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5 Vintage Beauty Ads That Redefine Ridiculous

If you’ve been keeping up with the (beauty) news, you’d know by now of this highly controversial Thai ad about a fairness pill. The alleged racist ad claims and I quote “being white is the key to success”.

*Moment of silence*

The ad happens to be one of many other ridiculously baseless and un-thought of commercials we have seen in the past. Here are some vintage commercials that were so offensive that they were ridiculous.


  1. Hygiene or Divorce

Lysol released this ad back in the days and promoted the product by showing broken marriages where the man was unhappy over his wife’s poor hygiene habits. Err, sure!offending_lysol1


  1. The Skinny Dame

“You’re gorgeous since you’ve gained weight”. That’s what every consecutive slice of pizza I scoff tells me.offending_skinny1-2


  1. A Man’s World

So that’s why we call it a man’s world. Just a silly tie. Damn, thanks for cleaing the doubt Van Heusen!lifebuzz-9a275d937605258db39c9c71234fcfa8-limit_2000


  1. Shape Shifting

An ad for a so-called ‘Little Fibber bra’ claimed in big bold letters that a pear was no shape for a girl. And women with “too much bottom and too little top” should use the aforementioned product the reshape. J Lo and her million fans would like to disagree.offending_pear

  1. Constant Contest

In one of their really really old print ads, Camay Soaps stated that women were in a beauty contest every hour of the day, that is, everyone was judging their looks throughout. Treading on wafer thin ice there Camay!offending_beautycontest-e1389382520376