edt


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